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Stealing-and-Giving Mafia


Always a sucker for bubble tea
You live in a town in which everyone is a thief, including you.

Basically, in this mafia game, you can steal from everyone each night in addition to any night action you may have. Every role has two designated objects you can steal.

If the object you use for your night action is stolen, you can't have your night action. But if you get an object that you can use to kill or protect, you can use that.

In addition to stealing, you can give an item you have to the person you choose to steal from.

Stealing and giving rules:
- You can only steal once a night.
- You have a 50% chance of stealing, unless you are the plucky child.
- The item you steal is random.
- Whether or not you steal from a person, the person will always get a PM saying they got targeted.
- Of course, you will know when you are stolen from.
- If more people "successfully" steal from you than the number of items you have, whoever gets the item will be determined by a random number generator. For example, if the doctor only has two items, three people try to steal from him, and all three people's stealings work with the number generator, then only two will get items, determined by the number generator.

- You can only give items to the person you decide to steal from.
- If you give an item to someone, it can't be stolen from you that night.

Mafia don: The leader of the mafia. He can communicate with the rest of the mafia at night, except for the terrorist, who he doesn't know. Each night, he must send in a PM saying who to kill. However, without a knife or gun, he cannot kill.
Initial inventory: Knife, gun

Mafia poisoner/doctor: The right-hand man of the mafia. He can use his poison medicine to poison someone, and that target will die the next night. Or he can use his medicine to heal someone. If the mafia don dies, the mafia poisoner/doctor will be the one sending in the kill.
Initial inventory: Poison medicine, medicine

Terrorist: A citizen who has chosen to side with the mafia, but does not know who they are, and they do not know who he is. If he has a bomb, he can choose to kill himself and someone else during the day phase. If he loses the bomb, though, he can't do so.
Initial inventory: Bomb, briefcase

Inspector: A citizen who has the power to investigate someone and learn if they are on the pro-town or pro-mafia side. He needs a magnifying glass or a camera to inspect someone.
Initial inventory: Magnifying glass, camera

Vigilante: A hot-blooded citizen who can kill someone each night, as long as he has a weapon.
Initial inventory: Knife, cigarette

Doctor: A citizen who specializes in medicine of many types. Each night, he can use his medicine to keep someone from dying. He also has an unlimited supply of lollipops.
Initial inventory: Medicine, lollipop (unlimited)

Suicidal townie: A nervous citizen who hates death. If anybody dies during the day, then he is forced to kill himself. However, if he has no weapons, whether or not he gives them all away or they are stolen, he cannot kill himself. After the first death happens, though, he is forced to kill himself when he gets his hands on a weapon.
Initial inventory: Poison medicine, gun

Recruiting mason: A citizen who has started a group intended for those who hate the mafia, called the mason. Each night, he can recruit someone into the group, regardless of what items he has. In addition to stealing and giving, he also automatically gives a robe to any mason member he recruits, and if any of the members' robes are stolen, he gives them yet another. If he tries to recruit a mafia member, he dies.
Initial inventory: candle, robe (unlimited)

Plucky child: An adventurous, optimistic child. He has a 100% chance of stealing things, but he cannot use weapons.
Initial inventory: Magnifying glass, lollipop

Chef: A famous gourmet chef. With his kitchen knife, he can prepare food and deliver it to someone of his choice, unless he loses the knife or gives it away. Additionally, the kitchen knife can be used as a defensive weapon - if the holder is targeted, then the targeter is killed as well.
Initial inventory: Kitchen knife, pen and paper

Tracker: A citizen who is determined to find out who is the mafia. Each night, as long as he has a magnifying glass or camera, he can track someone and find out whose house they went to. If he doesn't have a magnifying glass or a camera, he can't do anything except steal or give.
Initial inventory: Camera, pen and paper

Forensic investigator: A professional investigator who can examine a dead body and determine who targeted the body. He can do this even without any specific items. With his rubber gloves, he is immune to poison medicine.
Initial inventory: Rubber gloves, candle

Bulletproof: A paranoid citizen who is just determined to not die. He starts out with a bulletproof vest and rubber gloves, which makes him immune to weapons and poisong at night. Of course, these can be stolen. He has no night actions other than stealing and giving.
Initial inventory: Bulletproof vest, rubber gloves

Commuter: A businessman who has been using his faraway workplace as an excuse to get away from the town. At night, he can choose to commute during the night and come back the next morning; at that night, he is immune to all night actions, but he cannot steal or give. If he chooses to commute one night, he cannot commute the next night.
Initial inventory: cigarette, briefcase


Knife: A weapon that can be used to kill.
Initial holders: Mafia don, vigilante

Gun: A weapon that can be used to kill.
Initial holders: Mafia don, suicidal townie

Poison medicine: Poison disguised as medicine. It appears to be medicine upon stealing, but it really is poisonous. If it is used on somebody, it has no healing effects and if not killed that night by someone else, it will kill them the night after. It can be used on yourself or someone else.
Initial holders: Mafia poisoner/doctor, suicidal townie

Bomb: Can be used to kill oneself and someone else during the day.
Initial holder: Terrorist

Medicine: Prevents death. Can be used on yourself or someone else. If both medicines are used on one person, then that person dies of overdose. Initial holders: Mafia poisoner/doctor, doctor

Magnifying glass: Used in inspections. Only the inspector or tracker can use it. The plucky child only has it to satiate curiosity.
Initial holders: Inspector, plucky child

Camera: Used in inspections. Only the inspector, tracker, or forensic investigator can use it.
Initial holders: Inspector, tracker

Kitchen knife: Used to prepare food and deliver it to the person you steal from. If someone tries to kill the holder of the kitchen knife, both the targeter and the holder will die.
Initial holder: Chef

Pen and paper: Used to take notes. It can be used to leave a brief note to the village, which will be revealed to the villagers when the day phase starts. PM me to tell me your note.
Initial holders: Chef, tracker

Rubber gloves: Used to keep your hands clean. Makes you immune to poison medicine.
Initial holders: Forensic investigator, bulletproof

Bulletproof vest: Used to keep yourself safe. Makes you immune to weapons at night.
Initial holder: Bulletproof

Briefcase: Used to carry things.
Initial holders: Terrorist, commuter

Cigarette: Makes you look attractive, or used for relaxation. If the plucky child takes it, he/she throws it away.
Initial holders: Vigilante, commuter[/b]

Lollipop: Given to children by a doctor. A sweet treat.
Initial holders: Doctor (unlimited supply), plucky child)

Candle: Used to see in the nighttime.
Initial holders: Recruiting mason, forensic investigator

Robe: Shows that you are part of the mason.
Initial holder: Recruiting mason (unlimited)

Order of actions
1. When Night 0 starts, I will PM you your role and night action.
2. From each night onwards, send in who you want to steal from, what you want to give that person, and your night action. All are optional.
3. The stealing/giving action happens.
4. The night action happens. That is, if you are a vigilante and your knife was stolen before this, then you can't kill anyone. As another example, if your knife was stolen AND you were given a gun by the suicidal townie or something, then you can still kill.
5. You will get a PM with your final inventory by the time day is about to begin.
6. Day phase starts, with any notes left during the night revealed to the townies.

14 roles, with 2 mafia, 1 terrorist, and 11 awesome innocents. I'm only going to allow up to 14.
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Always a sucker for bubble tea
Is anyone else interested in joining? If not, then with 13 players I'll remove the Chef role and the kitchen knife.