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Steam Canyon



Steam Canyon
[old thread]

Steam Canyon is a treacherous and deep gash in the earth, accessible only by one entrance. The winding path leads to a wide area at the bottom of the trench, with a glistening lake and caves in the walls. It is blisteringly hot in the canyon, and occasionally steam will come pouring from holes in the walls and floor. The Canyon is a home to many Pokemon, and 5$ will net you a Steam Ball, and a chance to go hunting! There are five main areas in the Canyon: the caves, the lake, the steam vents, the paths, and the fields - and one special area, the Boiling Pits, located deep in the heart of the mountain. New areas are being discovered all the time, so check back regularly!

So step up to the booth at the entrance to pay the entry fee and receive your Steam Balls, and directions to your area of choice. Who knows what kind of Pokemon dwell in this dangerous place...?

You will have to state where you would like to go, if you'll need to pay extra, and what Pokemon you bring with you in your initial post. You will have five chances to find something you like, and if you don't take anything, you will receive a Booby Prize instead. When you have found something you would like to keep, state that you are catching it and you may add it to your profile; no approval needed!

Or, you can purchase a Full Session for 8$ (15$ in the Boiling Pits) - this includes three Steam Balls instead of one, and expands the number of continues you have from five to ten. When you make a capture you may still continue as long as you have a Steam Ball left, until you run out of Balls or Continues. You will still have to pay any rental fees, and a Full Session can only be made in one area.

Steam Canyon Pokedex:
Documenting the Pokemon discovered in the canyon.

nincada woobat gastly yamask dwebble kangaskhan sandshrew roggenrola phanpy



The gaping mouths of many caves wait for someone to venture inside, the air inside warm and damp. The darkness inside is nearly suffocating, and makes it impossible to see. They require a Pokemon that can learn Flash, or you can rent a flashlight for 1$.


The lake has a shimmering surface, and is very warm, the bottom able to be seen rather clearly due to the pureness of the water. Many tropical and warm-water Pokemon dwell here. The Lake requires a Pokemon that can learn Surf or an extra 1$ on top of the entrance fee to rent scuba gear.

Steam Vents:

Thick spouts of steam routinely come pouring out of holes in the rocks here, and the ground is always warm. There is no specific thing required to go here.


The rock paths around the Canyon are places that many young Pokemon can be found playing about and training to make themselves stronger. There is no specific thing required to go here.

Ashy Fields:

The Ashy Fields are a vast flat space deep in the canyon, covered in ash that floats down from a nearby volcano. The sounds of Pokemon scurrying under the ashes, and the slight movement at all times is rather unnerving... The thick falling of ash in this area makes it hard to move, so a Pokemon with Dig is needed to go here, or a shovel can be rented for 1$.

Boiling Pits:

The Boiling Pits are located deep in the heart of Steam Canyon, a large grouping of hot springs with searing temperatures enough to boil a human alive, and bubbling magma pits. Spouts of steam under high pressure will occasionally jet from the floor, destroying all in their path not able to resist their intense heat. But beyond the dangerous heat, a strange network of machinery seems to be visible...what could it mean? Will you be the one to discover its secrets?

The Boiling Pits require a Pokemon capable of having the Flash Fire ability, and 10$, instead of the normal entry fee. The Boiling Pits is an RP Area, so you will have to RP to adventure here.


Steam Canyon will not be held responsible for the loss of life or limb while on it's premise. The wavier you signed before entrance outlines your rights and responsibilities.

-Where you are going
-How much you will be needing to pay
-The name of your Pokemon to bring with you, if any
-A link to your profile if bringing a Pokemon​
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The first five trainers to enter Steam Canyon will receive a MYSTERIOUS PRIZE! What could it be?​
I would like to go to the Ashy Fields, and I shall bring my Anorith for dig.

Welcome to the Canyon! As you enter, you are given a box tied up with a neat blue bow. Inside is a Water Stone!

You quickly reach the Ashy Fields, your Anorith pushing thick ash out of the way for you. The area is quiet, the ash on the ground muffling your footsteps, but the shifting all around means there are definitely Pokemon around. And sure enough, your Anorith uncovers a Nincada (M), who is occupied with a Shiny Stone.

shiny-stone nincada

Take them both? [Y/N] [Continues: 5]

Welcome to the Canyon! As you enter, you are given a box tied up with a neat red bow. Inside is a Fire Stone!

The caves are quickly lit up by the flash of light, sending a flock of Zubat scattering deeper into the dark. The new light lets you see something interesting, however - a fluffy blueish-white mound nestled in a corner of the chamber you're in. Upon closer inspection, it's a nest of Woobat, snuggled together for safety. You can probably capture one, if you're careful - a female is a bit away from the group.
Take her? [Y/N] [Continues: 5]

Moving on, deeper into the cave, you can't seem to find too much, how odd... Wonder where the Pokemon are?

That thought is quickly answered by the sudden appearance of a pair of large eyes, quickly fully manifesting into a Gastly (M)! He sticks his tongue out at you and screeches, trying to frighten you.
Catch him? [Y/N] [Continues: 4]

Delving ever deeper, you soon discover a strange hole in a cave wall, which looks like it was once a man-made wall but recently collapsed. Venturing inside, you stumble upon a strange (and sad) scene. A mound of dirt that is uncomfortably human-shaped sits in the centre of the chamber, a King's Rock set upon its chest. The walls are covered in strange carvings of Pokemon and humans, and look very old.

A sudden whimper makes you notice something you hadn't before - a Yamask (M) is huddled against the mound, peering up at you with big red eyes. He looks like he hasn't left this place in a while.
kings-rock yamask
Take them? [Y/N] [Continues: 3]
Ooh... that's... creepy... but... King's Rock. I wouldn't want to take his little crown and just leave him behind :< I'll catch him.

After this I think I'd like to go to the Ashy Fields with my Swinub. Full $8 session this time.

Ash is thick in the valley, but the path your Swinub clears is enough to manage with. The area is fairly quiet, though you can swear you can hear the screech of a bird Pokemon in the distance somewhere, echoing off the canyon walls. A scattered few trees can be seen in the far distance, and you can almost make out the outline of another person.

And then you are abruptly facedown in the ashes. Looks like you tripped over a Dwebble (F) who was sleeping in your path! She has emerged from her rock and seems confused.
Catch her? [Y/N] [Balls: 3 / Continues: 10]

After scooping yourself up off the group, you quickly capture the cute little bug, using one of your three Steam Balls. Moving on, you hear a sound off to your right, and rush toward it. At the scene, you find something extremely interesting...

A Kangaskhan is locked in intense battle with a Skarmory, ash tossed up in the air from the struggle and both making angry sounds. But the mother Pokemon soon comes out on top, landing a powerful punch on the steelbird, sending it flapping away, screeching in pain. She collects her baby, who was hiding in the ash, and turns her gaze on you. She seems to decide you are unable of harming her, and moves forward to sniff you a bit.

Congratulations! you have encountered one of the 1-in-200 rares!
Catch her? [Y/N] [Balls: 2 / Continues: 9 / Inventory: dwebble (F)]

After that excited capture, you move on again, quickly stumbling upon a wild Sandshrew (M), poking his head out of the ashes curiously, as if he was hiding from the battle before.
Catch him? [Y/N] [Balls: 1 / Continues: 8 / Inventory: dwebble (F), kangaskhan (F)]

Welcome to the Canyon! As you enter, you are given a box tied up with a neat blue bow. Inside is a Water Stone!

You quickly reach the Ashy Fields, your Anorith pushing thick ash out of the way for you. The area is quiet, the ash on the ground muffling your footsteps, but the shifting all around means there are definitely Pokemon around. And sure enough, your Anorith uncovers a Nincada (M), who is occupied with a Shiny Stone.

shiny-stone nincada

Take them both? [Y/N] [Continues: 5]

It's freaking adorable. Catch.

Leaving the little ground-type be, you move on through the thick ash, cresting a small hill to look over the land beyond. There, you note a Roggenrola (M) sitting happily in the ash, which is less thick on the ground here.
Catch him? [Y/N] [Balls: 1 / Continues: 7 / Inventory: dwebble (F), kangaskhan (F)]
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