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One-Shot The Angel

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Trying to be active again!
A radiant light shone down upon him. He stretched his muscles, extending his arms out as far as they would go. He spun around, feeling the light on his skin. It felt so warm. It seeped inside of him, warming his skin and his feathers…


Mathew rolled over out of his bed. Of course. He had been dreaming and had overslept. He pushed himself up and walked over to his closet. He threw on some clothes without looking at them first. He had never really cared what he looked like. No matter what he wore, the jerks at school would make fun of him for it. They always did.

He ran downstairs, grabbed a brown lunch bag off of the table, and ran right out the door. He always did whatever he could to get out of the house. He still spent a lot of time in there however, because the rest of the world wasn’t much better. Everywhere he looked, the world was a terrible place. Right outside of his door was a big city. Hundreds of cars moved down the street in an endless traffic jam, with people yelling and swearing at each other, thinking that it will get them out of there faster. Towering factories spew pollution into the sky, poisoning the air. People so desperate that they will kill someone else, just for the green paper in their wallet.

The most horrible thing of all was the school. Despite the fact that there were more people there than anywhere else Mathew went, it was the only place he was truly alone. Stepping through the doors meant sentencing himself to seven hour of boring lectures from teachers and cruel tormenting from other students. No one liked him. No one had ever liked him. Even as a small kid, he never had any friends.

His first classes dragged on the longest. All the teachers seemed to have the same boring, monotone voice. He sat there doing nothing, until he got yelled at for not paying attention. It was the same thing every day. When he went into lunch, he sat down at the farthest table, alone as always. He hated lunch. He sat by himself for a while, before being forced to go outside, where athletic kids would kick footballs at him. He hated it. He hated it all.

The rest of the day went by without anything special happening, other than having a bunch of kids launch spitballs at him. The final bell rang at last, and he was the first on to get out of the hellhole he was forced to spend most of his life in. As he walked, he closed himself off from the pain of the outside world. He ignored the insults flying around him, trying to strike him down. He ignored everything around him.

Unfortunately, he also ignored the car driven by the drunken man.


The light surrounded him again. He felt dizzy. He opened his eyes and saw that he was high up in the sky. Not the polluted, acid-dripping sky of his city, but a clear, warm, bright sky, decorated by soft, white clouds. He felt an updraft, and let it carry him away, higher into the sky. The wind felt so good under his wings.

Wait, wings?

Mathew looked backwards and saw that he now had wings. He flapped them, and a surge of joy rushed through him. He had never felt joy before, and he did not want it to leave him.

He soared higher into the sky, and the light became brighter. He kept flying upwards, hoping to reach the source of the light. Eventually, he reached a point where he could go no further. He hovered in the air, held aloft by his wings. He knew now that he had to make a choice. He didn’t know why or how he knew it. He just knew.

He made his choice.

And flew back down.

Mathew opened his eyes once again and saw a different kind of light. It was an artificial white light, and it was also not the only thing surrounding him. He also saw the medical instruments around him, and the form of his mother.
She was crying.

But the tears were tears of joy.

Mathew was still alive.


Please give feedback!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(I like exclamation points)
You sure do like writing. Which is good, because you're rather good!
I was surprised!

I went into this with low expectations, really, and the beginning did very little for me, but I actually really ended up enjoying it. The whole message about how terrible the world was was layered on a little thick, but I enjoy the idea of someone who's suffered all their life experiencing heaven, and instead of just enjoying it, goes back down to earth. Maybe because he feels he has to earn this, maybe because this overly pessimistic view of the earth has been shattered, maybe even because he's been inspired to fix this world. We don't know.

I like. Not quite "Yes! It is awsome!" but significantly better than "Meh". I'm not gonna vote on it because none of them represent my opinions in any way, but this entire post is a thumbs up. Keep writing. You got skills.
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