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  • "Also, FINALLY GOT GHOST TRICK OMG SO FANTASTIC thoughIcan'tplayitforthreeweeksduetothenovideogamespolicycrapohwell."



    Ghost Trick is wonderful, yes :D
    I just found my KH 2 last week, and I'm playing the crap out of it!

    *Rushes to fight Sephiroth*
    There are some people who just don't like it.

    What a shame, because it really is my favorite Sci-fi movie.

    And you'll find that there is no face to eat, because their faces are already eaten.

    Also, have you ever seen this?
    Haha, turn them into packmules... you're terrible! :P

    I mentioned that in my last post, if they don't want to die soon, they should post.
    But otherwise, yeah go us! Looks like the other three might not make it.

    I'm actually liking this RP though.
    There is a role for 'talking dead'...

    I stand by you're dead... you're dead... no ghosting.
    1. I am a HUGe tdg fan.... you should see the tattoo I am getting.

    2. No dead posting. Sorry. It looks like the only people who saw your info were the wrong sort of people.
    What's the point though? It's pretty much come down to you, me, and sometimes Black Yoshi and that one guy...
    Yeah. I was thinking about that. Thing is it's not my story, it's Ulqi's.

    Did I kill it? I'm sort of nervous about that. If I did I am willing to go away.
    Crap.... we're not supposed to do that?

    I don't even remember what I wrote. Probably sucked though.
    Soul Guard is up again, so whenever you get a chance to post would be great. There was a time-skip n' stuff. At the van, now.
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