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The Bank III


The finchiest of widgets
The Bank

It's probably the largest building in the strip-mall-sized commercial center of the Safari Zone. That's still not saying much, though; it's only a few square feet and staffed by a grand total of one person. Still, it does its job, which is to keep track of all of the tills and savings accounts of all the members who have ever signed up at the Safari Zone. The trustworthy guy behind the counter takes up deposits from area owners and take out withdrawals from area visitors and area soon-to-owners, not to mention those from the trading area.

Off to one side, between the bank of PCs and the potted narrow-leaved palm lily, there's a haphazardly-pinned list of rules and notices regarding the bank - originally typed and printed, a few have undergone revision by means of what appears to be a purple crayon (with later additions in -- is that red nail polish):

Rules and Guidelines:
  • You start with $40 when you first make an account, and it costs $30 to make an area.
  • Your starter can be any basic stage Pokemon or any Pokemon that doesn't evolve that isn't legendary (I include Phione, the Tapus, the Type: Null family, and the UBs in the Legendary grouping)
  • The owner of an area is fully responsible for posting any transactions made in their area here. Ergo: if you're the one buying for stuff in an area, you don't have to do anything; the owner will take care of it.
  • If you're making a transaction, link to the original post in which the transaction was made for proof.
  • Allowance is given out every Saturday, and is $4
  • If you change your username, it would help if you let me know for clarity; this is not required, but it is highly appreciated.
  • If you make a new account here, I will VM (visitor message) you to let you know that your account has been approved once I see it. Please do not post anywhere else in the Safari Zone if your account has not been approved.
  • Lastly, please keep this in mind: this is a bank. This is a place for opening accounts, and making transactions, and should be treated as such; this is not a place for advertising your area. Anyone caught doing this will receive a monetary penalty at my discretion.

Cynder: $102
Finchwidget: $192
I liek Squirtles: $561
MWPuppire: $40
nerolyk24: $44
RedneckPhoenix: $29
Slythe: $40
Wargle: $891​
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Alrighty; the Bank III (otherwise known as the Fifth-Third Bank but without the Fifth, or The Bank: We Made a Third One) is live! Squornshellous Beta has gone AWOL, and as such, I've been approved as the new Safari Zone head, or ringleader, or whatever, and I'll try my best to live up to the previous heads/ringleaders/whatevers legacy. Anyway, I've put down the names of everyone thats posted in the Safari Zone since roughly mid-2016, so if you're a member of the Safari Zone and you haven't posted in a while, but you still want to be reinstated, poke me in this thread, and I'll put you back on with all of the funds you had in the previous Bank.
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