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The Bulletin Board (PMD Rescues)

I liek Squirtles

sobble squad
At the back of the forums, in a little corner infested with cobwebs, a little corkboard is tacked on the wall. A few papers are stuck to it with colorful pushpins. They await someone to take their job...

Like it says on the tin, this thread is about posting rescue requests from the Mystery Dungeon series. I don't think there's a thread like this, and if there is, it's probably super old.

Post requests in the following format:
-Version (Rescue Team, Explorers, Infinity, or Super)
-Password (if it doesn't have weird symbols like Super). Better yet, send it directly to the person who took the job.

Once a job is completed, post the confirmation of rescue mail password (or simply post that they've been rescued and inform the job poster of the password via VM or PM). If you send Thank-You Mail, you can (again) post it here or send the password directly.

Available Missions:

Taken Missions:

Rescue Team Leaders:
-ILS (Rescue Team, Explorers, SMD)
-Autumn (Rescue Team, Explorers, SMD)
-Emperor_Evulz (Explorers)[/hide]
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I liek Squirtles

sobble squad
Sooo I've gotten my behind handed to me various times even in rescue efforts.

Version: SMD
Reverse Mountain
Difficulty: very difficult/four stars
Password: upon request because it's incredibly long