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The Clue Game

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Ben Wade's Assistant Coach
Well this thread used to be here and it helped me a lot so I'm bringing it back. For anybody who doesn't know what the clue game is, click here and prepare to get frustrated. Basically this thread is just for helping anybody who is stuck and getting help if you're stuck.

I just FINALLY got 10. I knew the first and last words for a while, but somehow I was unable to think of the middle word. Now I'm completely stuck on number 11...
Manaphy DriftRider: Pretend that you weren't a Pokémon fan. What is the first
Pokémon that immediately springs into your head when the word Pokémon is said? That's the popularity bit. But if you went onto a forum and said 'My favourite Pokémon is xxx', then you would probably get bashed for it.

Zenigame: What Pokémon matches all of those descriptions? Squishy? Floppy?

Ekibyogami and Zim Del Invasor: Which Pokémon (this is referring to the games) has seen a lot of trouble. Maybe this Pokémon has seen the death of a close relative..?

I personally can't get Clue 26, however hard I try. 'nearly forgotten' is 'nettogrof ylraen' backwards, but that doesn't make any sense...
That's OK, Ekibyogami. Also, it appears to me that you live in Plymouth o-o. It's just that I live in Plymouth too...
I'm stuck on 26 too. I tried searching through the old updates but I couldn't seem to find anything.

Steelixmaniac, number 3 isn't something you can figure out by logic. It's somewhere on the site, someplace you really don't want to look, and you have to be careful not to miss it. You won't be able to skip over it, though. <-- Sorry if that was too detailed, but I think all those hints were given in the old thread.
Also, it appears to me that you live in Plymouth o-o. It's just that I live in Plymouth too...

So TCoD is where all the Devonians are. XD The closest active PFU user to me lives in Wales, so this is quite a surprise to find two people from the South West (you and Danni). Whereabouts in Plymouth are you? :3
STEELIXMANIAC: You'd have to be doomed not to see where to find the answer.

Ekibyogami: I'm not actually in Plymouth, but just outside, in Saltash.
I've been stuck on number six (6) for about a week now! I'm so clueless. Can someone tell me if it's Pokemon related or site related? Or something?
I'm so happy that this is back...
And now back to business, can anyone give a hint to clue 26? That clue is too confusing...
I'm stuck on clue five, yay. All I could really think of was FireRed and LeafGreen, since there used to be a FRLG minipage called Deja Vu. Other than that, I'm pretty clueless! And unintentionally punny.
New Spring: No problem :) Good luck with the next ones!

Zim Del Invasor: #12 is fairly straightforward. Have you checked the source code clue yet? If you haven't, that should help you towards the answer.

Bluwiikoon: Did you figure out #4 by guessing? If you did, you won't be able to figure out #5.
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