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The Clue Game

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STILL cant figure out #10...
Murkrowfeather: Those are base stats of a Pokemon. Which Pokemon has high defenses, but really low everything else, and what stat is missing?
Lord Shyguy: It was on a site poll, tht said: Do you see it? Do you see (the answer)?
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I got it!

Nine is just some list. I don't get it!

Edit: Okay, I got nine. Ten is confusing. X.X
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I'm also stuck on nine and will confess to using this topic for most of the others; I'm hopeless.

Why do I love these types of games so much when I'm so horrible at them? I think I got maybe three of them without looking at the hints here.
Clue 9 deals with version exclusives, Which game got Tyrannitar?
Its after the 3rd generation games

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