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  • I'll go and have a looksee... I've been really demotivated writing-wise recently. I DID have a novel on the go, but I've neglected it horribly.
    I know. It's irking.

    Personally I feel Here Comes Trouble > plain old Trouble.

    Cause something about shouting for your Rayquaza by shouting "Here Comes Trouble!" and seeing the terrified/bewildered faces of the nearby people makes it wonderful.

    ...wow, I have a very twisted mind XD

    Most of my Pokemon are named after songs. As best as I could cause character Limits suck.

    I'm Flora. Just Flora.

    As a random fact my Pokemon have some of the weirdest names in the world :/
    It's still in the general area of Philadelphia, just a bit farther away.

    OH and I amost got set up, but that failed because my friend who attempted to set me up failed to inform the guy involved XD

    Discovered a band in the summer.

    Well to be more precise my friend discovered a band and made another friend listen to them and she made me listen to them.
    Really, yeah. But Chief Julia, ChaosGallantmon, and Night Claw are better. >:3
    Wow, someone else who has Dusk? All my friends have Dawn. *glares accusingly at Dragon* Even though I'm a huge Royal Knights fan, most of my preferred Digimon are in Dusk. Aside from the aforementioned (you can, however, get Alphamon from the Balance Pack).
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