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The "Fwee" Thread

I've been in a very happy mood all day today :)

Its been one of the sunniest days outside and I just can't help but feel really good about it.

I'm glad today happened, because it was hard losing my dog......but life is still beautiful, even after a big loss :D

And my memories of him will always stay with me. So things are okay :)
We now have episode 4 of twilight wings that has a cameo from MARNIE (One of my fav characters)
Screenshot 2020-04-21 at 12.13.52 PM.png

...and Sonia's yamper sleeping in the background of one scene.
Screenshot 2020-04-21 at 12.16.11 PM.png

...And nessa in a cool outfit. (It is pretty awesome, nessa should always be in this outfit.)
Screenshot 2020-04-23 at 10.47.50 AM.png

And the comments were turned off, so i couldn't point marnie or yamper out in the comments..
But maybe it's a good thing considering that...
Comments = The Internet
and that episode revolved around Nessa, so...

The next episode revolves around oleana, who is a pretty complicated character (at least to feature an entire episode on, other than that she's fairly one-sided, but this show has been living up to my expectations so far, so i think her episode will be pretty good.)
I only have one week (three days of one week)of school left and that's not real school. Just "Finish up your assignments you are all good students bye" stuff! :D i'm gonna be 30% more free in about a week!
After a long period of procrastination followed by about a week of intense panic and several sleepness nights, I submitted my BSc thesis yesterday and am officially free of external obligations until September! Apart from lockdown, at least.

(I should probably stop doing this with just about every piece of work, huh)
Dispite my last few posts (i had to speak my mind about some stuff...</3), I am quite pleased with my user comment about Pikachu for the 'mention a random animal' craze.

A part of me would also like to mention unicorns. Unicorns are also cool lol But its amusing i was the first to mention a random POKEMON instead of an animal though :P

And Pikachu is pretty adorable :) So are Eevee <3

I love cute pokemon in general really. Unless its Teddiursa. Too many memories....*cringes* Cept one good memory of me looking at regular teddy bears and comparing them to Teddiursa cos I was soooooo pokemon obsessed one year. That was cool. But regular teddies and Ursarings>>>>>Teddiursas. The Pokemon anime's episode about Teddiursa triggers my autism anyways....
When i was ten, i put a bunch of dumb stories up on amazon as e-books for people to buy. As you'd expect, i was ten, so my books are godawful. Do not read them ever. But recently, people have been buying them, and i got fourty bucks yesterday from it.

Thank you ten year old me, you've inspired me to write again, and i have money. :D i can now buy ACNH
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