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The "Fwee" Thread

Usually I would never be caught dead shopping at Gamestop for fairly self evident reasons but I caved and bought the Corviknight plush because it was inexpensive. Instead of my edgy raven boi they sent me a rarish Haloween Pikachu soooooo thanks I guess?
I’m like... 90% of the way to getting rid of my stupid mental health issues. Each day I’ve got to choose not to entertain the negative thoughts I have about myself. Making that choice is hard, but the fact that I’m even able to means I’m essentially crossing the finish line. Many people never manage to reach this stage.

Every time I make that choice, my mind clears a bit more. It’s great.
I was sick for several days but I'm feeling a lot better now! :D I had a major runny nose and sore throat and fatigue (probably just a common cold)
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