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The "Fwee" Thread


local hellion
i seem to have gotten very into a franchise one of my friends likes, and we've managed to drag another friend of ours into it, and we hung out on discord watching the anime's second season premiere and it sounds like it's gonna be a weekly thing and i am SO happy, man



doctor, I can't tell if I'm not me
i've been having incredibly good luck lately :) i'm part of a focus group on campus friday, which will compensate me with apple cider and donuts, and they'll also give me a 20 dollar bookstore giftcard ^_^ And,,,! I won a 40 dollar giftcard to my favorite cafe on campus through this instagram raffle thing. herbe's luck is turning around!!!!! i was kinda Going Through it for a while but i feel like i'm gonna be ok now!


buck bk bk b'kawwwk
Somehow got full marks on my spectrometry practical exam! (I did make a couple of mistakes but the examiner gave me extra credit for identifying a contaminant that he hadn't intentionally included. 😁)
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Ask; Try She/Her
i spent all of october writing stuff up for my goofy fandom ocs and i am Living, it is SO fun and everyone who thinks OCs are "cringy" can fight me 1v1 right fuckin now.
Make that 2v1, as i am happy to join you because OC's are not cringy. :>