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The Magic Library


Blue tigers rock. So what?
The Magic Library

You are walking around when you notice a blue building. On it are the words "The Magic Library!". Intrigued, you walk in and almost slam into a girl carrying a stack of books. Smiling, she sets them down and walks over to you. "Hi! I'm Teacher9985, but you can call me Teach." she says. "Welcome to the Magic Library! So, basically you walk up to a book, open it and step in. You'll find a Pokemon, and can choose to catch it or ignore it. The different sections are the Mystery section, which contains Ghost, Dark, and Poison types. The Non-fiction section contains Rock, Grass and Water types. The Young Adult fiction section contains Steel, Ice and Electric types. The Children section contains Dragon, Normal, Bug and Psychic types. The Young Adult Non-Fiction contains Ground, Flying and Fire types." You stare, wondering how she can say that much without breathing, when she notices and blushes and points to a poster, saying "Info over there. Have a nice day!" As you start to walk away, she grabs your arm and says "Also, after a set period of time, you will be kicked out of the library for making so much noise getting in and out of books. When you start getting in that I'll give you 5 warnings, and then I'll kick you out and you keep everything you have." On the poster it says:

$2 for each Poke-ball
$6 for 6 Poke-balls
You can change areas.
After 25 turns of Catching/ignoring, you will be kicked out.
You can buy Poke-balls while you are inside, but you must have at least 1 to do so.
Mystery section found Pokes:
Children section found Pokes: swablu teddiursa
Non-fiction found Pokes:
Young Adult fiction section found Pokes:
Young Adult non-fiction found Pokes: pidgeotto zubat numel phanpy natu
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The girl hands you 6 pokeballs and sets you off in the right direction. Entering the bookcases, you open a book named Birdwatching for Dummies and step inside. All of the sudden, a Pidgeotto (F) smashes into your face.
Catch or Ignore?
Pokeballs: 6 Inventory: NONE
Walking around, you notice a The birds DVD. You lunge for it , but smack into a DVD box. "Remeber, you can only step into books!" The girl says, making you jump and fall into a So, You want to be a bird? book. You look around this environment, and see a zubat [F] stuck in on a bush, flailing madly.
Catch or Ignore?
Pokeballs: 5 Inventory: Pidgeotto {F},

You are now positive what you want. Seeing a book on volcanoes, you open the book and step inside. A numel [M] is eating some grass.

Catch or puntignore?
Pokeballs: 5 Inventory: Pidgeotto {F}

A book called The history of the Earth entices you,and you open it and walk in. A family of elephants have seemed to have adopted a phanpy {F}. Will you
Take her from them/punt her?

Pokeballs: 4 Inventory: Pidgeotto {F}, Numel {M}
You provide the sugarcane, and while the elephants seem sad, they take the food and proceed to kick you out. As you come sailing out of the book with a sore bottom, you look around and decide to pull out and enter a book called Exotic birds: Taking care of you really rare bird that you can find in a pet store. You look around what seems to be a pet store, and walk up to a cage. Inside is a natu {F}. Will you
Save her/laugh and leave her?
Also, you can change areas. Just so you know.

Pokeballs: 3 Inventory: Pidgeotto {F}, Numel {M}, Phanpy {F}
Has gone: 5 times. 25 is the limit, just to let you know. Adding...
Aww...Natu is one of my favorite pokémon! Catch, of course!

And descriptive title. Let's check out the Childrens' section.
You take the poor Natu out and capture her. The owner of the store sees you and begins to walk towards you with a big stick. You jump out of the book and walk towards the children section and see a book called How to be a dragon hunter Intruiged, you open it and step inside, and see a man with a whip hitting a poor swablu {M}. Will you
Take her from here/ignore and walk away?
Pokeballs: 2 Inventory: Pidgeotto {F}, Numel {M}, Phanpy {F}, Natu {F}
Has gone: 6 times
You smile apologetically at the Swablu, and proceed to knock out the man, letting the Swablu go. You step out of that horrible book, and step into a Magician trick and treats for Halloween! book. In it, a young natu {F} is teaching some kids magic tricks. Will you
Pokeballs: 2 Inventory: Pidgeotto {F}, Numel {M}, Phanpy {F}, Natu {F}
Has gone: 7 times
Quietly, as to not disturb, you walk away from the lesson and come out. You look around, and finally see a book called How to draw baby animals! You come out in the cub section, as a teddiursa {M} is striking a pose, as several black bear cubs are clapping at his performance.
What will you do?
Pokeballs: 2 Inventory: Pidgeotto {F}, Numel {M}, Phanpy {F}, Natu {F}
Has gone: 8 times
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