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The Multiverse Bucket


Heyo! This is my Multiverse Bucket, a place for my original fiction drabbles,new and old.Hopefully you enjoy these bite-sized tales.

As for the first one... This was one of the drabbles I wrote for a drabble lesson in a creative writing class. I've refurbished it a little to be up to my current standards and current lore, but it's ultimately the same mini-story.

More Please

A red-haired, scrawny young man and a green-haired dark skinned young woman were observing a white-haired girl. huddled in a corner. The redhead sighed and shook his head.

“Man, Minali... That chick we rescued hasn’t moved from that spot,” said the redhead. “Hasn't talked. And she hasn’t eaten a thing.”

Minali thought to herself for a second. “Otto, I have... an idea.”

She left, leaving Otto and the girl alone for a while. She then returned with a bowl of purplish-blue cereal with festive-looking marshmallows.

“That weird-ass berry cereal?” said Otto, scoffing. “She’s not gonna eat that.”

Minali shook her head,saying "Just trust me," and placed the cereal in front of the girl.

The girl moved forward the bowl hesitantly and sniffed the cereal. She hesitantly took the spoon, scooped some up, and ate a spoonful. Her eyes instantly widened and she immediately started shoveling more of the cereal into her mouth.

“Told you Otto,” said Minali.

The girl then proceeded to eat the bowl and spoon in a singular bite.

“M-More please!”
This is a drabble (set in my "Iggyverse" high fantasy project) I wrote for a class, but requires a bit of context, namely that long ago ancient, powerful beings created the “mortal” species of the world and this is an insight into their creation process. It’s heavily modeled after threads on a ...certain infamous message board.

Anyway, here we go:

Intelligent Design

Anonymous (Original Poster) No.271586306


Look guys, I made a new species!

Anonymous No.271586374

>Those horns
> That skin
>That hair

What were you smoking, OP, and why were you smoking it while gene splicing?

Anonymous No.271586468

Aww, but I think it looks cool!

Anonymous No.271586502


>B-But muh edgelord species is the coolest thing ever, guys!

Shatter yourself, dumbass

Anonymous No.271586647

OP confirmed literally braindead, everybody go home.

Anonymous No.271586812

Hey now, /cele/. True, OP has shit taste but I see potential letting his little abominations loose in the mortal dimension.

Anonymous No.271587023


>Edgelord species runs loose in mortal dimension
> Delicious, nutritious chaos


Mod. No.271587110

Moderator here, that species is good to go.

Anonymous No.271587362


Wait, so we’re going ahead with this shit? The fuck?

Anonymous No.271587470


Hey now, a little edgelordy chaos can’t be that bad.

They're already calling us demons, after all.
This was an isolated scenario involving my favorite OC Vaespar,that wouldn't leave my head and is meant to illustrate the....... creative ways he'll use his ability to devour people.There's not much to it and it's highly self-indulgent but I'm unleashing it on the world anyway.

So here you go:

The Deal


Vaespar sat, his robes billowing over his seat, waiting, in a dark room with two chairs. Eventually a door opened and in strode a man with long gray hair, a long black coat, and a cravat. He was a Khovuze, judging by his gray skin,distinctive bioluminescent markings,and pointy ears.He sat down.

"Thank you for visiting, Count MacRuultrud," said Vaespar.

"It is an honor, Lord Vaespar," said MacRuultrud.

"Now, for the matter of the hour... Your creations have been... Very useful to me."

"The automatons? They're meant to be."

"Yes. I would like... More of them."

"I have already sent you a good chunk of the supply."

"Hmmm... Is there any way I can compensate you?"

"I believe my word is final. Besides, the automatons will only listen to me"

Vaespar frowned. "Hmmm... Regrettable. Regardless, thanks for replying to my offer for a meeting."

Vaespar offered a gloved hand for a handshake. Count MacRuulrud looked at him oddly but accepted the handshake. When he tried to let go, however, he found his hand was stuck to Vaespar's.

"What- how-"

"It seems I'll have to aquire what I want the direct way," said Vaespar, grinning. He pulled MacRuulrud close.

"Traitor! Traitor!"

That was all MacRuulrud had time to shout before his face made contact with Vaespar's chest, and immediately began sinking in, shadowy matter pulling him in. He struggled, but Vaespar laughed and pushed him in further. MacRuulrud's shoulders sank in, followed by his chest, then his legs, than his feet, until the entirety of him was inside Vaespar.

Vaespar licked his lips. He could feel MacRuulrud squirming within him as he was converted to mana, until he had been completely digested.

"Now, to address the automaton issue..."

Vaespar's form twisted. His robe shrank and turned into a coat, his hair grew longer and platinum blonde, his facial structure changed completely, until he was a perfect likeness of Count MacRuulrud. He exited the room.

Those powerful automatons would surely listen now.
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