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The Myrren Region~


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Hello, and welcome to the Myrren Region! As of now, no location on the national Pokémon map has been decided for Myrren. In other words, I still haven't decided if it's "south of Hoenn", "north of Orre", etc. Also, the only thing concerning Myrren that is currently available is a R/S style map and some ideas concerning the legendary Pokémon and a few drawings of the starter Pokémon.

This will be updated as I make progress.
I am debating over whether or not to include the ancient legends in this thread.
When Pokémon images are posted, they will most likely not be sprites - I will draw the Pokémon first and make sprites to my leisure.

I apologize for not having made some towns blue instead of red, I started out with everything red and never recolored the icons.
Also, as I forgot to mention this in the caption for its picture, Fuligin Village is the location of the sixth gym. They train Dark-types.
(The area named in each link is marked off in purple)

Region Map

Chartreuse Town
Route 301
Feldgrau Town
Route 302
Route 303
Cerise Village
Cobalt City
Route 304
Carmine City
Arsenic City
Route 305
Route 306
Amaranth Village
Route 307
Route 308
Periwinkle Town
Route 309
Route 310
Route 311
Fuligin Village
Route 312
Myrtle City
Route 313
Payne Town
Route 314
Wisteria Village
Route 315
Route 316
Magnolia City
Route 317
Han Island
Route 318
Yale Town
Route 319
Route 320
Rotue 321
Route 322
Route 323
Azure City
Route 324
Route 325
Route 326
Route 327
Route 328
Route 329
Octarine Village


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An hour or two a day, for over a week. Mostly because, while making the map, I was eating, brainstorming, trying to do homework, etc.

I have the Grass starter now. This just proves that crayons + me = utter FAIL
Since it's so horrible, and the scanner ruined it further, I'll wait till I get colored pencils to upload more drawings. I swear, it didn't even look that bad on paper -_-'

Anyways, it's name, which is just temporary since I'm debating on renaming it, is Curoot, which is derived from cub/cute + root.
Yes, that's a vine it has for a tail.

So far, I have no idea what to do with the second stage of this, but the third stage is called Amuar, derived from Amazon + Jaguar. And indeed, Amuar somewhat resembles a jaguar. I'm quite fond of my original drawing of it, though it's small, on lined paper, and uncolored.

I was planning to upload the pencil drawing to an oekaki and work off of that, but the 'kaki I use messes up when I try to re-touch the uploaded picture.

I have the water starter planned out pretty well, though I'm thinking of changing it back to my original idea. Currently, it's a pure Water-type whose final evolution is part Ice-type. They resemble long sea dragons, with two sets of fins. In truth, they somewhat resemble the Skywing Dragon of Dragcave, albeit with smaller fins (though the Skywing has wings) and a thicker body. And they also have fins on their head and back.

My other idea for the water starter ends up with the final evolution as part Dragon. Or, at least, with many Dragon-type moves. The first stage is a quadruped salamander with webbed feet and cute speckles on its back. Its tail resembles a tadpole's tail.

The second evolution is mainly a quadruped, though it can walk and/or run on its back legs if necessary. It swims only using its back legs and tail. Its head looks slightly more reptilian than the basic form.

The final stage of my original idea for a water starter is a biped that, though it can walk on land, it is highly uncomfortable when not in water. Its head looks more dragon-like, it ends up as a light blue color, maybe robin's egg-blue, and its feet and hands are webbed, ending in claws. Its back feet, which are not used when swimming, are shaped like a canine's feet, and the tips of its toes bend, sort of like a paw, so it can stand. When swimming, its hands and feet are idle, for it uses its powerful tail to propel it forward. Its hands are used to steer. When it is swimming for speed, its hands and feet are carefully folded all the way back and it swims in vertical curving motions.

So, old water starter or new?

For the fire starter, I'm completely lost. The basic form somewhat resembles Charmander, though it has a couple of pointed stripes here and there, and it has a snout. For the final evolutions, I'm thinking of making it either Fire/Dark or Fire/Steel. I have a vague idea of a Dimetrodon, or some kind of quadruped reptile, maybe even a Fire/Steel biped dragon that can fly, but I'm not sure. Or, for anyone that has played to the end of Starfox Adventures, maybe something like the Beast of Dragon Rock. I'm lost here, any ideas?

Also...I type too much -_-'


is NOT edible. Unless you're a vampire.
PM me with more details, and if you mean you'll help with art, then PM a sample as well. Thank you!


Maelstroms amidst steel
Hm, I'm very impressed. If you make this, I'll be very happy. XD Anyway, amazing work on the maps, some nice depth to the cities and routes... For the Pokemon, I'm torn. Another bipedal winged Fire evolution would be rather like Charizard, to my thinking, but then again, I haven't seen it yet XD

Water starters... I cannot voice an opinion. Both are original, and I probably would choose one when I saw their design and such. I must sound really picky right now. >< Bleh. If you continue, I shall follow. :P I've never been really interested in fangames, and people suddenly making regions, but this sparked my interest.


is NOT edible. Unless you're a vampire.
Well, thank you very much, Stormecho! I have the original drawings of both final-evo Water starters, but of course I was thinking of tweaking them a bit.
Since I was scanning pictures anyway, I scanned the first drawing of the final stage Grass Starter.

Amuar, Stage 2 Grass-type Starter
Old Water Starter, Stage 1
Old Water Starter, Stage 2
Skentide, New Water Starter, Stage 2

Male Amuar have a bulb/bud/thing on their backsides, with three vines emerging from the base of the bud. The vines are their tails.
Females are the same, except they have a flower instead of a bulb.
Also, it will be mentioned somewhere that Curoot, the Basic Grass starter, is left as an egg in a nest on the plains. They find each other and live as a small pack, hunting small Pokémon such as Sentret, Phanpy, and Rattata, until evolution. When the entire pack of Curoot has evolved into Vitross (Vine + tree + moss), they go their own separate ways, moving into either a pine forest, deciduous forest, or rain forest or jungle. When evolved into Amuar, they change color depending on where they live, and what season it is.
In a pine forest, Amuar usually remain dark green with brown spots. In the winter, their fur coat dulls slightly over time to end up as a green-gray with dull brown spots until the snow disappears for the year.
In a deciduous forest, Amuar are white with a very faint hint of green, with brown spots, the color of dead leaves, in the winter. In the spring, They become light green with orange, yellow, red, or blue spots, depending on what berries are in the part of the forest they live in. In the summer, they are green with lime green spots, and in the fall, They are green-brown with orange, then red spots, as time passes.
In a rain forest or jungle, Amuar are a shade or two lighter than green, with brightly colored spots, either magenta, bright orange, yellow, or red, depending on where they live.
...Or should I just drop the color-changing thing?

Skentide can not fly, it was drawn in that position because that was what seemed easiest for me to draw at the moment.

As for the Fire starter, I haven't drawn anything yet because I only have extremely vague ideas. Details, moves, I have no idea what to do. Now I'm thinking some sort of dinosaur. The lion with a flaming mane is way too common by now. And I definitely don't want a Fire/Fighting type. We had that for two generations in a row. I'm trying to think of a Fire/Steel type, since we only have one, which is Heatran.

No, I'm not a very good artist -_-'

As for the legendaries, I have some idea of the game mascots. Though I still don't know what to call the games, the mascots are to be Yindra, the Dragon of Light, and Yandra, the Dragon of Darkness. Their wings are to be shaped like their respective symbols, Ying and Yang. One can be obtained in-game and the other requires either a trade or an event, the event one having special moves, or a good nature, or something. Everything on the map list from Route 324 down is unlocked by this event, which involves a Ying/Yang symbol (depending on which version you have), and the Wishing Well of Wisteria Village.

Han Island is the Safari Zone, in case you hadn't figured that out, and it's operated by the old man on Route 308 and, rarely, his son in Yale Town.
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Maelstroms amidst steel
Erm, we seem to have a lot of bulky looking water-type Starters, no? So, Skentide gets my vote. XD Graceful water-dragon = win. Anyway, I really like the colour-changing idea; it's original.

Watch me pester you to make this a fangame very soon. *prepares pester cannon* I'm very intrigued, and I like your ideas for the legendaries as well. ^^