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The Prediction Game

Right. (Whoever wants one has one by now...)
I predict that the next poster hasn't hosted a foreign exchange student.
wrong, i heard of the coffin dance memes but i've been a little out of the loop with memes recently

i predict the next person thinks snom is so cute.
True, its a pretty sweet lil thing really :3 x3 and that meme was funny xD

The next poster played kirby resently :)
i am not.

I'm not sure what qualifies as a bedtime, but i feel like 11-ish feels like a reasonable time to get to bed. I don't... i don't ever get to bed before 11 unless i'm really sleepy, but at the time i am writing this post, it is 9:20 am central time. i am tired because it is early and i went to sleep at like 12:15 last night

I predict the user below me is reasonably ok at drawing
i drew that tarot card for ZM so i think that counts :D

I predict that the person below me is not a fan of scrambled eggs
can confirm i am not an egg fan

i predict that the next poster has a userbox
I do! Dark theme best theme.

The person below me watches at least one Vtuber regularly.
I used to watch brogamer daily but I think that was like 2 years ago. So probably no for the moment.

The person bellow me prefers Pichu and Raichu to Pikachu?
You're absolutely correct! Though I'm not a fan of Alolan Raichu.

The next person to post will have drawn something that day!
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