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The Spriter's Showcase! Mk II

Lady Grimdour

Chaptermistress of the World Eaters
Sonny, what exactly did you make?

Gastronomer, I think you forgot to colour in Chansey's outline. Go for a darker outline, like a deeper, more bronzey type of yellow. The pinks are still there, and the beak looks mismatched, like it's pasted on, rather than naturally coming out.

Sglod, pretty good. Shadows are where they should be. Try something a bit more challenging, see how you fare with it.


New member
I think, I fixed the color issue. I switched, pink for, orange

Here are, some of my splices, there is, of course, Zapsey, then, Onsect, who is, Onix/Parasect, rock/bug, then, Mr. Steve, who is, Mr. Mime/Steve Buscemi,fairy, then, finally, perhaps my favorite, Pinmite, who is, Pinsir/Magnemite, electric/bug. I plan on making, two more, for my, splice pokemon team.
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Lady Grimdour

Chaptermistress of the World Eaters
that is a color experiment, it demonstrates how the brain precieves color, thats the same color orange on both sides but they appear different colors because of how we precieve them on their backgrounds
Hm, I actually noticed they're the same orange. Then again, I've been spriting for over a decade now, I think.