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The Unsolved Mysteries We Take for Granted


Um....I like cheese?
The only explantion I have is that Old Rods are really made out of steel and are just painted to look like old, tattered wood. As for the string, it's really made out of some tough material that isn't broken easily.


Zoltea - The Jolteon
I dont get how a small fishing rod can catch a wailord.
Wailord is big, not heavy. :P
Anyhow, when fishing, both the rod and the human using it gain super strength such that pulling a Wailord out of the water becomes as easy as pulling a small fish out with one tug.


New member
i have another question. how does all the stuff you have fit in your bag? especially your underground one where your carrying tables and crates and stuff. also why cant you fly over the one way ledges or the strength/rock smash rocks? or up the places your meant to rock climb? oh well thats all from me for a wile


Um....I like cheese?
Good question.

Either the stuff you put in it magically shrinks when you put it inside the bag and expands as you take stuff out of it; or the bag expands to fit your needs in the inside, but looks like a normal bag from the outside.


New member
yes i have
i love the legend of zelda but never quite got how he carried all the stuff around. i supposed in twilight princess midna could turn it into what evver that stuff is
any way not to get off topic: more stuff! why cant you catchpokemon after they faint? wouldnt it be infinitely easier? And why do you pick up a pokeball, when you get one of those random items, and get a revive or something?


Zoltea - The Jolteon
The bag thing, blame Hermione. The items look like pokeballs as people apparently capture items then leave the pokeballs lying around.
Fly over rocks? You seen a human fly? Otherwise, those birds don't get magical powers to fly in caves and they just aren't allowed to in buildings. Your trainer can sure jump off a 6 inch tall cliff, but it's way too much effort to climb back up.
Every building is small on the outside, big on the inside due to magic from Harry Potter escaping and causing the Outsides of the buildings to shrink immensely, thus is why your 10 year old character is as big as the doors.
Not to mention this fact, despite not being asked: Your charatcer, as soon as he gets a bike, not only learns how to ride it perfectly (and be able to ride it continuously while not moving, amazing stunt!), but he also learns how to do all sorts of tricks with them as well.
Grunts on any evil team when they sign up sign a contract saying they'll act like idiots for minimum wage.


Can't Tell Me Nothin
There are a lot of things in Pokemon that have not been explained, but we take them for granted anyway. These unsolved mysteries include (but aren't limited to):

  • Does the term "National Pokedex" imply that all the different regions are under a common government?
    No, I think it's data taken from all nations on the continent, i.e Kanto, Johto, etc.
  • ....Now that I think about it, IS there a government? The closest thing we seem to get to a president is the Elite Four Champion. :/
    I believe the Elite Four are simply the best trainers in the land, I'm sure there's some sort of council or similar out there. You probably don't see them in the game because pokemon politics have little to do with gameplay.
  • Speaking of the Champion, why do we always rematch him/her every time we rebattle the Elite Four? Does he/she keep on stealing our title, or what?
    Well, I'd assume Champion is just a status people get after beating the best. If you were TRULY the champion, the game would end with you beating the Elite Four, because you'd stay at Pokemon League HQ everytime you were challenged. The champ probably just takes on all the other chumps trying to win instead of letting you do it. Kinda like a fill-in for ya.
  • Anyways, back to the government. If there IS a government at all, why don't they stop criminal groups like Team Rocket or Team Galactic? If I were the president, I wouldn't want crooks like those guys running around MY country.
    They try, that's why there are police in Red, Blue, Gold and so on. They just suck at their job.
  • If genderless Pokemon can't reproduce without Ditto, then why do more and more keep popping up? Do they have a secret stash of Dittos? O_O;
    Asexual reproduction? Having a Ditto is an option I guess, but I'll assume it's normally asexual.
  • Also, if legendary Pokemon can't reproduce, why does everybody seem to have them?
    Think about it, quite a few legendaries are birds. Birds lay eggs. The legendary dogs and the Regis are one of a kind, as far as I know. Same goes for the Fourth Gen Trio.
  • I'm not trying to be inappropriate here, but I find it quite strange that girls start growing boobies at age 10. O_o;
    Well, TECHNICALLY, that's the anime speaking. In the games, there's no concrete evidence that you're ten. Think about it, all the Team Rocket and Team Aqua guys call you a little kid, but they're adults. 12-13 could still be a little kid to them. As for the anime... early developers. That's all I can think of.
  • And why do parent let their kids go off into the world at age 10? Kids don't know how to take care of themselves all alone!
    Read above. Also, I'm sure they've been taught how to take care of themselves by their parents at some point. In a society built around Pokemon, you'd assume you'd learn about Pokemon at a young age, kind of like we learn about money when we're young.
  • There seems to be a lack of regular animals (EG: pigs, cows, etc.) So.... what do people eat? Do they feast on Pokemon? :O
    Yeah, it's safe to assume some types of Pokemon are edible. Then again, there's no concrete evidence that there AREN'T cows and pigs, they're just raised... away, I dunno.
  • Why do you deposit letters on your PC? Wouldn't it be easier just to invent e-mail?
    Who says the letters aren't converted into an e-mail type form when they're stashed into the PC, and they're printed out into letter form again? I guess the Pokemon era's the age where they still do letter's by hand as a polite thing I guess.
  • We find lots of fossils of Kabuto, Lileep, Cranidos, etc. But what about their evolutions? Only one Kabutops fossil has been found, and I can't seem to find any fossils of Armaldo or Omystar!
    Well, the evolutions are quite a bit bigger, so I imagine it'd be pretty damn hard to fossilize something the size of an Armaldo.
  • On a similar note, these fossil Pokemon shouldn't have been the ONLY Pokemon back then. Surely, there were other Pokemon species too, right? Why can't we find any fossils of Pokemon such as Yanmega or Magikarp?
    Well, not sure if Yanmega existed back then... as for Magikarp, who's to say they haven't found Magikarp fossils? We might only get ancient fossils in the game because where we're looking (the desert, underground, etc.) If you think about it, Cranidos and Shieldon are both rock types, so they might've lived in a place similar to the Underground. Most pokemon live above ground, which is why we see them in the wild, and maybe the fossils of THOSE pokemon were destroyed quite quickly by rain or other elements?

    Same for the desert, if the land ran dry, maybe only the pokemon adapted to the environment stayed there, and that's why you only find those kinds of fossils there?
  • Also, why open museums that only have 2-3 exhibits? The Pewter City Museum, the Oreburgh Coal Museum, the Slateport Museum.... all of those are quite pathetic compared to the Smithsonian. Why bother building useless museums?
    Maybe it's a lack of donors or a lack of funds to go find fossils? There's nothing to suggest those museums have been there for a while, they might be like, brand new.
  • Speaking of buildings.... I have yet to see a house that includes a bathroom! :O
    Eh...maybe those areas are just places you don't go to while invading random homes? I don't see a reason why you'd go to the bathroom in a pokemon game, but if it was realistic, there would probably be bathrooms, yes.
  • Berry trees have a wide range of leaf colors. Blue, pink, orange, etc. So.... why are all of the boundary trees green? Why not have some red pine trees? Or purple bushes? Or black grass? Why are all the trees GREEN???
    Climate? If it's modeled after Japan, it's climate might not allow for red pine's or purple bushes.
  • Some trainers are known as "Psychics." They usually have psychic Pokemon. So.... unless their names are purposely misleading, it would seem that these "Psychics" have psychic powers, right? How did they acquire these psychic abilities?
    Psychic could just be a title for people who exclusively train Psychic pokemon? Or maybe it's an ability you're born with, like Sabrina? If genetic mutations like evolution can happen in pokemon, why not humans?
  • How the heck does a Zubat or a Pidgey use fly to carry a human to another city? Even if they are Pokemon, they would clearly collapse with the effort?
    I'd assume, on a biological level, pokemon are several times stronger than a bird or a bat. Notice your starting character seems to be rather light, maybe that's why. Now, if I was a trainer... *grumble*
  • How does a Pokemon use Surf inside a building? Does it call upon the power of plumbing facilities?
    Two possible theories: They use a special formula from their breath or saliva, which chemically reacts with the air, causing a large amount of water to form from the water molecules in air. Or they simply shoot out a large, large amount of water from their own mouths to make a wave-like thingy.
  • How do you travel between regions? I find it very doubtful that Professor Oak walks between Kanto and Johto. It even sounds questionable to take a boat between Hoenn and Sinnoh!
    Trains, planes, pokemon, even cars are possible. There are trucks in pokemon games, who's to say there aren't paths and roads to other regions? I'm going out on a limb here, but maybe the town map trainers get are strictly for the routes they take to get to other towns with Gyms and the like? Once again, nothing says there might be other roads and stuff...
  • If so many people ride bikes (and even a few motorcycles), then why aren't there more roads? Surely, your grandpa isn't going to risk going through the tall grass just to get to the next town!
    Well, there might be a few reasons for that. The routes themselves, it might be hard to make roads when there are wild pokemon everywhere. That's why civilized outposts of places, like Pokemon Mansion in D/P/P don't have much wild grass, unless left there on purpose? That's why it's dangerous to go out of town alone...
  • Where do people buy there groceries? The PokeMarts seem to only sell adventure supplies. :/
    To you. Maybe when you enter, you automatically make a beeline to the Trainer section, instead of the grocery section? :P
  • Every time you beat a trainer, you get prize money. The thing is.... where do they get that kind of cash? And how do items such as the "Luck Incense" double your prize money? Do they hypnotize the trainer into emptying his/her wallet?
    Once again, a couple of theories. FOr one, it seems most trainers have a PokeNav, so it might be some sort of online credit system, which is how you buy Pokemon stuff. I highly doubt you're going to go around carrying a hundred thousand Pokeyen? just with ya. It could also be a checking system. And Luck Incense might be hypnotic... after all, what's to say it isn't illegal to use?
  • It has been mentioned in the early games that Mew originated in South America. How does this work?
    I'm confident that there are other continents with Pokemon outposts. The game's just center around Japan.
  • Deoxys is clearly NOT of the game's planet, yet it is still a Pokemon. Does this imply that Pokemon originated elsewhere in the universe AND THEN arrived on this planet?
    Yeah, could be. Maybe Deoxys has a molecular structure similar to that of pokemon, so it was labeled as such? It might not be a pokemon at all, and people are still using them in fights...

Maybe some freak genius like Butterfree can figure this out! :D

So.... if you have any other possible mysteries you'd like to post, go ahead!


Charizard Morph

has doomed us all.
how does all the stuff you have fit in your bag? especially your underground one where your carrying tables and crates and stuff.
Item minamizer. They (the people who make the bags) put a small macine in the bag. When you place an item in the bag the minamizer shrinks the item. It wouldn't shrink your hand becasue each item has a small code embedded into it so that the macine can recognise each item and shrink it. When you're underground and send items up to your bag they first go through a computer that embeds them with this code and then sends them to your bag through the minamizer. When using items there is a small button that you can press to make them larger, like on pokeballs, this is only on man made items like potions though. Organic items such as evelution stones or berries should be able to work without being at full size.

I er, make up theories about this stuff in my spare time.


New member
haha ^ i guess that works... more mysteries!
how do wild pokemon appear from nowhere? i mean, wouldnt you notice if a wild ponyta came up behind you? and wouldnt the grass catch fire?

Charizard Morph

has doomed us all.
Have you actually walked through grass that comes up to your knees? It really exists, try not mowing your lawn for a month. This is why pidgy can hide and not be seen, then jump out at you.

As for the pokemon who would set things on fire, well, ponytas flames are only hot when batteling. One episode of the anime explains it or something, as for the rest of the fire types i don't think that any others with visable flames live in grass. The pokemon found in caves or on the water are unescapable, because the ones in water come up from unerwater, and the ones in caves are hard to see until you're right on top of them.


Zoltea - The Jolteon
Fire pokemon get to choose if the stuff they touch burns or not. ^.^
Oh, and the wild pokemon jump out from the blades of grass. o.o

Charizard Morph

has doomed us all.

How do the cut trees grow back in less than a day. And the rock smash rocks, and how are the strength boulders put back in place? Really, sometimes the trees grow in less than an hour.


New member
^ maybe theyre magic? The strength rocks are probably just put back by pokemon but as for the trees and rocksmash rocks......i have no idea! Speaking of trees...why cant you cut down the border trees?i mean sure it would take a while but still why cant you!?!


Zoltea - The Jolteon
Those little trees can resurrect, a skill taken directly from MMORPGS. When you aren't looking, a little dwarf with super-human strength pushes the boulders back and then stomps to make rock-smash rocks fall back into place.

You can't cut the border trees because they're actually make of painted metal.

Time Psyduck

I can see the ending
If the League Champion is president, then the reason they stay champion is because they don't want a 10 year old running the region.
They must have let blue off by having oak do the governing or something, or else that's how they figured it was an extremely bad idea.