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[Tier II] Raguda City Gym

Bluberry Bat

Mostly Ghostly
Raguda City Gym
Badge: Psypher Badge

Raguda city is, at best, the seedy neon underbelly of the region – nestled within the belly of an ancient, fog-covered, long inactive volcano, and forever free of sunlight. Instead, the buildings, lamps, and even streets themselves are laced in a variety of bright neon coloured lights, reflecting off the obsidian cave walls and giving the environment a pulsing glow – whilst the bass from the numerous clubs rattles the streets underneath your feet, giving it an unsteady rhythm, as if the city were an entity in itself. The services and products offered here tend to speak for themselves, and the naturally dark alleys only lend themselves to this.

Nestled in the centre of all this is a huge, circular, multi-tiered structure – laced with so much light, text, and adverts (in multiple languages) it makes your head spin. Inside, the music is at ear-splitting levels, and the bass rumbles your insides in a disconcerting – if not invigorating way. (And you hope to yourself the residents are absolutely sure this volcano is very, very inactive – it feels like it could set off a seismic event at this point.)

It takes some time of wandering around to find what you’re looking for – the standard issue league signs posted within and meant to guide challengers are largely covered up with spilt drinks (you hope), graffiti, and band stickers. Asking the bartenders or club goers isn’t too plausible, either, given it would be impossible to hear each other. (ordering drinks even seems to be a complex hybrid sign language here)

Winding around the centre of the club – a sprawling neon marquee in of itself – a spiralling staircase finally raises you to the top level. The music isn’t being pumped into this room directly (though it’s still very much present from the downstairs), and by now it’s almost a deafening silence. (Or actual deafness; you can’t tell any more.) The floor is covered in a layer of fog, and shadows are cast as the light from the city below filters in through the window encircling the rounded room.

The leader stands at the far end across from you, occluded by the light from behind, with only enough definition to their face to make out the outline of a fine slasher smile; as if beckoning you to make the first move, if you dare~




Standard Clauses
  • Ubers Clause
  • Species Clause
  • Sleep Clause
  • Evasion Clause
  • Self-KO Clause

  • Challengers must hold at least three Tier 1 badges
  • League standard ban list is in effect. No other bans apply within standard tier.
  • All standard league rules apply
  • By default, battles are held as Level 100 6v6 Single. I am available for all challenge types, however – so please specify within your challenge if you wish to play Doubles, Triples, or Rotation instead.
  • By default, battles are considered OU tier. If you wish to play UU, NU, LC or Ubers, please specify. During these matches, for simplicity, Smogon's tiers will apply.
  • 5th Gen battles ARE currently available for those who apply. Please ask about challenge restrictions at the time – the metagame is still in evolution.

Time and Challenge Info
Timezone ~ Wherever the spirits may flow~
(I am on a shifting schedule, please ask about scheduling, it shouldn't be particularly hard to work out.)
Re-challenge delay ~ One standard week


-The Dusty, Beat up corkboard-
[4/2/11] ~Welcome to tier gym challenge 2, after more than 6 months in development, we hope it will have been worth the wait.
(Why yes, I'm very very late, for a variety of reasons - however as of now this gym will be accepting challenges)
*And some other obscene, nonsensical posters and adverts*

-The 'Victim' List-

-Approved Trainers-