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Frontier Town Traveller's Haus - Guest Rooms

Dave wrinkled his nose at the mention of divinity. "Well, Cloudy clearly wasn't any kind of perfect inscrutable omniscient entity. Sounded like a well-meaning but naïve intern with no idea what they're doing to me. Not exactly godly." He paused. "I figure it's pretty likely they're in the Commonwealth, but I figure that because they'd apparently just talked to that previous hero who got summoned, and if the supremacist organization is there, stands to reason that's where the previous hero got into trouble."

And... He furrowed his brow. "Also, I've been thinking. The cloud talked like this was their world, but all they seemed to know about it was the sort of shit you'd read in an encyclopedia. 'Thousands of species of beetles' and all. They had no idea what this crisis was even about, and didn't even have a name. So it didn't sound like they get out much. Maybe they're some kind of fucking hermit in a cave somewhere. Or..." His eyes narrowed. "They said something about knowing scientists. And didn't seem too fond of them, despite instantly loving a bunch of random strangers. So..." What the fuck. "...Maybe Cloudy's also some kind of experimental Pokémon created in a dubious lab."
"Stars, I hope not." Nova's shoulders sagged. "Because it's probably going to be a mewtwo if it is." And that would be incredibly awkward for Nova for a number of a reasons. "Teleporter. Powerful psychic. Yadda yadda."
"...Mewtwo?" As in, the fucking conspiracy theory superweapon? What. If Wes existed he couldn't exactly rule it out, but...

"No, hold on, didn't they also say they aren't a Psychic-type? Or at least not a powerful one." Not that they couldn't have been lying about it. But it was hard to picture that thing lying about anything, unless it was all just an elaborate act. If you were going to lie, wouldn't you make yourself sound better?
Nova shrugged. "It didn't sound sure about a lot of things. I wouldn't be surprised if it just doesn't know." Or was making things up as it goes along. "It's... probably winging it."
"Wouldn't you notice if you had massive psychic powers, though?" Or then again, maybe not. Maybe if you just grew up thinking the senses you had were normal, you'd read about 'powerful psychics' and think what they meant was something entirely different, for all he knew.

What the fuck. He swore he'd fucking kill someone if it turned out he'd been summoned to another world and turned into a dog by a conspiracy theory.

He rubbed his forehead, agitated. "Well, at least we can agree they don't exactly inspire a huge amount of faith that they know what the fuck they're doing."
"At this point, I'm just trying to get my strength up." Nova awkwardly stretched a hind leg out despite sitting. "Construction work's building up my muscles. Feel a bit stronger. Nowhere like I'm used to, but it's working."
Topic shift, okay. "I don't have a job yet myself but I was planning to check on this plant researcher in town. Sounded like the closest thing to genetics anyone's doing in this place." He tilted his head. "How do you even do construction without arms? Are you building up muscle while using telekinesis?"
Nova pivoted slightly. "Heavy lifting? I move supplies and materials around. Big 'mon pulling and pushing stuff. Besides, I basically have my own safety helmet."
Huh. "Well, good luck with that. I'm guessing we'll need to have a whole lot more collective muscle before we can solve anyone's problems."

Collective being the key word. Dave wasn't sure if he'd be making his first foray into Pokémon training here or if he'd actually have to physically fight other Pokémon, which sounded like the dumbest, most unpleasant thing he could think of, and yet that oddly familiar niggle in his brain was disconcertingly sure that was where things were headed. "Anyway, I was on my way down to dinner, unless there was anything else?"
"Nah." Nova awkwardly stretched his leg again. "I may join you in a bit, I s'pose. After I get some of these knots out in my joints."
"All right, see you around."

Come to think of it, one of the few perks of being a Poochyena in a brand-new body was the lack of random aches and pains so far. He definitely expected to feel some if he did end up getting into fights, though. God.

He nosed the door back open and gave Nova a nod before exiting. Food, and then he could check on the scientist, probably.

[Ch01] The Emotionally Stunted & The Empath (Corey & Silver)
Sitting on the bed of his room, Silver was working on an impossible task: learning how to braid with his claws. He glared at the lock of long fur, which he had carefully gathered while cleaning the floor of his employer’s place and tied together with a rubber band. But it turned out that focusing the weak telekinesis on four tiny tips simultaneously was a strenuous task.

Huffing in annoyance, he ran his paw through the lock once more… only to find out that there were knots everywhere now. That fact drained what was left of his patience.

“Uuugh! Stupid missing fingers!” Frustrated, he marched toward his door and flung it open, before stomping out of his room and hissing to himself. “I need some fresh air before I make a mess!”
Corey hadn't been so inclined to go back to his room, not whilst the ever-lingering thoughts of being a complete phony continued to claw at the back of his mind, waiting to pounce and send him into a depressed rut that he'd never pull himself out of. This wasn't the first time he'd felt this way, but at least he'd been in familiar territory before, with friends and family, not to mention a therapist when he had the time for a session... Here, he was lacking all of that, aside from a few trustworthy cohorts, and even then he didn't want to bother them with his problems when they all had such bigger fish to fry.

Pacing the hall, the human-turned-ralts suddenly sensed a sharp pang of frustration coming from one of the nearby rooms. Sensing anger or sadness wasn't entirely out of the norm while he traversed these halls, what with him being in the company of others similarly feeling plenty lost and concerned, but this sense of anger was much more potent than usual. Curiosity piqued, Corey made his way to the room where the feeling was coming from, reached up to give the door a knock...

...and subsequently felt the swinging-open door catch him and slam him against the adjacent wall.

"Ow..." he muttered in considerable pain after collapsing onto the floor.
Silver froze as soon he heard the yelp, his ear swiveling back. As far as he knew, doors didn’t groan. And considering that he didn’t hear the usual sharp slam but a dull thud, it could mean only one thing…

“…Dang! What now?”

In part worried and in part angry with himself, he turned around and walked briskly toward his room, mentally facepalming and cursing his hot temper.

‘I swear, if I crushed one of those Maus critters… Ugh! The last thing I need is so be thrown out of this place! That’d be just peachy, wouldn’t it?!’

The now-Sneasel huffed and shook his head fiercely, preparing countless words of apology and ways he could atone for whatever thing he did, then he slowly approached whoever was behind the door.

That was… a Ralts, wasn’t it? Definitely not a Maus, but… didn’t Talking Cloud summon a Ralts, too? Huh… Slamming the door on one of the “heroes” wasn’t exactly the best of first impressions, this much was obvious.

“Hey,” Silver started, his voice stiff and uncertain. “Hm, sorry. I… didn’t mean to, y’know, make you eat wood like that or anything!” He chuckled nervously, hoping that his wordplay would have helped lift the mood. Gods, that was so awkward and embarrassing. “Are you okay? D’you need an Oran or something?”
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Corey slowly picked himself up, fortunately having not suffered any real injuries. That was one nice thing about Pokemon anatomy, even some of the most fragile creatures could take a punch or two... or a door in this case.

"I'm fine... s'alright..." he muttered, straightening out the front brim of his hat which had been bent upward. Seemed he'd hardly noticed the strange choice of words, likely because he was still in a slight daze. Once he was able to see the face of the Pokemon who was apologizing to him, he... vaguely recognized him as one of the others who'd been summoned. It was difficult to miss hair as... unique... as that after all, especially from a sneasel of all things.

"Don't worry about it, just an accident I'm sure. What made you so inclined to go storming out of your room like that in the first place, if you don't mind me asking?"
“…Good to hear you’re alright.” Silver sighed in relief and rubbed the back of his neck, his head feather drooping slightly. “About your question… Let’s just say that today’s not really my day.”

The now-Sneasel huffed and crossed his arms, while his feather straightened up once more. “I’ve thought of a way to earn some extra moolah, but it turns out that claws are much better at cutting things than at tying them.” He shook his head. “Hmph! I’ve spent most of my afternoon for little progress, and at the end I lost my patience!”

Silver tapped his foot on the floor, giving himself enough time to let his mind cool off again, before sighing somberly. “I still need some practice with this… foreign body, I guess. Anyway,” he glanced curiously at the Ralts, “what about you? Were you headed somewhere before this… unexpected encounter?”
"Me? Well I ah... Wasn't really doing anything, if I'm being honest," Corey said with a shrug. "Been taking a bit of a break, all that walking to and from the bulletin board and doing oddjobs and stuff like that, it wears on ya... especially when you're barely taller than a ruler."

He figured the sneasel could likely relate in a way, much as he had the privilege of being nearly 3 feet tall by contrast. Even most children were past that height by the time they were tweens after all, and though Corey couldn't tell for sure, there was a certain... lingering youthful temperament coming from this guy.

"Anyway, you say you're having trouble with a business opportunity? Something about tying things? Well, ah, I'm no craftsman or anything but maybe I could help, if you'd care to share the details?"
Silver tilted his head, his gaze wandering from the Ralts’ paws to… what little he could see of his face, and doubt crossed on his face. Could his teammate really help him out without fingers?

…Though, who knew. Maybe he really could? If anything, since Ralts are psychics, then Silver could learn more about telekinesis and improve his mind-grasping skills. That was something worth trying out, and it’s not like he had other plans for the day.

“Hmm, okay. Why not. It’s nothing serious, but since you’re offering…” Silver motioned to his room with his head. “Come in. We could take this chance to get to know each other better, too. Away from prying gazes and ears, y’see?”

And he walked back into his room, leaving the door ajar, and called out from inside, “Close the door once you enter!”
Now, on one hand, Corey could understand the need for privacy, especially when there were whispers going around that admitting human origins could get them in trouble, but even with that established, the way the sneasel was going about this, one could have easily assumed he had some kind of experience in... less than legal trades. Then again, maybe Corey was just being a bit paranoid... If this guy was brought here, then that meant he was willing to help people, so he had to have some well meaning nature to him.

"Oh, uh, yeah, sure, okay," he said, following the sharp-claw Pokemon inside, telekinetically closing the door behind him, mostly as a test to see if he could do it without looking. He couldn't help but give a slight grin when he heard the door lightly thud to a close behind him. There were certainly a few perks to this whole psychic thing, he could not lie.

"By the way, it occurs to me we never formally introduced ourselves yet. Name's Corey. Corey Holdaway." He tipped his hat in greeting, once more without using his stubby hands.
Silver waited for the Ralts to enter into his room, leaning against the small desk with his arms crossed. It sure felt so strange to invite someone to his own little personal haven, but if he needed to learn how to be more sociable, then he had to learn how to get out of his comfort zone as well.

He nodded and flashed a neutral smile when the Ralts closed the door. Telekinesis sure was a neat trick, he had to admit. Feeling safer between four walls, Silver uncurled his arms and shook his feathers, signaling relaxation.

"By the way, it occurs to me we never formally introduced ourselves yet. Name's Corey. Corey Holdaway." He tipped his hat in greeting, once more without using his stubby hands.

“Corey Holdaway…” parroted Silver, nodding slowly as he fully assimilated both name and species. “And mine’s Silver Tsubaki.”

Silver narrowed his eyes and he tapped his chin thoughtfully. “Holdaway, huh? Am I wrong to assume that you might be,” his tone lowered slightly, “human? Because, as far as I’ve noticed, Pokémon born as Pokémon don’t have sophisticated surnames…”
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