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Trinket Vs. Shy: It's Not Vandalism If It Involves Pokemon


make no mistakes 'cause i'm on fire
shy ♡;670537 said:
Format: 1 vs 1, single
DQ: Two weeks
Damage Cap: 40%
Banned/Restricted Moves: OHKOs, attract, direct recovery moves
Arena Description: playground
ur in a playground, man. there's a swingset and a sandbox and monkeybars and one of those fancy slide things and p much anything u can think of that should exist in a playground. it looks like this


Two trainers are having a nice walk together, catching up on each other's lives, and generally having a good time. The sidewalk they walk on turns into low-quality mulch as the duo realizes something.

They just entered a motherfucking playground. And it's one of the good ones, with swings and stuff. This would be an absolutely awesome place to have a battle.

A few parents panickedly drag their children away from the impending death-creature battle.

[size=+2]pathos vs Trinket[/size]

pathos's active squad

monferno Blood on Fire the male Monferno <Blaze> @ Lucky Egg
ivysaur Papayawhip the female Ivysaur <Overgrow> @ Lucky Egg
ralts Billy Bell the male Ralts <Synchronize>
marshtomp Starbuck the female Marshtomp <Torrent>
porygon2 tetris the genderless Porygon2 <Download> @ Dubious Disc
wartortle Tinkle the female Wartortle <Torrent> @ Lucky Egg
pichu Tsiot the female Pichu <Static> @ Soothe Bell
dratini Zohar the female Dratini <Shed Skin> @ Lucky Egg
magby Lehava the female Magby <Flame Body> @ Lucky Egg

Trinket's active squad

luxio Zosma the male Luxio <Intimidate>
deerling-autumn Jazz the female Deerling (Autumn Form) <Serene Grace>
zigzagoon Pascal the male Zigzagoon <Gluttony> @ Lucky Egg
fennekin Hazel the male Fennekin <Magician> @ White Herb
meowstic-f Vinnie the female Meowstic (Female) <Infiltrator>
eevee Haley the male Eevee <Anticipation> @ Soothe Bell
glameow Minnie the female Glameow <Own Tempo>
pichu Vega the female Pichu <Static>

A referee shows up, called by one of the duo's Überef app. He bangs his shin on one of those hexagon platforms making up a bridge and mutters under his breath. The things he'd do for good reviews.

Shy sends out first, then Trinket sends out and commands, then Shy commands.
ALRIGHT let's go Vinnie!! Time to prove who's BOSS OF THE PLAYGROUND.

SO the plan is: attack with Psychic, BUT ALSO, specifically try and shove her up into a tree with it. Try to keep her up there as best as you can. If she's Protecting, use Calm Mind.

Psychic/Calm Mind ×3

(p.s. "Vinnie the female Meowstic (Female)" notwithstanding, Vinnie is they)
OKAY naiad let's get this bread!

... actually i think we'll just mirror coat for three actions, capisce? also if you can manage it, when she's tryin to keep you up a tree, just grab onto a branch and stay there for a bit~ only if it won't be too difficult tho!

mirror coat x3

The duo stands at opposite ends of the playground, each sending out a pokémon. On one side is a Marshtomp, ready to brawl, while on the other side is a Meowstic analyzing the situation. The referee blows a whistle and the fight begins.

HP: 100%
Status: Prepared to use their MIND.

Status: Ready to fight!

Vinnie lifts Naiad off the ground with Psychic, flinging the Marshtomp into a tree, and generally poking and prodding different bits of her brain with the energy. The water-type grabs a branch and holds on for dear life before standing and focusing energy.

Man, it's really hard to see from over here. It almost looks like-

Naiad flings the energy back at the Meowstic twofold, dealing incredible damage with the attack.

This repeats a few times. By the end of the round, Vinnie is glowing red due to capped damage and Naiad is looking winded and also still in a tree.

HP: 60% (capped)
Status: That... backfired.

Status: The trees are evil and plotting our demise. But this one seems cool.


-calcs are coming later
-no sp. def. debuff
OKAY i shoulda considered the energy cost more huh??? well let's see what we can do here...

okay, let's go for scald, earth power, and scald again. if they protect, dig underground, are otherwise unhittable for any reason, or are trying to use me first, just chill; if they use double team, spread the scalding water around to hit them all until you find the right one (except when using earth power - then just chill instead of using earth power).

if you're taunted, obviously skip the chill options and just attack. >w>

and one last if clause - if they've set up a light screen, jump out of the tree and switch your attacks to bulldoze, aqua tail, and bulldoze, in that order (obviously still chill if any of the above clauses apply).

scald / chill / bulldoze ~ earth power / chill / aqua tail ~ scald / chill / bulldoze
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