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Tropes that describe you.

Adjusting Your Glasses: I've started doing type 3 lately when I need to adjust them.
Apologises a Lot
Asexuality: Very likely, at least.
Big Eater
Buffy Speak: I use "thingy" and "stuff" a lot.
Chaotic Neutral, occasionally Chaotic Good
Cloudcuckoolander, from time to time
Cosplay Otaku Girl
Covert Pervert: some friends who only knows my "innocent" side are surprised whenever I giggle at dirty jokes or make innuendos.
Cuddle Bug: I love hugs.
Cuteness Proximity: Kittens, puppies and other baby animals. (Human babies... not so much)
Deadpan Snarker: from time to time
Dojikko: I'm quite clumsy at times.
He Is Not My Boyfriend: Every time I mention a male friend to my mom, I get asked this.
I Do Not Like Green Eggs and Ham: Was like this at first with South Park and Homestuck. Now I like both.
Hates Small Talk: Unless said small talk is about my interests
Kuudere: type 2
Lazy Bum
Not a Morning Person
Old Shame: My old drawings, my old fanfic... let's just say everything I did age 9 to 13-14.
Promoted Fangirl: After being a member of a somewhat-big, Norwegian Nintendo forum for 2 years, they made me a moderator.
Proud To Be A Geek
Ridiculous Procrastinator
The Slacker
Sweet Tooth
The Quiet One: before you get to know me, even then, I'm not the person that talks the most(unless the subject is one of my interests)


Witch of Light
Admiring the Abomination: It isn't just my Lovecraft fangirliness. Today, I caught myself thinking about how overwhelmingly powerful Groudon is, and I don't even like him as a legendary.
Verbal Tic: "Indeed."
Large Ham: Not normally, but I remember putting heaps of emphasis on the word "insane" in the end of a sentence several times.
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Judgemental people GTFO
-Lipstick Lesbian: I'm a girly girl (and have been one about 95% or so of my life) and I have a crush on Korrina. (i mean, i guess i'm really bi, i have a long history of liking males, but since now i seem to just like korrina/females somehow...*shrug* life is weird xD)

-Moe: I'm adorable xD

-Ridiculously Cute Critter: Is what I see my Pokesona, Jirachu, as.

-Kawaiisa: I'm so kawaii.

-The Pollyana: I do try to be so optimistic nowadays (especially when it comes to korrina <3)

-Plucky Girl: Cheerful, brave, female.

-Tomboy and Girly Girl: I'm pretty much the girly girl to a lot of online tomboys :P

-The Chick: I'm pretty much 'the heart' when it comes to a lot of friend groups i'm in, i can be very caring.

-Big Ham: I'm this every now and then xD

-Catchphrase: Well, I used to have one, anyways. It was "I am Jirachu!".

-Genki Girl: I can be extremely energetic (kinda like korrina, really, lol)

-Girlish Pigtails: I try to always have my hair in pigtails nowadays, now that its long enough to wear in them again (short ones btw). (it looks prettier than my hair being down.... :D yay for pigtails^^)

-Princesses Prefer Pink: I can dress rather princess like (at least in terms of always wearing dresses), and my favorite color is pink.

-Everything Is Cuter With Kittens: Sometimes I just feel extra adorable when i'm in my Hello Kitty obsessive modes lol

-Everything Is More Precious With Puppies: I have a dog :3 And he's pretty much been the only pet i ever really had xD

-Kicking a** with all her finary: I know how to be awesome while always wearing dresses. Not really fancy dresses, though. But still dresses :P

-Badass Adorable: I'm so cute and can be well pretty badass really. ^///^;;

-Fangirl: Over Korrina. So much lol

and uhhhhh yeah those were what i thought of for now lol
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Happy Togekiss

Character Development Tropes:
Age Stereotypical Food: I'm fairly young and a Suuuper Picky eater. Shh Don't tell anyone
Cuteness Proximity: KITTENS ARE SOO CUUTE!
Insists on Paying: Averted; I go out of my way to make the other person pay.
Jack-Of-All-Trades: I seriously fall into this trope. My list of hobbies is terrible long, and i know a little bit of everything.
O.O.C. Is Serious Business: In contrast to my normally cheery and extroverted self, during Covid-19 when i can't see my friends and am stuck at home i'm a recluse, i get mad easily and etc
Poster-Gallery Bedroom: Pokémon sword and shield posters are all over my room, i have 2 kitten posters, 1 minecraft poster, 1 McDonalds character alignment poster and several other more embarrassing posters.
Something About a Rose: My favorite flowers are roses, my middle name is Rose and USED to go by rose, and wore a rose quartz necklace all the time.

Character Flaw Tropes

Apologises a Lot: I apologize a lot
Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!: One time i was talking to my gf and i was saying something romantic and mid-sentence i saw a butterfly and said ooh butterfly and chased after it.
Bad Liar: EXACTLY like in TV shows. I smile, i look away i shift around and i talk in this weird voice. it's quite funny actually
Berserk Button: There are things that people can say that REAALLLY trigger me. It's not usually a big deal but sometimes it really can.
Cannot Keep a Secret: This one seems pretty self explanatory.
Cannot Talk to Women: The basic idea of this trope anyway. I can't talk to really pretty people. Less of a problem now that i am currently dating someone.
Captain Obvious: This trope applies to me.
Crazy Cat Lady: I love cats waay too much.
Did I Just Say That Out Loud?: I do this way too much. Also, after looking at the Cannot keep a secret, bad Liar and now this i really seem like a klutz.
The Ditz: Or i could be a ditz too. My head is in the clouds. A lot.
Horrible Judge of Character: Exactly what it says on the tin.
In Love with Love: 8 year old me trying to get a gf/bf (yes i was bi at 8) is a little weird in hindsight.
The Klutz: Yeah this fits me... read the above tropes.
Lethal Klutz: I trip over my own feet all the time. I BROKE SOMETHING ONCE. I KNOCKED OVER A BOOKSHELF ONCE TOO.
Motor Mouth: I speak reeeeaaaaally fast.
Super Gullible: My sister told me someone wrote gullible on the sun once and i looked up to see it was true (it wasn't)
Yandere: I could be a yandere anyway; Never had a chance to be one quite yet.

Archetypal Tropes
Genki Girl: I'm too enthusiastic for my own good.
Lovable Rogue: I get into all sorts of trouble but I refuse to believe people aren't charmed by me.
The Pollyanna: Most times i'm this other times i'm not.
Rebellious Spirit: This is me. I rant about how much i hate society on a regular basis.
Split Personality: Not Quite, but similar. I more or less have 2 different personas. For the Most part i'm normal Me (Emmy) who chills and likes minecraft and her gf and has a podcast (or almost did) and is trying to make a TV show (or was before covid came) but to you guys and sometimes to myself i'm IndigoEmmy, who loves pokémon and is on this forum and stuff. I have seperate accounts for lots of things.

Other Tropes
Chaotic Good: This is me. :3 chaotic good.
Everything Is Cuter With Kittens: I love kittens and slap them on waay to many things. :3 :3 :3 🐱😹😸😼😺😼😺🙀😽😾😻🐈
Big Ham: I'm too enthusiastic for my own good
Adorkable: This is me in a nutshell.
Fear of Thunder: I'm scared of thunder but not lighting.
Ambiguously Bi: Averted, i'm the bi-est person to walk the earth. You can smell my bi-ness from miles away.
Transgender: Whaaaaaat, me? No.
Dark and Troubled Past: I mean, not really but i have some things.

This is about it. I'll update if i have some more.
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Judgemental people GTFO
Ohhhhhh.....hehe from the top of my heeead;
Lipstick Lesbian: Girly girl with mega huge crush on Korrina. Nuff said :P And this totally should be my first mentioned :P

Gamer Girl: I really do like gaming, even if a lot of stuff I play is pretty casual :P I tend to be more a gamer than a reader a lot of the time.

Badass Adorable: Cute yet totally kicks butt. Comes with being a girly girl with autism.....i guess :P

Girly Bruiser: Girly girl, and a total bada**. Why didn't i think to add this before? :P

The Pollyana: Well, I try to be.....hehe :)

Genki Girl: Reeeeaaally hyper lol

Plucky Girl: Brave, tends to put on a happy face. Yep :)

Kicking arse in all her finary~made this lady like~: Just.....i know how to be cool and edgy wearing dresses all the time hahahaha x'D

Girly Girl with a tomboy streak: Pretty much me now. Super into anything girly.....and also pretty into gaming and pokemon battles and dressing in colors and items that are more 'cool' to a degree. Hmn yep.

Everything is Better With Sparkles: I. Love. Making blingees nuff said :P and honestly just anything glittery catches my eye a lot haha x'D

Blood Knight: Reeeeeaaally into Pokemon battles a good amount of the time. Sometimes I just like fighting and killing away in games in general LOL

Passionate Sports Girl: When it comes to Pokemon battling :P

Big Eater: Some days I just can't stop snacking......hahaha

Everything is cuter with kittens: Every so often I just wanna spend too much time looking at hello kitty stuff nowadays ESPECIALLY in pink though hahaha

Pink means feminine: I'm pretty overall girly, especially when it comes to pink :P

The fashinesta: My favorite comfort clothes tend to be like high fashiony stuff, sooooo....like my faux leather wear-it-all-the-time jacket :P haha

Cute Bruiser: Totally tough tough girly chic EDIT: Probably will remove this over time, read this trope is more for SMALL/YOUNG cute characters :P Girly bruiser is more for a girl my age and i am pretty girly lol

Girly Girl: Adding this cos i generally was this growing up overall......hahaha and i'm loyal to anything girly, even when i'm being my most tough and cool x'D

Animal motifs (i duno if theres a trope like that...): Pikachu cap/personality/relates a lot to Pikachu overall :P

The fangirl: Over Korrina. So much.
May add more as i go along heh

I'm so happy this thread exists xD

EDIT: Made a post here before :P but this post probably has new stuff the other doesn't lol

Also will edit sometime with the tropes from the other post that aren't in this one yet.....that still apply to me :P yep.

I also just added a new trope for me xD And i plan on mentioning old ones i still relate to, from my past post. And some tropes I share with Emmy :P

EDIT: Here's some older stuff that still applies (i won't quote it this time):

Big Ham: I can still be pretty boastful xD Probably due to my high energy levels....i never mean harm from it, tho ;3

Moe: Fairly tougher now, but my role as a cute, girly, sensitive moe girl never really changes :P

Ridiculously Cute Critter: Is what I see my Pokesona, Jirachu, as. That'll never change either xD

Kawaiisa: I'm still so kawaii. I mean.....i got my pikachu hat now x) i'm like a pika jijinka now, and i love pretty things and fashion and i'm so SWEET. Just....<3

Tomboy and Girly Girl: Probably a little averted now (i seem a little more tomboyish than other girls i met now?), but i still grew up a total girly girl, so i guess this still applies overall. I'm probably also girly-girl to emmy's tomboy~ :P that counts too

The Chick: I'm pretty much 'the heart' when it comes to a lot of friend groups i'm in, i can be very caring. (never changed)

Princesses Prefer Pink: I can dress rather princess like (at least in terms of always wearing dresses), and my favorite color is pink. But i less SEE myself as a princess now......more like a magical girl lol :P


Stuff I have in common with Emmy (that wasn't listed yet):
Age Stereotypical Food: I tend to eat very healthy in general, which is more or less very typical for my age group :P
Cuteness Proximity: I can get this way typically about sanrio stuff more than kittens but kittens are good xD i might also be this way about dogs a bit, too, cos of my warm memories of simba...
Poster-Gallery Bedroom: Not so much posters, but does having a TON of drawings on my bedroom walls also count towards this? :P I do have a few posters, too, though. Some really old ones too xD
Something About a Rose: This is a bit me more in the past, but i do like roses a lot, and i'd probably shower korrina in them x3
Apologises a Lot: I apologize a lot too
Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!: (emmy's comment on this one was super cute btw x3) I typically get this way over flowers. I can't help but notice and get distracted by them haha <3 they're SO pretty <333
Bad Liar: I'm not the best liar, but.....i've managed to be pretty withdrawn about how much i like korrina around my brother now xDDD thinking about it as a magical girl thing helps.
Berserk Button: DON'T make me think girlyness or girly girls overall are evil/mean (omg you'd regret it...). Also, no trying to get me over Korrina. Or Pokemon. You've been warned!
Cannot Keep a Secret: Adverted. I learned to be pretty secretive around my brother about korrina stuff cos he gets too triggered sometimes otherwise :P
Cannot Talk to Women: Adverted, DISPITE my generally huge crush on one. I like don't know fear anymore I guess.....
Captain Obvious: This trope applies to me.
Did I Just Say That Out Loud?: Often applies to when i get super obsessive over POKEMON GO now, but never applies to my crush on korrina (unless...... my brother isn't around :P)
The Ditz: Maybe a little at times, but i think its not characteristic of me?
Does Not Like Spam: Yeah, SPAM is gross. And eggs :-x
Horrible Judge of Character: I don't like judging people as bad; sometimes, advertedly, i'd judge girly girls as bad cos of what people would tell me about them (still do in some ways sometimes....sooooo i'm too shy to talk to other girls on tumblr xD; WHICH kinda also fits into 'can't talk to woman', in a way, i guess....)
In Love with Love: I think love is the best and should NEVER be put down, for ANY reason. And i'm very anti hate.
The Klutz: Only mildly time to time, so this barely counts. Usually i try really hard not to be this way (thankfully i'm good at that for the most part)
Super Gullible: I've been pretty niave at times, though i'm getting past it more now.
Yandere: I duno if this is me, i'll have to read the trope xD
Rebellious Spirit: I wanna just go by my own rules, at this point. Also i wuvs my faux leather jacket <3
Split Personality: Very girly; Insanely tough (yet....still sensitive?). Somehow balences them :P somehow....
Chaotic Good: I would say i relate to this.
Adorkable: This is me in a nutshell. In a more girly way, kinda, but yeah. xD My Pikachu hat and short haircut....lololol
Fear of Thunder: Not so much that, but storms in general trigger me.
Ambiguously Bi: Very much queer at this point. Probably more lesbian than bi now, but typically, always been bi to a degree (often i deneyed it as a teen LOL it was harder times for lgbtq then, i guess....)
Dark and Troubled Past: LOTS of stuff here I don't even wanna get into. Applies a lot though (outside school bullies. never dealt with those, and it woulda probably.....destroyed me, if i did.
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