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Tropes that describe you.

Adjusting Your Glasses: I've started doing type 3 lately when I need to adjust them.
Apologises a Lot
Asexuality: Very likely, at least.
Big Eater
Buffy Speak: I use "thingy" and "stuff" a lot.
Chaotic Neutral, occasionally Chaotic Good
Cloudcuckoolander, from time to time
Cosplay Otaku Girl
Covert Pervert: some friends who only knows my "innocent" side are surprised whenever I giggle at dirty jokes or make innuendos.
Cuddle Bug: I love hugs.
Cuteness Proximity: Kittens, puppies and other baby animals. (Human babies... not so much)
Deadpan Snarker: from time to time
Dojikko: I'm quite clumsy at times.
He Is Not My Boyfriend: Every time I mention a male friend to my mom, I get asked this.
I Do Not Like Green Eggs and Ham: Was like this at first with South Park and Homestuck. Now I like both.
Hates Small Talk: Unless said small talk is about my interests
Kuudere: type 2
Lazy Bum
Not a Morning Person
Old Shame: My old drawings, my old fanfic... let's just say everything I did age 9 to 13-14.
Promoted Fangirl: After being a member of a somewhat-big, Norwegian Nintendo forum for 2 years, they made me a moderator.
Proud To Be A Geek
Ridiculous Procrastinator
The Slacker
Sweet Tooth
The Quiet One: before you get to know me, even then, I'm not the person that talks the most(unless the subject is one of my interests)


Witch of Light
Admiring the Abomination: It isn't just my Lovecraft fangirliness. Today, I caught myself thinking about how overwhelmingly powerful Groudon is, and I don't even like him as a legendary.
Verbal Tic: "Indeed."
Large Ham: Not normally, but I remember putting heaps of emphasis on the word "insane" in the end of a sentence several times.
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The Fool
Ask; Try She/Her

Character Development Tropes:
Age Stereotypical Food: I'm fairly young and a Suuuper Picky eater. Shh Don't tell anyone
Cuteness Proximity: KITTENS ARE SOO CUUTE!
Insists on Paying: Averted; I go out of my way to make the other person pay.
Jack-Of-All-Trades: I seriously fall into this trope. My list of hobbies is terrible long, and i know a little bit of everything.
O.O.C. Is Serious Business: In contrast to my normally cheery and extroverted self, during Covid-19 when i can't see my friends and am stuck at home i'm a recluse, i get mad easily and etc
Poster-Gallery Bedroom: Pokémon sword and shield posters are all over my room, i have 2 kitten posters, 1 minecraft poster, 1 McDonalds character alignment poster and several other more embarrassing posters.
Something About a Rose: My favorite flowers are roses, my middle name is Rose and USED to go by rose, and wore a rose quartz necklace all the time.

Character Flaw Tropes

Apologises a Lot: I apologize a lot
Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!: One time i was talking to my gf and i was saying something romantic and mid-sentence i saw a butterfly and said ooh butterfly and chased after it.
Bad Liar: EXACTLY like in TV shows. I smile, i look away i shift around and i talk in this weird voice. it's quite funny actually
Berserk Button: There are things that people can say that REAALLLY trigger me. It's not usually a big deal but sometimes it really can.
Cannot Keep a Secret: This one seems pretty self explanatory.
Cannot Talk to Women: The basic idea of this trope anyway. I can't talk to really pretty people. Less of a problem now that i am currently dating someone.
Captain Obvious: This trope applies to me.
Crazy Cat Lady: I love cats waay too much.
Did I Just Say That Out Loud?: I do this way too much. Also, after looking at the Cannot keep a secret, bad Liar and now this i really seem like a klutz.
The Ditz: Or i could be a ditz too. My head is in the clouds. A lot.
Horrible Judge of Character: Exactly what it says on the tin.
In Love with Love: 8 year old me trying to get a gf/bf (yes i was bi at 8) is a little weird in hindsight.
The Klutz: Yeah this fits me... read the above tropes.
Lethal Klutz: I trip over my own feet all the time. I BROKE SOMETHING ONCE. I KNOCKED OVER A BOOKSHELF ONCE TOO.
Motor Mouth: I speak reeeeaaaaally fast.
Super Gullible: My sister told me someone wrote gullible on the sun once and i looked up to see it was true (it wasn't)
Yandere: I could be a yandere anyway; Never had a chance to be one quite yet.

Archetypal Tropes
Genki Girl: I'm too enthusiastic for my own good.
Lovable Rogue: I get into all sorts of trouble but I refuse to believe people aren't charmed by me.
The Pollyanna: Most times i'm this other times i'm not.
Rebellious Spirit: This is me. I rant about how much i hate society on a regular basis.
Split Personality: Not Quite, but similar. I more or less have 2 different personas. For the Most part i'm normal Me (Emmy) who chills and likes minecraft and her gf and has a podcast (or almost did) and is trying to make a TV show (or was before covid came) but to you guys and sometimes to myself i'm IndigoEmmy, who loves pokémon and is on this forum and stuff. I have seperate accounts for lots of things.

Other Tropes
Chaotic Good: This is me. :3 chaotic good.
Everything Is Cuter With Kittens: I love kittens and slap them on waay to many things. :3 :3 :3 🐱😹😸😼😺😼😺🙀😽😾😻🐈
Big Ham: I'm too enthusiastic for my own good
Adorkable: This is me in a nutshell.
Fear of Thunder: I'm scared of thunder but not lighting.
Ambiguously Bi: Averted, i'm the bi-est person to walk the earth. You can smell my bi-ness from miles away.
Transgender: Whaaaaaat, me? No.
Dark and Troubled Past: I mean, not really but i have some things.

This is about it. I'll update if i have some more.
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