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the world is just a sphere
I'm low budget-ish (as in I can only pay about twenty bucks at the moment) because I preoredered B2, and also I'm 12. But I need a good host (yes, despite the fact that I'm twelve, I actually write script), as in not a cheap host that gives you a stupid domain name and a million ads. I need an actually legit, good host that I can rely on that is cheap but affective.


Any suggestions?

1. Luftballon

what sorts of scripting?

php is available p much from everything that isn't totally useless, and from a bunch of totally useless besides, for example. (but then, that's, uh, php >|||)

I mean, my usual list used to be, I think, awardspace and zymic and freehostia and I dug up this search ... but really, I haven't used that sort of free host in a long time, so I'm not really certain of the current state of free hosting, actually.

even a fairly minimal cost at the right places can get you paid hosting which far exceeds the best open free hosting I've found, though, but, uh, I've never gone and sampled paid hosts. and getting a vps is kind of great but, uh, tends to be ... nsm expensive, but def not "budget."

if you haven't actually built a site, I couldn't really recommend paying for more things than you might reasonably use, though.


the world is just a sphere
I did build one...

Also, I reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally don't want a free one. Just a cheap one, thanks.


The Sacred Swordsman
three words. jjust search it. if you apply you get tuns of space and can do whatever as long as it ain't dirty.