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Violet Snippets: The Sorceror's New School


Hello! This is the latest installment in my Snippets series, (collections of drabbles from my playthroughs of mainline Pokemon games) and this one's special - the Violet run I was doing this off of was my first Nuzlocke kinda sorta - you can see the rules here, and the original run here. Obviously having played or watched a playthrough of either Pokemon Scarlet or Pokemon Violet would be ideal.

Also! This stars one of my non-Pokemon OCs, Vaespar, who you can read about here and here.

As for feedback preferences:

-These are not full-blown journey fics, and were never meant to be. Don't review them like they're supposed to be or need to be.

-Don't complain when things are disconnected or don't have much context because I was literally writing these things on the fly as I was playing. If you want more context I linked to the original run.

-Overall just be nice. I'm not looking for super academic feedback on these, I just want people to have fun reading them.

These will either be posted all in one go or in installments, or in multiple installments, depending on the place. For places where I'm doing the former, just enjoy the fic; for places where I'm doing the latter expect updates every week or so until it's done (if things don't veer wildly off course).

Anyway here we go into:

Violet Snippets: The Sorceror's New School


"Choose a look for yourself."

What? Why were they asking him this? None of these... Children looked like him.

And where was he anyway? Some kind of void? Where had he been sealed away to THIS time?

He sighed and picked the least objectionable child.

"What is your name?"

What? The being asking these questions didn't know who he is? He is the great and mighty Vaespar!

The void was asking him to change the look of the child. Vaespar pondered. Perhaps he could make it look more like him....

He meticulously messed with the child's form - hair, eyes, face - until he was satisfied. Still, he didn't know what this was even for.

Wait. An enrolment form? An academy? This didn't make sense! What was this now, some commercial for the academy? Ridiculous. And who were this girl? This old man?

Paldea? Is THAT where he was at? It needed work on how to bring in tourists like him.

Wait... Pokemon? Wasn't that... No. It couldn't be.

WAIT! IT WAS! THAT'S- wait, that's not a Pikachu.

More familiar Pokemon... Wait, what was up with that Tauros?

And what was that flying creature? CreatURES?

Suddenly. He came to. He was in a room. He looked down at himself, at the reflection in the window, to see he was now the child.

...What was going on here?


Arceuis stared aghast at his computer.

<Well. I imported the wrong file! Now where DID I put the right file...>

He started slowly searching through the computer's hard drive.




What a world Vaespar had dropped into.

He had been given a Fuecoco he dubbed Louis (a useful ally, keep him around), been dragged around this strange, oddly old-Earth Spanish landscape by a very excitable, very violent girl named Nemona, lectured by an irritable boy named Arven, and discovered a strange dragon of great power named Miraidon (another useful ally to keep around). He collected various other Pokemon in his journey, usually the first ones he found in any given location, but he had one problem - he held stricter standards for any that were not his twin generals Louis and Miraldon, and unlike the generals falling in battle was something worthy of some sort of punishment. Then the woman at one of the places known as Pokemon Centers activated a Poke Portal that contained Surprise Trade - an app that could hurtle any Pokemon off into the unknown and substitute a new one in its place.


He immediately tested it on Oates - a piglike Pokemon known as Lechonk - and got a puppy Pokemon called Rockruff in his place, who he dubbed Lang. Yes... This system had potential. At the very least it'd mix things up.



Louis always wanted to be a musician.

He held up at the academy, waiting for the day he could journey with a Trainer and find his musical spirit... and Vaespar walked into his life to make that happen.

Sure Vaespar could be a little... Strict, and... Temperamental.... And yes, he could be unfair to the rest of the team so to speak...

...But hey pobody's nerfect, right?



Lang could smell trouble when he found it.

He had the spirit of the wolf. He could smell the spirits of others. So he knew when someone was bad news, and Vaespar had that smell all over him.

But he knew trouble attracted more trouble, and he'd heard about a Team Star causing problems to humans and Pokemon. Perhaps if Vaespar could help him bust those punks he'd be a good partner.

...So long as Vaespar didn't get tired of him first.



Goodness! What a day!

First he had escaped from the Crater and was in grave peril, then some brave human boy had saved him by offering the most delicious food! A sandwich he called it... He'd willingly stick around this Vaespar if he could get more!

...Vaespar was a little... rough around the edges, sure, but he seemed to have SOME degree of respect for him... I could fix him!

...Maybe. Possibly. Potentially. If his calculations were correct.


Vaespar stood regarding the woman before him. A rotund baker woman who commanded BUGS? Ridiculous. Utterly ridiculous. She'd be squashed in no time.

He sent out Louis. She sent out. A strange cricket like Pokemon. Measly.

"C'mon Vaespar, our first gym battle, let's do thi-" Louis started to say before the cricket Double Kicked him.

Vaespar chuckled. "A futile effort. Louis, Ember."

Louis breathed fire onto the cricket, knocking it out. It was replaced by a Tarountula, which Vaespar scoffed at.

"Ember again."

The Tarountula was also burnt into submission.

"We're on a roll Vaespar!" said Louis.

Then the baker lady sent out a Teddiursa. Vaespar rauised an eyebrow. "That's not a bu-"

It promptly Terastalized, giving it curly antennae. Oh right. Pokemon could do that here.

It Fury wiped Louis and Vaespar laughed it off. Then as Louis used another Ember it used Fury Cutter.

"Oof, that was a bad vi-" Louis started to say.

Then a Fury Cutter again and he was done.

"What? Impossible! Lang!" Vaespar yelled, sending out the Rockruff.

"Heh, you've messed with the wrong pack!" said Lang. He Terasta;lized himself and prepared to strike-

Fury Cutter again. Lang fainted. Vaespar balked.


The Pikachu was sent out. "Come on man! You can't just-"

Another Fury Cutter. Another mon down. But Stormsurge's Static paralyzed the Teddiursa, creating an opportunity.


The Jigglypuff was sent out and gazed at the Teddiursa with her big, soulful eyes.

"R E S T N O W C H I L D"

A Disable. The Teddiursa flinched, unable to use its Fury Cutter blades. Furby smacked it over the hed with a Pound, finally knocking ot out!

"Well now!" said the baker woman. "Congratulations! That was a well fought victor-"

She was interrupted by Vaespar's frustrated scream of rage.

Afterwards he told every mon involved that they were exempt from his "rules" here. He would never admit someone had gotten away with tactics that low against him and succeeded.


Vaespar had finally found it: a massive, massive crab. People said that crabs were the ultimate life form, the end goal of evolution. Nonsense. That was him.

The giant Klawf's eyes snapped in his direction, as if hearing these thoughts, and jumped down to face him. Vaespar sent out Primadonno the Quaxly who scoffed and rubbed his pompadour.

"Make this quick will you? I don't want to ruffle my feathers too much."

The crab Blocked Primadonno from escaping, but he did not fuss as he launched Aqua Jet after Aqua Jet into the Klawf past its Rock Smashes. Eventually the Klawf seemed to give up, and ran away.

"Hey! Get back here!" said Vaespar. "I still need to make king crab legs out of you!"

He pursued the Klawf to the bottom of a cliff, where it broke the cliff open to reveal a strange herb it started to eat. It was then Arven rushed onto the scene.

"Is that the Herba Mystica? No Klawf has any business getting that big!"

"That Klawf is a big pain in the rear is what it is!" said Vaespar.

The Klawf finished dating the herb and glowed with a surge of pink energy as it turned to face the pair.

"Well this is looking a little rough." said Arven. "Shellder, let's serve up a helping of defeat - on the half shell!"

"I would kill anyone else for a pun that bad," said Vaespar.

Arven ignored him and sent out a Shellder. Vaespar sent out Louis. According to the books in the school there was a type disadvantage sure, but if he could whittle the crab down...

"Let's rumba!" said Louis,biting the crab repeatedly with multiple Bites.

The crab responded with Rock Tombs, knocking out both Louis and the Shelter.

"Bluster! Poisonpowder!"

"Wheeeeeeeee" said Bluster as he sprayed poison spores all over the Klawf. The crab gagged and then hit Bluister with another Rock Tomb, knocking her out.

Vaespar scoffed. Another team member he ought to replace. He sent out Primadonno again.

"You don't learn your lesson do you?" said Primadonno.
"Terastalize! Aqua Jet!" said Vaespar.

"He activated his Tera Orb as Primadonno sprouted a hat and gained a crystalline sheen, then slammed into the Klawf with great watery force. The Klawf fell over, defeated.

Afterwards Primadonno glowed - brightly enough that Vaespar briefly saw double - and grew into a newer, taller form.

"Ah, now I have even more style!"

Vaespar grinned. Yes... this would come in handy...


An artist, huh? Bah. The only art piece this Brassius chump would get out of Vaespar is a portrait of defeat.

Louis was standing against Brassius' Petilil. He did a little jig to get himself pepped up, Terastalizing in the process. .

"Let's dance!" he said, as he weathered Petilil in the flames of an Incinerate. This made short work of the Petilil. Braassius sent out a Smoliv and the same thing happened to it.

Brassius then sent out a Sudowoodo, which he promptly Terastalized. Vaespar panicked. Would this cause devastation to his team again?

"I can do that too!" said Louis, letting out yet another Incinerate. The Sudowoodo barely hung on and hit him with a Trauilblaze, causing it to move... Faster? Vaespar panicked further.

"Take it down!"

The Sudowooodo slammed Louis with rocks in a Rock Throw. Vaespar's heart was racing. Then Louis let out a final Incinerate and the Sudowoo's Terastilization shattered as it collapsed.

"Yeah! Music to my ears!" said Louis.

Vaespar sighed in relief. He had nothing to worry about.



After the Grass gym had been vanquished Vaespar went back to Mezagoza to prepare for his next destination, the Flying Titan Arven had marked on his map. In the meantime he caught up on classes at Uva Academy to glean strategic information on this Pokemon dimension he had ended up in. In history class he learned one useful tidbit in particular: Of an empire and emperor in search of a powerful force in the crater. The crater was forbidden to students, but if he could secure a way in...

He also learned something far more concerning in history class however. Of a hero known as Evithyan who saved the Hisui region - now known as Sinnoh. Could it be... No. She was dead. He had devoured her.

...But perhaps he should still look into this.



Primadonno was initially a bit concerned when he had been handed off from his old Trainer Dieggo to this Vaespar. He didn't LOOK like he had any pomp or circumstance. But Vaespar so far had proved to have a sound strategic mind, and had even gotten Primadonno to evolve, so perhaps he wasn't all that bad.

..Just hopefully he wouldn't be handed off AGAIN.



Stormbolt was one of a select line of Pikachu handed off to Trainers for a special event, and he had been handed off to Vaespar. He was a little concerned with Vaespar's ruthless nature, but there was a challenge to beat Flying types up ahead. He'd shine in that.




Denny the Flamigo was handed off to Vaespar in Surprise Trade and wasn't sure what to do. This was a new team, with new rules, that he wasn't sure if he could fulfill, and he had seen no battle time yet.

But just hanging around with Vaespar and his team was making him stronger, he could feel it. Perhaps soon he would have time to shine.

Vaespar was staring down the second biggest stork he had ever seen. He knew what birds were like. This one could be a major threat. He'd have to be careful.

"Louis, Incinerate this fool!"

"You got it!" said Louis, sending hellish flames in the bird's direction. The bird responded by Plucking at Louis with its beak. The two went back and forth until Louis went down.

In response Vaespar sent out Lang.

"We've got an oversized poultry problem, huh?" said Lang.

The bird seemed insulted by this and hit lang with another Pluck. Lang held on and Threw A rock at its head, forcing the bird to retreat to a cliffside. Like the Klawf before it, it broke open the cliff and began eating something inside.

It was then Arven arrived.

"Vaespar! You managed to get to the Titan somehow, huh?"

"Somehow your directions were adequate," said Vaespar.

"Ha ha. So that's the Open Sky Titan... Wait, is this Titan what's been dropping all these boulders?"

"Me and Miraidon had an interesting time with those earlier."

"I was lucky enough to sneak up here because it had all its attention on you little bud!"

"Don't call me little."

"Okay fine. Anyway the Titan looks like it's trying to power itself up. Like with some kinda mystical Meal Power or something. So we'd better be ready to go all out!"

The bird flew over to challenge them again. Arven sent out a Nacil, and Vaespar sent out Stormbolt.

"Stormnbolt, Terastalize! Electro Ball!"

"All right!" said Stormbolt. "Let's g-"

Wing Attack. He was down.


He sent out Primadonno in a desperate fumbling of Pokeballs as Arven's Nacil pummeled the bird with rocks.

"Aqua Jet!"

"I do hate cleaning up messes," said Primadonno.

He lunged at his fellow avian with a bolt of water, just as the bigger bird Plucked him. But then Arven's Nacil Smacked it Down with another rock, and Vaespar saw an opportunity.

He quickly fed a Revive to Louis just as Primadonno got Plucked again, and then swapped the two. The bird Plucked the Nacil, and then moved to Pluck Louis when -

Smack Down.

And it stayed down.

Vaespar sighed in relief. Maybe, possibly, he should be nicer to Arven.


What was with this car? Vaespar thought. It was as if it were... Alive.

No matter. He was up against a Pawniard. And everyone knows what you do with pawns.

"Louis, Incinerate!"

"You think you've got the tunes?" said Louis. "You've got another thing coming!"

Flames danced to the beat around the Pawniard atop the car. It tried to retaliate with an Aireal Ace, but to no avail.

Up next came... The truck? Damn it. Vaespar KNEW it was alive.

"Woah! Your car moves to its own tune!" Louis said as he let out another Incinerate. The car - a Revaroom apparently - retaliated with a Metal Sound and a Snarl, taking Louis out.

Vaespar knew he had to be careful. He sent out Primadonno.

"That is the most garish car I have ever seen!" said Primadonno, before swiping at it with a Low Sweep. The Revaroom retaliated with more Metal Sounds and Snarls but Primadonno held on.

"Now!" said Vaespar, recalling Priimadonno and sending out Denny, Terastalizing him in the process. The Revaroom shot Swifts at Donny in resistance but it was too late - one Low Kick sent him sputtering.

"Wow... I did it! I DID IT!" said Denny.

"Yes!" said Vaespar. "I love a successful conquest."



Getting rid of Stormbolt after his failure, surprisingly to Vaespar, hurt.

It hurt more after Arven told him his story. Unlocked the most fragile remnants of empathy left in his heart.

He thought of it while traveling. Thought of it white fighting the Dark Crew, even as he passed that with flying colors. Especially thought of it when one of Team Star's generals talked about being a gang of friends who valued each other.

He had for millenia thought of such emotions as childish, outdated, unnecessary. He was trying to convince himself he still did.

But although he had found other Pokemon to take Stormboilt's place. A Smoliv named Olivia, a Tadbulb named FROGGE, directly from the Suprise Trade in place of Stormbolt a Bonsly named Plant - but he had to wonder.

Were his methods worth it?



Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa what was olivia doing here she wound up in a weird crystal den with the power of flight and she found these trainers and one of them caught her and he seems scaryand she is not sure what to do and she is very small and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa







Vaespar journeyed off to the city where the Electric gym was - he couldn't bother to remember the name - and was briefly stopped near the Fire Crew base where Clavell - er, Clive - filled him in on more of Team Star's situation. He then maneuvered with Miraidon around a Team Star barricade to reach the city, where Nemona challenged him again (and lost handily) and the Gym Leader Iono subjected him and Clavell to a bizzare gauntlet of tasks for "subscribers". Vaespar knew Iono's chaotic energy was not to be underestimated, and so started putting his Pokemon through grueling training, which led to Lang evolving. Eventually they would beat her...


This "streamer" was certainly something else.

For her "livestream" she'd sent out a strange bird called a Wattrel, who was up against Lang. Lang scoffed.

"You don't mess with my pack."

He launched an Accelrock from his mane. It knocked the bird out of the air with ease. Next came a Bellibolt, which Vaespar wasn't as sure how to handle.

"Hm. Olivia!"

The Dolliv was sent out, figeting nervously.

"Oh, uh, um, aaaaaaaa"

She threw a volley of Seed Bombs at the Bellibolt. But the Bellibolt hung on and Vaespar knew he needed a new strategy.

...Which was sending Lang out for more Accelrocks, which did the trick.

Next was a Luxio. Vaespar pondered, then sent out Louis.

"This stream needs some groovy tunes!"

He sung some Incinerate flames into existence, which powered through the Luxio's Sparks and took it out.

Next was a Mismagius, which Terastalized into an electric type. Vaespar knew there was only one solution: An all-out attack.

"Burn it to the ground Louis!"

Louis terastalized as well. But the Mismagius had already cast a Confuse Ray. Louis was teetering in a daze, burning himself with his own flames.

"NO! Louis, come on..."

The Mismagius blasted Louis with Hexes. Vaespar sprayed a Hyper Potion, but Louis was still in a dizzy state.

"Louis, snap out of it, I command you!"

And then Louis did.

"Sorry about that, let's get this show back on the road!"

His onslaught of flame continued. The Mismagius tried to counter with more Confuse Rays and Hexes but it was too late.

It went down.

Vaespar pumped a fist and yelled "Yes!". Iono's subscribers better have liked THAT.



Vaespar had just scored a decisive victory against the mystifying streamer Iono and her demon Mismagius, with no casualties. He was feeling good about himself. He went to train in the hills outside the city, encountered a strange tumbleweed Pokemon he caught and named Sundown...

...And lost FROGGE in the process.

Cursing to himself, Vaespar tossed FROGGE away on Surprise Trade, and got a Mudbray named Mudb1 in its place. Feeling she'd be useful for his purposes Vaespar started training her in FROGGE's stead - he had passed the Fire Crew on the wayu to coming here, of course, and knew they needed dealing with next...



Uh, Mudb1 wasn't sure what she was doing here, or who this Vaespar guy was, but she was trying her darn best. Vaespar was giving her lots of different opponents to fight, in preparation for fighting a "Fire Crew". This was Mudb1's chance to prove herself, and she was going to take it head-on.


This woman seemed determined to kill him.

She was atop her Revaroom, glaring down at Vaespar, a Torkoal at her side, its Drought casting down sunny rays.

Thankfully Vaespar had Lang.

"You ruffians will never escape the laws of this land!" said Lang.

"Accelrock!" said Vaespar.

Lang launched sharp rocks from his mane. It barely made a dent? That thing's shell must be TOUGH. Sure enough, it slammed that flaming shell into Lang with a Flame Wheel.

Wait. Lang's mane was on fire. He was burnt.

"Shit- Rock Tomb!"

"I'm not... going down that easy..." said Lang, burying the Torkoal in rocks. The Torrkoal launched itself from the pillar of rocks with another Flame Wheel, slamming into Lang again.


Langh fired more rocks from his mane. The Torkoal went down.

But then the Revaroom surged forward to attack.

Lang was weak, and one of Varespar's more valuable servants. He couldn't risk him falling here.

Then he got an idea. A risky gambit to be sure, but if it paid off...

"Lang, return! Go Louis!"

If Louis could just bide time...

"Bring it, ugly car!" said Louis.

The Revaroom slammed into him, with a Blazing Tourqe. It didn't do much, but it started moving... Faster? Shiot. Speed Boost.

"Loius, Round!"

Louis pulled out a trumpet and began playing sweet tunes. The Revaroom tried to screech in response, but the only thing that was drowned out was the Torkoal's Drought.

"Yes! Louis, keep playing!"

And keep playing Louiis did, until the Revaroom's Blazing Tourqes finally took him out.

"NOW! Primadonno, Terastalize!"

"Louis was right. This IS an ugly car."

The crystalline sheen enveloped him as a fancy hat grew on his head.

"Aqua Jet!"

Primadommo rammed into the Revaroom with a burst of water, and it Screeched in pain. Primadonno kept it up even as it hit him with Blazing Tourqes. Finally, one caused the Revaroom to crumple in pain.

Vaespar smirked. His gamble had paid off.


Vaespar and Louis were face-to-face with a rather large worm.

"That is a rather large worm," said Vaespar.

"Sure is!" said Louis.

"...Burn it," said Vaespar.

"On it!" said Louis.

He spat Incinerating flames at the worm even as it tried to hit him with its head and tail. The flames were too much for the massive beast and it retreated into a cave.

"Get back here you wiggly beast!" said Vaespar as he chased after it.

He pursued the woprm on Miraidon through the cave, up the sand dunes, until he cornered it in front of a large cliff.

"Oh dear," said Miraidon. "I do believe I know what's coming..."

"No shit," said Vaespar. "Get ready!"'

Sure enough, the worm broke open the cliff and began eating a strange herb. Right on cue Arven showed up.

"Vaespar! You managed to pin down the Titan?"

Vaespar rolled his eyes. "Once again long before you did."

"This is no time to brag!" said Arven. He looked upon the worm. "THAT'S the Lurking Steel Titan? It's... uh, well, it sure is long!"


"I think our little friend might be even feistier now after eating those herbs! We're gonna need to do this together Vaespar!"

Vaespar sighed. "If you insist."

Sure enough, the worm glowed with power after munching enough from the herb. Louis was accompanied by a... Toedscool? As they both faced off in battle against it.

"Burn it again!" said Vaespar.

"Twice sure is nice!:" said Louis.

He bathed the worm in flames as the beast recoiled, and the Supersonic from the Toedscool caused it to flail further. It used a last-ditch Iron Tail to take out the Toedscool, but it was too late. Another Incinerate caused it to roll over in defeat.

"Alas poor worm," Vaespar muttered.



After defeating the Fire Crew and Steel Titan - and learning more of Arven and Team Star's tales in the process - Vaespar headed to the city housing the Water gym. Unfortunately the gym leader had lost his wallet, forcing Vaespar to trek across an ENTIRE DESERT and REPEATEDLY GET LOST to return it. The nerve. Once he did return it he was forced to fight the gym leader's apprentice and win an auction in place of his normal gym test, which he won handily of course. He sensed the Gym Leader would be a tougher challenge and went to prepare...

During his prep he found a traveler who he accompanied across other parts of the region. The Traveller was also on the Treasure Hunt and was easily distractible but off to a good start, and they did multiple raids together.

This was a very strange fish.

It was long and pointy and toothy and - something about the way it floated was odd. Vaespar had an idea.

"Louis, Bite it!"

"It probably tastes gross but OK!"

Louis Bit down onto it, doing it a sizable chunk of harm, but was knocked off by a Aqua Cutter that knocked him out.

"Rrrgh... Primadonno! Cut it back!"

Primadonno was sent out and blinked. "That IS an ugly fish."

He repeatedly Slashed it with Air, the fish too staggered to resist, until it fell.

A disgusting creature called a Wugtrio was next. Vaespar retched and sent out Olivia.

"Oh! Um, what is that? Eek," she said.

The thing slapped hear with a Butt of one of its heads, but she Bombed it with Seeds, obliterating it.

Next was a Crabominable. A Water Tera Crabominable Vaespar considered his options carefully.

"Olivia, Seed Bomb agai-"

Too late. The Crabominable had brought a fist down on her in a Rock Smash, knocking her out.


"Primadonno! Get it!"

"Well this is a pickle," said Primadonno as he was sent out.

He Air Slashed the Crabominable again, only for it to Slam him unconscious.

Fuck fuck fuck.

"Denny! Terastalize! Double Kick!"

"I'll do my best!" said Denny.

With a crystalline glow he started kicking the Crabominable repeatedly. But he didn't get many in before he was swatted away by a Crabhammer, knocking him out.

Fuck fuck fuck FUCK.

Vaespar had one last hope here.


The tumbleweed was sent out.

"You," he said.

"Me?" said the Crabominable.


He fired a barrage of Bullet Seeds.

The Crabomable finally fell.

Vaespar sighed in relief. He didn't think he'd make examples of any of his team here. This guy was tough.



After braving the tides of the Water Gym, and sparing his team the consequences because what the fuck, Varespar met up with the traveller again. They traded several Pokemon and caught several more in raids. Afterwards Varespar subjected his team to more of his intense training, upon which several of them evolved into new, wondrous, powerful forms - a Mudsdale, a Skeledirge, a Quaquaval, an Arboliva.

It was then Vaespar fell upon an unsettling, horrifying realization.

He was getting attached.

No. He'd have to put that aside. Team Star's Poison crew was up ahead...


Cassopea was right, Vaespar thought. This Atticus sure was eccentric.

I mean, sending a Skuntank at him of all things?

No matter. There'd be a dead skunk in the middle of the road in no time.

"Louis! Torch Song!"

"Ready for the fiery tune!"

Louis blew his trumpet and a blast of fire went out and scorched the Skuntank. The Skuntank responded by spraying Louis with noxious goo. Vaespar realized it was Toxic.

He was on a timer.

"Louis, again!"

The Skuntank Sucker Punched him, but Louis' flaming sound waves still pushed through and knocked it out. Once again, the Revaroom surged forward to take its place.

...Except this was a smaller Revaroom.

Vaespar knew Atticus was planning something, but knew he had to stay on course. "Louis, keep at it!"

Louis kept blaring his trumpet. The Revaroom's Assurance did nothing to stop the flames from taking it out. But the poison continued to eat at Louis. A Muk was sent out, only to be bathed in flame like those before.

Then the REAL Revarroom came forth. Of course. It rammed Louis with a Noxious Tourqe, finally ending his song.

Time for Vaespar's real plan to go into motion.

"Mudb1! You're up!"

"Yeehaw! You messed with the wrong squad!" said Mudb1.

The Revaroom tried to Spin Out at Mudb1, but her High Horsepower countered it with incredible force."

"Ah, you see, my dear Team Star leader, the show has only just begun. MUDB1, TERASTALIZE!"

Mudb1 shone with a crystal glow as she delivered another High Horsepower. The Revaroom tried to resist with another Spin Out, but it was promptly crushed under Mudb1's hooves.

Vaespar smirked. All according to plan.


Vaespar's team was chilling by the Medali Pokemon.Center.

"Man, it's great we've made it this far with Vaespar!" said Louis.

"Yes, uh, especially with his... rules...' said Olivia.

"Why DOES he have those rules anyway?" said Denny.

"No other pack I know of has laws like that, it's true..." said Lang.

"He acts like he's... some kind of evil overlord from a fantasy story," said Primadonno.

"But... He can't be, right?" said Mudb1. "He's just a kid!"

"...What's he even doing right now, anyway?" said Primadonno.

Sure enough Vaespar had set up a corkboard that he was frantically adding to.

"Oh that's his Conspiracy Board," said Lang. "He's updating it with new info about Team Star. Probably to put those goons in their place.:"

"Vaespar is, sure, uh, an enigma..." said Olvia.


This Larry was professional. Almost too professional. Vaespar knew his Komala would be simple enough to deal with.

"Louis! Bring the funky music!"

"On it!" said Louis.

He brought out hisflaming trumpet for his signature move, which the Komala tried to Sujcker Punch out of his claws but failed to quench the flames.

Next was.. A giant Dunsparce? What was with its segments? Vaespar wasn't going to think too hard about this one.

"Keep playing Louis!"

Louis sent a Flamethrower from its trumpet, but a Glare from the Dunsparce stopped him in his tracks. Shit. A Drill Run did not stand up to a Flamethrower however.

Wait... Was that an audience? Cheering for Larry? Did his Staraptor just Terastalize and leave Louis on the edge? Oh no. This could be ba-

Oh. Louis' playing had taken out the Staraptor. Okay.

Guess the Normal gym leader really was just a guy.

"That was for Denny."



We lost Denny.

It was during the Normal gym test. One of the contestants in that test had a Greedent , and that Greedent had Counter, and-

He shouldn't be thinking about this. He had forged ahead up an icy mountain, finagling up its icy slopes with Miraidon, making their way all along to the next gym. He needed to forge onwar-

We lost Denny.

No, no, that was wrong. Denny was still there. In his boxes. He had elected not to trade him y tis time, he just couldn't use him and he traded a random Pachisru in his place for a Charcadet. That was \within the bounds ofhis own rules, right? He made the rul-

We lost Denny.

It wasn't that big a deal right? They had made it through the normal gym fine. Sid the Arctibax proved to be a decent enough replacement.

We lost Denny.

...Why did he CARE. Denny was just another pawn. Expendable. Replaceable. He HAD been replaced even.

...What was going on?



Sid the Arctbax knew he had some big shoes to fill.

He knew he had been called in to replace a key team member of Vaespar's because of the rules the team had in place. But he was just a little guy. He had already gotten a bit stronger by evolving once but the other team members were also powerful. He had catching up to do. Catching up he knew he might not be able to complete.

Why? Doesn’t anyone love him? Isn’t there anyone who cares about Sid the Arctibax?


Was this a gym battle or a rap battle? Vaespar wasn't sure. All he knew is Mudb1 and Louis were up against a Mimikyu and a Bannete.

"Oh, Rhyme! I love her music!" said Mudb1.

"Aye, I can appreciate a fellow musician!" said Louis.

"You two, focus!" said Vaespar. "Mudb1, Heavy Slam on the Mimikyu and Louis, Shadow Ball the Banette with some hocus pocus!!"

The Bannete tried to Sucker Punch Louis but was smited by the Shadow Ball, and a Slash to Mudb1's side did not stop a Heavy Slam from breaking through the Miimiku's disguise. A strange doggo known as a Houndstone was sent out in the Bannete's place, but the crowd was now cheering for Vaespar. His Pokemon cheered as well in triumph, boosting their vigor.

"Yes! I'm the one who reigns supreme! Deliver devastation to this other team!"

The Mimiky tried to Sneak its Shadow into Louis' face but Louis spat a Shadow Ball into the Hounstone's' own face, leaving it sprawling. The Mimikyu was then crushed by Mudb1's Heavy Slam.

Next was a Toxicrity. Vaespar knew what was coming.

"Keep up the chain!" said Vaespar. "And bring the pain!"

Her Toxicrity Terastalized, but it was too late - The combined force of the two attacks shattered its newfound power instantly.

Vaespar cackled. "Looks like your performance just got panned, for I am the one with the master plan!"


A robot Donphan? That came from the Great Crater of Paldea? And it was a Titan here? Vaespar was very curious for his own means, but would comply with Turo's desire to subdue it.

"Louis! You know what to do!"

"One Torch Song, coming up!"

Louis bellowed flames from his trumpet, which the Titan tried to swat away with a Knock Off, but could not subdure the flaming song. So it did the next best thing it could do: Rolled away.

"Hey! Get back here weird robot! I - er, the professor needs to study you!"

He pursued the creature on Miraidon ("goodness, that creature looks familiar") and sure enough it had broken open a cliff and was eating (how does such a creature eat?) a familiar herb. As usual Arven showed up.

"Vaespar! Looks like you found yourself a Titan!"

"Yes and a doozy of a Titan too!" said Vaespar.

Arven turned to look. "Wait... THAT's the Quaking Earth Titan? Uh... Is... Is that thing even a Pokemon?"

Vaespar shrugged.

Arven shook his head. "It must be trying to get pumped up with that little snack... Time to show that thing what me and you can do Vaespar!"

The Iron Treads turned around and glowed with energy. Louis got sent back out, along with Arven's... Scovillain? That was a new one.

"Moire music Louis! With a Tera edge!"

Louis did so... but swung in a wide arc and hit the Scovillauin.

"COME ON MAN!" said Arven.

"...Oops," said Vaespar. "Louis, hit the right guy this time or there will be consequences!"

"Eep! On it!"

Louis bathed the Iron Treads in fire. It hit him back with a RApid Spin - how? Vaespar didn't have time to question this further before Louis took the beast out and it rolled away.

Darn. he was supposed to study that.



After delivering sick beats on MC Ryme's stage, Vaespar had confronted the mysterious Ground titan and was honestly still thinking about the latter. What WAS that thing? Why was Turo in particular so invested in its existence? Why did it resemble the creature from Arven's book?

Questions for later he supposed. After a very long and arduous journey he made it to the Psychic gym city, looked around at the architecture (including some mosaics which looked a bit familiar), fought Nempna again (and won handily) and survived jazzercise class. The Psychic Gym Leader was next...


Did this woman have... Moving wings on her dress?

No, Vaespar couldn't get distracted. He was up against... a Farigiraf? If it's related to Girafarig Louis' Ghost moves wouldn't do a thing... He needed a different strategy.

"Louis, come back! Mudb1, you're up!"

Mudb1 took to the field and was greeted by a Crunch. This hardly phased her.

"Ooh, teeny nibble! That tickles!"

"Earthquake!" said Vaespar.

The Farigiraf tried to Zen Headbutt Mudb1 but she repeatedly stomped the ground, creating tremors that took the Farigiraf out.

Next was a Gardevor. Vaespar knew he'd need Louis for this and swapped him in.

"Louis, Shadow Ball!"

"One shady tune, coming right up!"

Louis blew into his trumpet and a large ball.of shadowy energy emerged to slam into the Gardevoir. The Gardevoir tried to assault him with Psychic energy in response but another Shadow Ball took it out of the picture.

Next was... A bird? An Esparatha? Vaespar had encountered wild ones of these before... he figured he knew what to do.

"Louis, keep up the Shadow Balls!"

Louis kept tooting Shadow Balls... but the bird got a Shadow Ball in on him before it went down. Louis was on his last legs. And now there was a Florges. A Tera Psychic Florges. Louis got one more Shadow Ball in on it before he was taken out.

Vaespar had an idea... But it was a risky idea. Could he do this?

"Lang! Go!" he said, sending out the Lycanroc.

"That's one heck of a headpiece," said Lang.

"Crunch it!"

Lang sunk his fangs into the Florges. Its crystal armor shattered, and it fell to the ground.

Vaespar sighed in relief. Lang was safe.

...Damn it, he was caring again.


This Grusha guy thinks he's sooooooooooooooo tough. Vaespar would show him and his Frosmoth tough.

"Louis! Your usual opening act!"

"Oh yeah! Get ready for a rootin' tootin good time!"

Louis's flaming Torch Song trumpet made short work of the Frosmoth. And the Beartic after it. But the... Cetitan after that managed to hold on and slam Louis with a Liquidation. Shit.

"Keep at it!"

More flames did the Cetitan in. But next was an Altaria Vaespar had no doubt was Tera Ice. But Louis had to keep up the assault.

"More music! MORE!"

"Oh yeeeeeeeeeeeeah!"

As the Altaria Terastalized, it blasted Louis with a Hurricane. Louis tripped, stumbled, Confused. But then his fiery sounds reached a flaming crescendo and blasted the Altaria in heat. It went down.

Vaespar grinned. Who was out of his league now?


Oh shit. Vaespar had made a vital mistake.

He had sent Louis out against an Azumarill.

"Louis, get back! Olivia, go!"

"Oh, uh, hi- Eep!"

Olivia yelped when hit by the Azumarill's Aqua Tail, but her Grassy Terrain and Leftovers softened the blow.

"Energy Ball!" said Vaespar.

The Azumarill tried to Charm her. But Olivia wasn't phased - a sphere of green energy knockled the Azumarill flat.

Next was Mudb1 vs. a Wigglytuff. Vaespar knew what to do here.

"Heavy Slam!"


The opposing Wigglytuff tried to chain a Charm into a Body Slam, but was countered by an even more crushing force and promptly squashed.

Thirdly, Louis vs a... Daschbun? It was a chocolate eclair dachshund. It looked delicious...

No. Stop thinking about food for once Vaespar.

"Torch Song!"

"I donm't know about you," said Louis. "But I like my bread lightly toasted!"

His trumpet sent flames onto the Dascbun as it gave him Baby Doll Eyes... Only for the flames to be absorbed?


"Change of plans, Shadow Ball!"

Louis tooted a Shadow Ball the Daschbun's way. It tried to leap at Louis with a Crunch, but Louis's tooting managed to shake it off.

Then came the truck.

"Louis, Torch Song again!"

The Truck slammed into Louis with a steely spin but Louis managed to get his fiery flames to roast its chassis. However it slammed again with a Magical Tourqe and Louis fell.

"Mudb1! You're up!"

"Alright, you're going down, you ugly monster truck show reject!" said Mudb1.

"Heavy Slam!"

The Revartoom tried to counter with a Magical Tourqe, but Mudb1 slammed into the side of it with more crushing force. The Revaroom tried a last ditch Confuse Ray but Mudb1 still got in a second blow.

Still, Vaespar knew keeping her in was risky...

"Go Lang!"

"I've had enough of you Team Star punks," said Lang.

The Revaroom slammed him with a Magical Tourqe, but Lang hung on.

Just as planned.


Rocks shot straight from Lang's mane, denting into the beast's engines. It was done.

Vaespar grinned. He loved when things played right into his hands.



Goodness, what an interesting journey Miraidon had been on!

He'd been with Vaespar and team over the hills and valleys and lakes of Paldea - there were so many amazing things outside of the crater! Including.... Delicious sandwiches...

He did hope that Penny girl would warm up to him. And that Arven boy. Perhaps he should try a different approach?

And Vaespar's methods were questionable... But he was learning! At least as far as Miraidon could tell.

And there was the possibility they'd have to return to the crater...

Nope. Nope. Nope nope nope. Miraidon was NOT entertaining that thought.

He should focus on the task at hand! Yes! That would be getting Vaespar to the Dragon Titan; they should be on their way...


Did that big catfish just eat that little fish?

Ridiculous. Vaespar was the one who was supposed to devour people around here!

"Louis, Shadow Ball!"

"Throwin' some shade at this... Fish!"

Louis' toots of shadowy energy left a dent. But the catfish's Aqua Tailand Water Pulse left more of one and Louis was left sprawling on the sidelines.

"Olivia! You're up!"

"Eek! That's a big fish!"

"That doesn't matter! Energy Ball!"

Olivia smacked the beast with one and it sank back under the waves. Vaespar knew he had to go after it.

After frantically searching the lake, he found the Titan doing, what else, breaking open a cliff. And now Arven was here too!

"Vaespar! Did you find the Titan?"

"What does it LOOK like?"

Arven looked over at the beast. "So that's it? Sure is one big, uh, dragon? Wait, is it even a dragon? Or is it a fish?"

His question was not answered by the Titan, who once again gobbled up a smaller fish. Arven was in shock.

"Th-the little sushi guy got eaten up by the titan?1 Yeesh. Didn't expect to see the food chain in action today!"

Vaespar rolled his eyes. "If this fish thinks it's an apex predator it'll have to deal with me."

He sent out Olivia again, accompanied by Arven's Greedent. "Another Energy Ball!"

"D-Don't eat me!" said Olivia.

Her sphere of green energy made a dent in the fish, but so did a Slam olf its Body, which caused her to twitch in paralysis. Damn it.

"Keep it up!"

Too bad. She was convulsing violently.


Suddenly, things were a blur. Olivia's energy was renewed. She sunk a massive Energy Ball into the fish, sending it sinking into the bottom of the lake.

Ha! Vaespar really was the apex predator.


...Wait. Now this tiny fish wanted to challenge him for the role of apex predator? Pathetic. Arven had restored Louis to full health; might as well keep him his opener.

"Shadow Ball!"

"...You sure you don't want me to go easy on the little guy?"


Louis shrugged and tooted a Shadow Ball at the fish. It replied with a Dragon Pulse smiting Arven's Greedent before turning Muddy Waters and Icy Winds on Louis that washed him away.


"Hmph. Tiny creature. Know your place."

He chopped it with a Brick Break and was greeted by more of the chilling bite of Icy Wind. Then a Dragon Pulse did a significant dent and Vaespar knew he had to strategize.


It was risky, but...

Mudb1 tanked a Dragon Pulse but was still standing. "OOf! Tough for a little fish!"


Mudb1 charged through another Dragon Pulse, enduring the pain, before slamming her hooves for a tremor. The tremor created a tidal wave, washing the little fish away.

Good. Vaespar's title was still standing.




After Vaespar and Arven collected the final Herba Mystica, Arven's Mabostiff was restored to health (was that a tear on Vaespar's face? No, impossible. The Titan must have splashed some water on him). But the journey was not over - Professor Turo needed their assistance. They managed to unlock his lab and contacted him via a computer screen - where he said he needed the Violet Book brought to the depths of Area Zero.

Both Vaespar and Arven had their reservations but agreed they should probably do it, and went to prepare. For Vaespar prep included working his way to the final badge - the Fighting Crew badge. Once he was nearby he started giving his Pokemon more intensive training - a brawl was surely brewing...


This Eri had apparently wiped out Clave- er, Clive. But she wouldn't wipe out Vaespar. Especially not with this Toxicroak.

"Louis! Your opening act!"

"Aw yeeeeeeah!"

The Toxicroack tried to Sucker Punch Louis, but the flames of his Torch Song were too much for the frog.Next came a Lucario, which befel a similar fate.

..As did the Passimian.

Vaespar cackled. Things were going well.

Then came the Annihilape.

What was this thing? Looks like... A Primape gone wrong... But Varespar knew keeping up the assault was the best option.


The Annihilape's Rage Fist connected first. Shit. The song claimed it too but Louis was on his last legs.

And now the truck was here.



But before he could, the truck hit him hard. High Horsepower. He went down.

Vaespar figured this would get to this point. He had one gambit left, but it was, surprise surprise, risky.

But he had to go for it.

"Olivia! Terastalize! Tera Blast!"

"H-Here I go!"

She took on a crystalline sheen as balloons sprouted from her head. The Revaroom tried to Shift Gear, but the Tera Blast... well, blasted a good chunk off of it.

And then a second took it out.

"I... I did it!" said Olivia.

"HA! YES YOU DID!" said Vaespar.

Wait, what was he talking about? He did it. He came up with the strategy right?



So Clavell was claiming he was Cassopeia.

Only one thing to do with him and his Oranguru then.

"Lang! Crunch!"

"Finally the true mastermind... I've been waiting for this moment!"

The Oranguru's Foul Play didn't stop Lang from taking it out, but a Yawn still left him asleep. Shit. He'd have to deal with that later.

Next was Louis vs. an Abomasnow. Simple enough.

"Louis? You know the drill."

"I heard you don't like HEAT!"

Indeed one Flamethrower lightly toasted the Abomasnow out of the picture.

A Polteageist came and survived a Shadow Ball, then Smashed the Shell of pottery around its body. This was dangerous.

"Keep it up!"

Too late. A Shadow Ball took him out.

"...Primadonno! Aqua Jet!"

"Hmpph. That cracked look is so not your style."

He slammed a jolt of water into the Polteageist, taking it out.

Next, Sid vs. an Amoongus.

"Hey! It's a little mushroom guy! Hi mushroom!"

"Sid, focus! Icicle crash!"

Sid dropped icicles on the Amoongus, smiting it instantly.

Next: Primadonno vs. Houndoom.

"Hmph, more brutes?"

"Close Combat!" said Vaespar.

Primadonno got up close and personal with the Houndoom, and it didn't last long.

Finally was... Another Quaquaval? Vaespar would have to consider things carefully.

"Primadonno, ujse -

Oh shit it Terastalized.

"...Close Combat!"

Primadonno did so but... It survived. And smacked Primadonno with an Aqua Step.

Vaespar had one option left.


"Oh no oh no oh no-"

An Aireal Ace cut into her and Vaespar flinched. But he had to keep it up.

"Terastalize! Energy Ball!"

A Brick Break bounced off her new crystalline hide as she blasted it back with green energy.

It didn't get up.

Some leader of Team Star.



Vaespar had really been on a wild goose chase. Or perhaps on a Swanna chase in the terms of this universe.

He had finally gotten all the badges, gym and otherwise, and was told Cassopea was the big boss of Team Star... by Cassopea. After trying to track them down Clive revealed he was Clavell and also claimed he was Cassopea - but after Vaespar defeated him in battle revealed the latter was a ruse - both to protect who he suspected the real Cassopea was and to protect Vaespar from them in turn. In the end, all this accomplished was subjecting Clavell to the wrath of the math teacher.

Vaespar felt he shared Clavell's suspicions of who Cassopea was - but he'd have to wait until nightfall...


So this Penny was the mysterious overlord of Team Star. Vaespar had to admire her chutzpah.

Though he also had to deal within her Umbreon. He swapped in Primadonno, who took a Dark Pulse with ease.

"Tch. You're going to have to do better than that."

"Close Combat!" said Vaespar.

Primadonno jumped and danced and kicked into the Umbreon even as it gave him Baby Doll Eyes. It got taken out with ease.

Next up was Mudb1 vs. Jolteon.

"...You sure we should be beating up this kid?" said Mudb1.

"Positive! Earthquake!"

Mudb1 sighed and complied even as the Jolteon gabon her more Baby Doll Eyes. Predictably, it was taken out.

The next match was Olivia vs. Vaporeon. This girl really liked Eevee, didn't she.

"Energy Ball!"

"I... I'm sorry..." said Olivia.

Her spheres of green energy surged past an Aurora Beam and decimated the Vaporeon.

Next: Lang vs. Flareon.

"Finally... I've found my prey," said Lang.

"Stone Edge!" said Vaespar."

The pointed stones took out the Flareon handily.

The fifth match: Sid vs. Leafeon. Sid furrowed his brow in concern.

"This kid looks sad... Ya think she'll be all right?"

"She... She wants us to do this," said Vaespar. "Icicle Crash."

What was wrong with him? He shouldn't care. Sid's Crashing Icicles took out the Leafeon regardless.

And now the final match: Louis vs. Sylveon.

"...Gonna play a sad song for this one..." said Louis.

"...Torch Song," said Vaespar.

Louis played a mournful tune on his Trumpet. Bathing the Sylveon in harsh flames. It Terastalized and Baby Doll Eyes in response however, dulling the impact.

"Keep it up! Then Flamethrower!"

Louis's fires intensified into a crescendo that burnt away at a Shadow Ball from the Sylveon and then into its crystalline armor.

It was down.

Vaespar had defeated Team Star once and for all.

....Why didn't he feel good about it?


Vaespar knew Arven would be using the Pokemon he sicced on the Titans, and also Mabosstif, but there was no telling what they could do.

Including this Greedent.

"Close Combat! Now!"

"You really need a better furstyle. Let me fix it up for you," said Primadonno.

He launched into a flurry of punches and kicks, which sent it flying into a nearby tree. Guess the Greedent wasn't doing much.

Next was Sid vs. the Toedscruel, truly a disgusting creature.

"Ewwwww, you should get those lumps checked out," said Sid.

"Hit them with Icicle Crash!" said Vaespar.

That, indeed, did the trick, and the pelting ice meant the Toedscruel was out for the count.

Next: Mudb1 vs... Garganacl?

"MMmm, salt... said Mudb1."

"Don't eat it NOW!" said Vaespar. "Earthquake it!"

The creature tried to Body Press back, but Mudb1's unrelenting tremors shattered its salty armor and made it collapse.

Next was a Scovillain. Vaespar knew it was rixsky... but sent out Lang in response.

"Bit off a looker if I ever saw one." said Lang.

"Stone Edge it!" said Vaespar.

He tried... But missed. An Energy Ball left him on the ropes. Time for a new plan.


"...That thing is scar-"

She meeped as she was hit by an Energy Ball.

"Terastalize! Tera Blast!"
A Fire Blast bounced off Olivia's crystalline armor as a gust of air emerged from her fronds and blew the Scovillain away.

Next up: Cloyster vs. Primadonno.

"And YOU! You need to polish your shell!"

"Close Combat again!" said Vaespar. The Cloyster was ill prepared for Primadonno's dancer kicks and was sent skidding aside.

Next was Mabosstiff. Primadonno frowned. For a sick dog it was awfully Intimidating.

Vaespar noticed this and swapped him for Mudb1. But uh oh, it Terastalized. But oh yay, its Play Rough did nothing to Mudb1.

"Nice doggie.." said Mudb1.

"Low Kick!" said Vaespar.

The Mabosstif tried to latch on with multiple Crunches but Mudb1 reared up and smacked back with sharp kicks, eventually knocking it loose and sending it tumbling down.

Yeah Vaespar felt he was ready for Area Zero now.



The matter of Team Star had been taken care of, in a roundabout manner. But Vaespar had other tasks at hand.

He had also beaten Arven, completing his Path Of Legends, but Arven still needed help getting into Area Zero. Vaespar knew after the Starfall Street debacle he could get Penny's help... But then there was the question of Nemona.

Which meant the final thing in his itinerary.

Victory Road.

After frantically searching Mezagoza for the entrance he went into a tunnel he emerged on a grassy knoll, and Geeta greeted him at the Pokemon league building with vague promises to kick his ass. He got his team ready.

His team. No more punishments. They had survived so long. He was sticking with them until the end.

...Why was he like this?


Vs. Rika

First a job interview, now a fight? This Rika was really testing Vaespar.

Olivia took a Muddy Water from her Wiscash, but wasn't phased.

"Uh, that... Did damage I guess..."

Energy Ball!" said Vaespar.

The Energy Ball knocked the Whiscash flat.

Next was Primadonno vs. Camerupt. Hm. She seemed to be a Ground-type specialist...

"If you make any hump day jokes," said Primadonno, "I swear to-"

"Just Aqua Step it!"

Primadonno quickly obliged, and the Camerupt didn't get to make a peep. The Donphan that came next befel a similar fate, as diod the Dugtrio,

Next was... A Clodsire? What a dopey creature...

...Which meant it had to be a threat.

"Keep up the assault!" said Vaespar.

Primadonno kept up his dance, but then - it Terastalized AND Protected itself. Vaespar growled.

"Don't let that stop you!"

"Oh absolutely not!" said Primadonno.

HE tried again- only for the watery force to be slurped into the Clodsire. Water Absorb. Shit.

"...Go Sid!

Sid was sent out and immediately hit by an Earthquake, though it didn't seem to phase him much.

"Aw, what a little cutie!" said Sid.

"That thing is a menace!" said Vaespar. "Icicle Crash it!"

Sid did, in fact, Crash Icicles onto the Clodsirew, finally taking it out.

One down, three to go.


Vs. Poppy

This... This was an infant. Were they sure -

He couldn't underestimate her. Her Copperajah LOOKED tough. She was probably a Steel specialist.

Which meant Louis.

"Fire, Louis, FIRE!"

"Coming right up!"

A Torch Song took the Copperajah right out. As did the Bronzong. And the Corvinight. And the Magnezo- Oh shit, that survived and set up a Light Screen.


Louis breathed stronger flames that did the trick.

Last was... A Tinkaton? A tiny pink creature with a huge hammer? And it Terastalized! And Stone Edged Louis!

Oh wait. Louis Flamethrowered it to death.



Vs. Larry

Wait... This man was a gym leader AND a member of the Elite 4? Was that even ALLOWED?

Questions later. Vaespar had to deal with his Tropius first. He said he used a different type for the Elite 4... Was he a Flying specialist?
"Primadonno! Ice Spinner!"

"Hope you like chilled bananas."

The Spinning dance of Ice left the Tropius frozen on the floor. He tried to do the same to the Staraptor that came next, b\ut the Intimidating Staraptor's Brave Bi9rd took Primadonno out in turn... and then itself from the recoil.

Next was Sid vs. Oricorio.

"Ooh, this one is.. Electrifying!" said Sid.

"Icicle Crash it before it paralyzes you or something!"

Sid's icicles did in fact surge past an Aikr Slash to do exactly that.

Next was an Altaria. Vaespar knew he couldn't send Sid against that... GHe swapped to Lang.

"Hmph. My fur coat's better than that cloud fluff."

"Stone Edge it away then!" said Vaespar.

Lang summoned pointed rocks that cut away at the Altaria's fluff and sent it spiraling downward to the ground.

Next was.... Flamingo... Denny....

No, Vaespar had to stay in reality.

He sent out Louis.


"Here we go!"

The Flamigo Terastalized and connected a Brave Bird first, but Louis' scorching flames and the recoil left it barely hanging. Vaespar had an idea.

"Lang! You're up!"

Lang entered, was hit by another Brave Bird, and watched as the recoil wore away at the Flamigo. Perfect.

"Got you cornered," said Lang.

He sent an Accelroc from his mane straight into the Flamigo. Its crystal armor broke into a million pieces as it fell.

That was a tough one, Vaespar thought. But there was still one more...


Vs. Hasslel

Vaespar had to fight his art teacher. He shuddered. Terrifying.

First up was his Noivern... A Dragon specialist.

"Primadonno, Ice Spinner!"

"Ice skating time!"

The spinning ice took out the Noivern in an instant.

Next was Mudb1 vs. a Dragalge. It probably had Water moves but...

"That's some weird seaweed!" said Mudb1.

"Earthquake it!" said Vaespar.

The Earthquake took it out with no fear of Water moves in sight.

Next was Sid vs. a Flapple.

"Mmmmm... Apples..."

"That apple will kill you if you don't Icicle Crash it!"

Sid begrudgingly oblidged, removing the Flapple from the picture. The Haxorus that came next dented Sid with a Dragon Claw, but Siid Icicle Crashed it too into oblivion.

Next was... Hassle's own Baxcalibur. Hm.

"...Lang, go!"

"The dragon guarding the end huh..." said Lang.

"Stone Edge!"

"Wait. Shit. He Terastalzed. Lang's Stone Edge delivered a critical hit...

...But so did the Baxcalibur's Glaive Rush. Lang was down.

...But Vaespar still had one ace up his sleeve.


"Your hat is ug-leee. Sid's hat is much nicer."

"Ice Spinner!" said Vaespar.

The Spin of Ice struck true and caused the Tereastalized Baxcalibur to fall flat.

That was the Elite 4 down.

As for what's next...


Vs. Geeta

Slenderwoman was attacking him. He was going to die.

He'd have to get through her Espratha first...

"Louis! Shadow Ball!"

"Alright, time for one last song in this league run!"

A psychic shatter did not stop Louis from wiping out the bird with a shadowy sphere from his trumpet. An Avalugg fell to a similar Flamethrower.

Next came Primadonno vs... a Kinggambit? Was that thing sitting on a THRONE? That was VAESPAR'S job!

"Some ruler you are," said Primadonno.

"Close Combat!" said Vaespar.

The pummeling knocjked the Kingambit off its throne.

Next: Sid vs. a Gogoat.

"You're far from GOATed dude," said Sid.

"Prove it with an Icicle Crash!" said Vaespar.

The Crashing Icicles did indeed prove Sid's point.

Next was - oh no not another He took a risk and kept in Sid.


"Mmm, fish..."

Sid bit don hard on the Veluza, knocking it out instantly.

Finally came... a Glimmora? What WAS this thing?

"Torch Song!"

Oh. It Terastalized into a Rock type. And used Earth Power. Not good.


Mujdb1 switched into a Rock Tera Blast, but didn't feel much."

"We're in the home stretch! No giving now!" said Mudb1.

Vaespar felt a thrill tingle his entire body. He then realized what was happening to him:

This entire universe believed so hard in the power of friendship he was starting to believe it too.


Mudb1 shone, glittered, and gave a hearty yell as she slammed her feet into the ground. The resulting tremors knocked her opponent out easily.

They had done it.

They had won.

Vaespar cheered.


Vs. Nemona

One last extra test from Nemona huh. Vaespar could handle it.


It was Mudb1 vs. Lycanroc, who had set up a Stealth Rock. Disgusting.


"Here we go! Yeehaw!"

She slammed her hooves into the ground even as the Lycanroc tried to Drill Run her, and it was out.

Sid vs. Goodra was the next matchup. Sid retched a bit.

"Ew, slimy..."

"Freeze the slime with an Icicle Crash!"

The first attempt... missed. Oh no. A Dragon Pulse from the Goodra hit sid hard. But a second Icxicle Crash got it in the end.

Mudb1 vs. Pawmot time. The Pawmot let loose a Close Combat? That didn't hurrt much.

"Alright fluffy, now you get yours!" said Mudb1.

Her Earthquake sent the rodent flying into the crowd, to much cheering.

Up next was... Primadonno vs. Dudunsparce.

"So many segments..." said Primadonno.

"Hit 'em with Close Combat!" said Vaespar.

Primadonno hit each and every segment with a powerful punch or kick. Causing the Dudunsparce to roll right over. The same happened to an Orthworm.

Finally, the fateful Louis vs. Meowscarada.

"We've come so far.." said Louis, a tear coming to his eye.

"We sure have huh..." said Vaespar. "Let's make it count! Terastalize! Torch Song!"

The Meowscarada tried to Terastalize itself. And Shadow Claw Louis, but it bounced off his crystal armor. He let loose another powerful, fiery song.

It fell.

Vaespar cheered again.

His long Victory Road had reached the end at last.


Vaespar was fighting robots.


How did it come to this?

Regardless. It was Mudb1 vs. Iron Moth.

"Woah, things got crazy sci fi in here..."

"I know right?" Earthquake!"

The Earthquake sent the Iron Moth aside.

Next was Iron Bundle vs. Primadonno.

"This crystal room is garish, you know?"

"Not the point!" said Vaespar. "Close Combat!"

A Freeze Dry caught Primadonno off guard, but he pummeled the creature into scrap all the same.

Now for Mudb1 vs. Iron Hands.

"These things again? One Earthquake coming up!"

A Fake Out deterred her briefly, but the Tremors struck true all the same, resulting in a ring out for the robot Hariyama. The Iron Thons that came next tried its own Earthquake, but that hardly phased her and she rammed it right back to take it out.

The Earthquakes had no effect on the Iron Jugulus Dark Pulsing her however. The Low Kick didn't do much either. Vaespar needed another option.


"Well this is a wacko future robot sitch we're i-" Sid started to say.

He yelped as a Dark Pulse hit him and then a Flash Cannon, but then the usual Icicle Crash destroyed the iron hydra.

Finally was Louis vs. an Iron Vallant. Vaespar knew this one was unpredictable.

"Shadow Ball!"

"This song isn't for your future battle AI," said Louis. "It's for OURS!"

The Iron Vallant tried to shred Louis with his Psycho Cuts, but Louis trumpeted and trumpeted and trumpeted some more. Shadow Balls flew everywhere, and the might of the future Gallade fell under the assault.

AI Turo's mission had been accomplished. But Vaespar knew it was bittersweet.


So a Miriadon vs. Miraidon match huh?

So be it.

"Miraidon, Power Gem!"

"Am... Am I really doing this?"

He unleashed gems of energy at the other Miraidon.

"Hmph. Weakling as always."

A Taunt I see, thought Vaespar.

"That's not going to work on me anymore!" said Miraidon.

He slammed the other Miraidon with an Electro Drift. Then a Tera Blast. But it still did not yield.

"Die. "

It blasted a Hyper Beam into Miraidon's side. He barely hung on.

"You can do it! Endure!"

"...I... I can! I can do this!"

He Endured, but the other Miraidon was winded - and the others were pointing out an opportunity.

"Miraidon! Terastalize! Tera Blast!"

"I'm not-"

Miraidon crystalized.

"Afraid of-"

A dragon hat appeared on his head.


Energy began to charge.


The energy fired.

It blasted the other Miraidon away.

Vaespar did it.

No. Miraidon had done it.




Light filled Denny's eyes.

He stretched, blinked. He wasn't in the Box anymore. He was in Mezagoza. All hiks teammates were around him, smiling. Vaespar was there too.

"We did it, Denny. You can come home now."

He was embraced from all sides by human and Pokemon alike. He squawked, then gavea beaky smile.

He really was home.




Vaespar was staring out at the Paldean landscape from atop the Zero Gate, content.

He had saved Paldea. He had a great team, friends who loved him. It was all he could ever want in life. Maybe his old goals weren't all they were cracked up to be anywa-




Oh. He was still sealed away. Must be having one of his sealed away astral visits again.

He shrugged Guess it was back to business trying to become a god and devouring anyone who stood in his way. At least once he inevitably broke free...



Phew! Arrceus had finally gotten the right file and removed that weird virus. He could assume direct control now.

...Though was it really a virus? It did solve that same problem Arceus was trying to fix in the end.

...Just like that hero from another world he asked for help in Hisui.

...Maybe he should do this more often...

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