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Visitor Message vs Keldeo

Bluh I must have been thinking of High Jump Kick or something? In any case, I gave Toby back 1% HP for that oversight.

Format: 2v2 single
Style: Switch
DQ: 10 days
Damage Cap: 30%
Banned/Restricted Moves: OHKO moves, Direct recovery moves, Rest, Wish
Arena Description: An enormous black Rubik's cube is suspended in an endless void. A glowing light pours out of the cracks in its surface, radiating a strange kind of energy. Before each round, the color of the light changes randomly to a hue signifying one of the eighteen types. Any moves of this type are 1.5x effective.


Visitor Message (XO)
[Master Belch] M <Gooey>
Health: 10%
Energy: 33%
Status: Panting heavily, but smiling.
-4 Special Attack

Keldeo (XO)
pancham (life-orb)
[Toby] M <Iron Fist>
Health: 23%
Energy: 70%
Status: Frustrated and stinging.
Severely Poisoned (4% damage this round). Confused (moderate).
+3 Attack, +1 Special Attack​

As the referee starts the next round with a wave of her flags, the light of the cube dims to a deep black, yet oddly enough, the Trainers and Pokemon are still able to see clearly in the gloom. Toby growls, and rushes at Master Belch with a fist out, ready to give the Goomy a piece of his mind. Yet once again, his attack is stopped by a quick flash of green light, as Master Belch repels Toby's attack with all the energy he can muster.

Toby screeches in frustration, and hops back a couple paces to build up some momentum. Master Belch drops his shield for a moment to quickly take in his surroundings, and finds, to his distress, that Toby is already about to strike again. The Goomy shuts his eyes tightly and tries to push his mental energy outwards to protect himself, but he's still tired from the last Protect and is having difficulty creating another barrier. Master Belch is still trying to focus when Toby charges him again with an angry cry, and finds his attack connect, to his surprise.

Master Belch gasps as he feels the energy being sapped out of him, and darkness washes over his vision. The Goomy goes completely limp, puddling out slightly, as the referee raises her flags and goes over to check on him. With a nod, she waves her flags again, and declares that Master Belch is unable to battle!

Visitor Message (XX)
[Master Belch] M <Gooey>
Health: 0%
Energy: 25%
Status: Knocked Out!

Keldeo (XO)
pancham (life-orb)
[Toby] M <Iron Fist>
Health: 23%
Energy: 58%
Status: Relieved that it's over.
Severely Poisoned (4% damage this round). Confused (moderate).
+3 Attack, +1 Special Attack, -1 Speed​

-The type boosted by the cube this round was Dark type.
-Master Belch successfully Protected from Drain Punch on the first action.
-Master Belch's Protect failed on the second action.
-Master Belch was knocked out by Drain Punch on the second action. His ability gave Toby a -1 drop in speed, not that it mattered at that point. (Drain Punch also healed the poison and recoil damage Toby took this turn.)

Good game, you two! Li Feng receives 1 EXP, and Vesper, Master Belch and Toby will all receive 2 EXP. Keldeo gets $16, VM gets $8, and I get $10. You can claim your prize money by linking to this post in the Bank, and such.
Good game, VM, you handled the very many vital moments veritably magnificently! And thank you to Dragon for the amazing reffings.
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