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What were you and your partner in PMD red and blue?

im a squirtle with a cyndaquil
past teams that beat game: umbreon and meganium,marowak and swampert,sceptile and swampert,jolteon and charizard,flareon and raichu,and last but not least vaporeon and feraligator :D
Its freaky every single time I do it i've got Squirtle am i being told something? My partner was a Bulbasaur.

I redid it answering all the questions the oppisite way round, I was a Pikachu with a Chikorita partner
I would have liked to be Eevee with Skitty as my partner but that wasn't possible so I was an Eevee with a Torchic.

From EeveeSkitty
I am a Skitty called Tanika and my partner was a Totodile without a name. Now I'm a Delcatty and my partners a Feraligatr.
A Cyndaquil named Eediot (or something to that sense)
:D You win at life, my friend.

Right now I'm a Mudkip named Aphrodite with a Cyndaquil named Valerie.

That only one I've beaten the game with was a Eevee named Kira and...a Pikachu that I can't remember. I restart a lot.
I was a Cyndaquil and my partner was a Totodile. It was a year or so ago, so I don't remember their names.
I've restarted it al lot, so i'm just gonna say about my first team.

Me: Charmander(real name)(yes, this is partly why i'm obsessed with that chain)
Partner: Mudkip(Muddle)arent i creative?)
Team name: Firefly (if you steal it i'll kill you.)

That game is the only thing that's made me cry in about four years. I almost restarted it after Muddle wanted the team makeup to be interchangable because i didn't want him to become one of those 'mindless drones'. But i didn't and i just did missions by myself, but i finally restarted after i couldn't get through the dungeon with lugia in it. I haven't beaten the game since.
My first one was of Cyndaquil and Treecko (partner), and the one I'm using now is of Eevee and Squirtle.

Did you know, Eevee in PMD possess' great strength? Mine is lvl 18 or something, and it has already hit over 80 (Critical hits).
I was a Cyndaquil and my partner was a Totodile. It was a year or so ago, so I don't remember their names.

Holy crap! Same here, and what's weird is that I'm female. I played as a guy in Blue XD Unlike most people I know, I play as a guy in most games, because the female sprites are screwed up. I mean, have you seen the female trainer sprites? PINK! :angry:
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