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Will You...?

Gardevoir Girl

^Don't call me that
Written for one person in particular - he knows who he is. Sorry about the bad title, I couldn't think of anything else.

Will You...?​

Will you love me
Until my time is gone?
Will you hold me close
On those freezing nights,
Take my hand
And kiss my frozen fingers?
Or am I asking too much?

Will you gaze at me
With love in your eyes
Or only regret and pity?
Will you let me love you
Unto death and beyond?
Or am I hoping too much?

Will you stay to say goodbye
Or walk away?
Will I walk my short path alone?

Will you love again
Be happy once more
And yet still want to rejoin me
At the end?
Will I cry for us
On these cold nights
And hope you have someone
Who loves you more than I can?

Will you forget
Or will you remember?
Will you visit the forgotten grave?
Will you cry for me
Or only for your time wasted with me?
Or don't I trust you enough?

I will wait for you after death;
Will you look for me?
Or am I praying too much?
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