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my dad is watching Cats (2019) and im not sure whether i want to leave or see how this develops
just set my morning alarm tone to the Circle of Life. Why I decide to go with the 2019 version instead of the 1994 version, I have no idea
Hi ! I know we must have been active around the same time based on your join date but I must confess I do not recognize your user :< Is there another name I would have known you by ?
Happy birthday !! Hope you have a great one ♡ Regarding my Twitch, yes I just started playing FE3H last month ! It's been slow going since I primarily play on stream, but I am absolutely loving it so far
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Thank you, and i hope your enjoying Three houses. I'll have to watch :>
I'm really enjoying it ! I'll be playing on stream Saturday 11/14 at 3pm PST if you happen to be free then :)
Looks like I'm going to have to redo my Digimon / South Park crossover fic, again... I think I'll just have President Garrison lock himself in the oval office for his final weeks in office and work my initial story plans around that. Tldr: stay tuned