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  • You like SE? :D Me too, I have a Soul Eater- based RP up and running right now if you're interested.
    ...okay i'll give you that, but it's weird doing midterms and listening to the hamster dance.

    fanfiction.net? *recoils in horror* i...i can't read some of them fanfics cause they scare me ._. some are really good though. and i sometimes find cracky crossovers which amuse me :>
    by mail, huh? we once got nutella by mail oddly enough. free sample.

    heh, i stil have to remeber the name sometimes too. and it takes a while to start, but it's a nifty ability.

    writing's cool. i am apperently good at description but eh
    That's why i get multiple songs stuck in my head, even if that /is/ a boneheaded move. lately i can actually switch them at will; i'm really good with notes and remebering how they go by ear.

    haha oh man really? ever buy one of those?
    the sprites ya mean? true.

    heh, it's a good deal of what i listen to. I plan to be a cartoonist one day but music is amazing for me for some reason. i can carry a tune in my head pretty much all day.
    that damn music whaaat

    There exists something called Touhoumon. touhou + Pokemon = wait what whoa do want

    oic. that would make things better.

    personal soundtrack according to moments. GO
    A good deal of what's going in there will have to do something with anime. or Touhou. This right here is a mix of most of the songs in the 12th game, in NES form. They normally sound like orchestras, but this works beautifully <3 If I'm not rambling about TTGL, I'm rambling about this.

    Go on, I ramble as welll
    True. I plan to get onna those newfangled music players and download that on shuffle or something.

    Incidentally, have yuo ever heard of TVTropes? o: On the What Do You Mean It's Not Awesome page, I found:

    This troper was heading out for groceries and brought his mp3 player along. Just as I walked out of the front door, the first chorus from Team Dai-Gurren's theme started. I felt like I'd just single-handedly saved the world by opening that one door
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