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Recent content by Automata heart

  1. Automata heart

    Misreadings and stuff

    mistyped hiya as okay. hands, y u mad at me?
  2. Automata heart

    Answer A Question With A Question

    how big COULDN'T they get?
  3. Automata heart

    The "Fwee" Thread

    Re: The "Fwee" Thread, Mk. IV mum let the middle name of our 2 boy cats be 'frigglish" for the eldest and 'jasper' for his little brother~!!!!!
  4. Automata heart


    i had a dream about homestuck cosplay. (i'm super worried about my costume/wig) i was talking to a John and a rose. (i think in my head they were the real deal.) this makes it the 3'rd homestuck related dream in 3 nights.
  5. Automata heart

    Are you a Supernatural believer?

    i guess i belive in the supernatural, but thats because i used to see things as a child, so i've just always held onto that belief. i also think its perfectly plausible that there is something else out there. we don't know everything, and if we are stupid to pretend we do.
  6. Automata heart

    One-Shot Last Moments (a Homestuck fanfiction) (slight spoilers)

    SPOILER WARNING A/N: this is written in roses point of veiw when she was fighting jack noir with john. this is just after john dies and just as she does. Have you ever seen the sunrise on prospet john? It’s like nothing on earth. There’s only the glow of the city, then, suddenly, skaia lights...
  7. Automata heart

    The "Fwee" Thread

    Re: The "Fwee" Thread, Mk. IV had the best convo with my mum about the upside of having a lesbian harem. we decided i could use it to confuse my grandmother when i get older i can bring a different one over every weekend and screw with her mind. how we got here from a convo about being a good...
  8. Automata heart

    Tropes that describe you.

    oh yeah, and crazy cat lady cloud cuckoolander. creature of a habbit (i'll watch the same youtube videos over and over again for weeks) Apologises a Lot and The Insomniac (i don't like trying to sleep because my anxitey goes apeshit loco when i try and sleep without being falling-down tired.)
  9. Automata heart

    Tropes that describe you.

    Forgets To Eat, i have a thing that means i often don't remember i need to eat. Anything That Moves. i'm pansexual, and i'll hit on anyone who seems nice and smart. Adorkable tsundere. with new people. Cluster F-Bomb. talking to anyone in my cosplay group. Oral Fixation Fixation, i'm always...
  10. Automata heart

    Famous Ancestors/Relatives

    on my mums side, my non-blood related family we're some of the first people to arrive in New Zealand, and my blood related family were kicked out of France for being heretics. on my dads side, fucking no one.
  11. Automata heart

    The QUILTBAG Club (formerly the LGBT club)

    i will like, never, be able to come out to my dads family. also, i hate my cousin. she was talking about a friend of hers who identifies as pans and peoples reactions were disheartening. not really bad, just disheartening. this same cousin was talking about deliberately provoking a friends...
  12. Automata heart

    The "Fwee" Thread

    Re: The "Fwee" Thread, Mk. IV so i've been looking for this skirt i knew i had SOMEWHERE, but was a bit worried mum had put it in the rag-bag, but, i found it, and now i'm happy.
  13. Automata heart

    Avoiding the Zzzzz's

    did a all-nighter, fell asleep at the hospital waiting for my mum, and the nurse had to wake me up because i was "very still", and i tend to fall asleep on my someone special couch,so now i sit down and i'm all f**k i'm tired......... i normaly internet all night if i want any chance of being...
  14. Automata heart

    The Felt--Homestuck Fan Club

    um. hi, i just got into this a few weeks/months ago, and as i'm cosplaying rose in like just over a month i thought screw it, i'm getting in on this.
  15. Automata heart

    The QUILTBAG Club (formerly the LGBT club)

    well sweetie, their dicks. no one who is meant to stay in your life would care about something like this. your cousin sounds like he needs a talking to about keeping secrets. on a different note, i have a TINY crush on a girl who i cosplay with. >__< i have a boyfriend (who i really really...