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Recent content by Belmont

  1. Belmont

    Jacqui's Porno Nights

    Re: WHO WANTS A HAM Yes for scientology!
  2. Belmont

    Welcome to the world, new brother!

    Congratulations! I remember when my lil' bro was born i was a pretty happy guy. Hopefully yours won't be as annoying as mine can be sometimes.
  3. Belmont


    Used to play it practically every day but I only do now when i'm bored. it was an ok game but I think that leveling up and stuff was a bit too tedious. I might try playing it again tonight, Username is Pent67 for those who want to know.
  4. Belmont

    You laugh you lose (aka POST ALL FUNNY STUFF HERE)

    Re: You laugh you lose Lost for the 30th time on this one. The Hitler ones made me lmao.
  5. Belmont

    Full Metal Alchemist Club

    I'm pretty sure they pronouce it as Homunculi in the anime when they're talking about more that one of them.
  6. Belmont

    What do you think of fellow forumgoers

    Dewgongeru - Pretty cool from what i've seen. More coming soon...
  7. Belmont

    Three word story

    ...high and shattered...
  8. Belmont

    Three word story

    ...his voice was...
  9. Belmont

    Three word story

    ...who ungratefully took...
  10. Belmont

    Right or Left Shift

    Right shift.
  11. Belmont

    What Games Are You Playing?

    Update time Wii - Brawl (accepting challengers!) GBA - Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow DS - Pokemon Pearl PS2 - Castlevania: Lament of Innocence
  12. Belmont

    Which non-promotion legendaries are easiest/hardest to catch?

    Easiest: Regirock on R/S took 1 ultra ball Hardest: Rayquaza caught it on my last timerball after wasting all my Ultra balls, Great balls and Poke balls.
  13. Belmont

    Behind the Avatar [SELF PICTURES GO HERE]

    Me again EDIT: Can't get images working EDIT 2: nm
  14. Belmont

    Favorite video game songs

    Simple, post your top 5 (or fewer) favorite video game songs, a link if possible and what game they are from. Here's mine: 1. Vampire Killer - Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles 2. Divine Bloodlines - Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles 3. Battle for Who's sake? - Fire Emblem 6: The Sealed...
  15. Belmont

    What are you wearing right now?

    Team Germany Euro shirt and black shorts