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Black Yoshi
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  • Ok, I downloaded Hearthfire... It is the most evil thing in existence.

    Not only did it prevent me from sleeping because of the extreme need to buildbuildbuild, but it made all the children naked. Seriously, I adopted a daughter and I tried to give her clothes, and she put them on, but they were glitched and was just a floating head, hands and feet. Sonofa-
    Twenty feet?
    Twenty feet?
    Twenty feet?
    That's like four Lala's stacked up.
    I shall.

    OH SO THAT'S WHAT'S GOIN' ON. :D That's coo', that's coo'. I'm excited. C=

    Technically it should be a thing that can happen to Nico so he can gain more swag and coolness! :0 ... But yeah, you're gonna hafta find a good explanation as to how it happened. And stuff.
    And Nico is very beast.

    ._. Yeah, sorry about not putting anything good in mine. I'm kind of not sure what you guys have in mind, so basically all my post was how Lala's following.

    Also finished an Emilio outline for you, when you're ready for it. :3
    Malik might be the best one to meet. Maybe he's passing through Whiterun. Probably arguing with the guards who won't let him in because he's a Khajiit and they think he belongs in the caravans. Cato would be in Skyrim... but at that point he'd be on the mission to kill the Emperor...
    Well I certainly do hope that Nico won't flipping kill Lala in his place.
    That'd suck for all of us.
    :0! Frankenstein, woooo—
    Also, I apologize for not letting you get to kill off Emilio. ;; ;;
    I wish you the best of luck. *salute*

    Or really, you don't have to do it if you don't want to, you do enough as it is. ; ;
    Ya know.

    If Lucy's in Skyrim two years before Helgen... She might run into Malik. I've changed his story a bit so he's been in Skyrim for two and a half years. Cato is there too.

    So, take a look at this. What if, *strokes imaginary beard* we put that spiky part on a side of her face, and had the rest of that side sort of border the side of her face close to her ear so we can still see the circles?
    I cannot explain this.
    And I'm worried it might not be jester-y enough.
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