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  • Yeah you can PM it to me. :]

    Uhmm I will try to continue it, you can ask for an e-ref though if you want.
    xD Well, fun., if you don't listen to them! Uhm... idk, uhm... Idan Raichel? That's in Hebrew. Janelle Monae? 9_9
    n____n you're welcome~ I've had fun. songs stuck in my head for months. Can't get 'em out...
    They're all incredibly catchy. e_e Turn it Off is definitely my favourite though...
    It's a great song. :D But my favourite from that musical is Turn it Off, which was stuck in my head for weeks. sddfsd x_x
    Sorry. I'll get to it as soon as possible. I've been a little busy, but I'll get to it as soon as I can.
    Yeah, it is great, but musicals are a bit more obscure than like, movies and such. And even those references, people don't always get. 9_9
    Hey, I noticed you posted on the Pokemon Registration Office. That's great and all, but you said that Atlas retains his new move after evolution. Every time a pokemon evolves you have to get it re-approved, so when he evolves, I suggest getting a new move, or enhancing the old one. Oh, and hi!
    n_n someone else is reffing your first battle so I can ref your second. I'll send you some items though, so wait till you attach them to your pokemon! (and till you receive them...)

    :D :D :D ~~~~

    when you make/accept an asber challenge i'll ref it for you (just don't make it too complex please e_e)
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