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  • Yup, they were prizes for some ASB Award categories. There will be more when/if we finish up some of the higher-level tournament battles.
    No rush, mate. Just wanted to know if you were active or not, since I hadn't seen you post in the Absence topic.
    Just kind of popping by to ask if you're active, 'cause I posted in the battle thread a week ago. XD
    Just noticed you didn't take out the damage for using Substitute from Baskin's health in Squorn vs ILS, just to let you know.
    OOHHHHH ok. I did everything else energy and HP for both Pokemon and came out the same but that. Um another question. For a double battle, with moves like flame thrower that can hit two opponents but the power is reduced, how much is the power reduced?
    I'm not sure if I'm allowed to ask you questions as the ref of my battle but how did you come out with 18 for mankeys earthquake? I came out with 16. What was my mistake? I have 100 base power/10=10 There is no stab so 1% is deducted. 10-1=9. Then the +2ATK from bulk up makes it 9+2=11 There was no added bonus from EXP cause Mankey has none and the type modifer was 1.5X11=16. What are my mistakes? Trying to learn XD
    I do the bank more rarely than I do transactions for things like the Black Market and ABHE, so the $12 was simply a charge for the move, not a clearing of your bank post(s).

    As long as you stay net positive you can purchase things at the Black Market and so on even if it represents money that you've earned but which hasn't been added to your account yet.
    It's not rude you can VM me about it as much as you like!

    I'm sorry that I haven't written that yet! :c I didn't forget - I'd just been feeling under the weather and didn't feel like doing much of anything but that's really not an excuse at all. I have to finish another reffing first, which I've written some of, and then I'll go back to working on the reffing for yours and Eifie's battle; I'm really sorry for being so slow. :(
    By any chance, could you link me or tell me how ref's do the battles here? Is there a calculator or do they use formulas for this?
    I saw you set up my first battle. Does that mean your the ref for that battle or can any other ref, ref the battle?
    Correct. I reconciled the bank last night, and you were net negative in transactions since the last time I did it.

    Dratini added.
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