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  • Ohhh, so far, pretty tune.

    AWWWW! SHE SOUNDS SOO CUUUUTE >w<;; It remind's me of a fairy a little :)
    Voccaloid is cute, though i don't listen to them very often. Whats some of your favorite songs of theirs? :)....i liked the princess one, aha^^;; lol...x3;
    I love the disney princesses, i kinda look up to them. :)

    Not so much the damsel in distress traits, though. I ment the good traits (though sometimes i wish a guy could just protect me when i feel really sad...).
    Hmm... I'm having accidentals show up in the harp part. How fast can a harp retune, and could the harpist retune while playing (ie do you have access to a pedal-harp)?
    Could your harpist play arpeggios such as those found in the Spring version of Route 12?
    Some questions related to your requested pieces:
    In what environment are you going to play them? Outside? Marching? Inside?
    Are there going to be any other pieces surrounding it? If so, are there going to be any breaks between them and these pieces, or is it going to lead right in? Are these two pieces going to be played separately?
    Could you invite a Timpanist? A drummer? Chimes?
    o_O Holy sh*t, your ensemble is so much better than ours. Out of curiosity, not that I'll actually use these notes, how high can your trumpet go?
    Alright. Thanks! I'll get working on it sometime in January, and finish by February.

    (Pst, separate pieces, or combined?)
    Yeah, I never had any experience with Harp before. All the other instruments, I've done stuff on, so I'm fine.

    A few questions: How many people can play percussion? Do you want both songs to be combined into one piece, or would you rather have them separately?
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