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  • are you in a diferent country to me? i just wondered because you put tonight and where i am its daytime
    Cool. You seem to be active quite often. Hope to see you around. Also nice avatar.
    So you're the guy who reserved Dragonclaw eh?
    Hi. I'm new to the forums, glad to meet you.
    You should. Have you seen all 4 of them?
    I got them on DVD.
    Bender's Big Game
    Beast with a Billion Backs
    Bender's Game
    Into the Wild Green Yonder
    I WATCHED INTO THE WILD GREEN YONDER!!! Its amazing! I won't spoil it for you but the end was so sudden and great. I suppose it doesn't ruin the plot at all really.

    They are chased by (someones ship) and the whole crew are on board. (Scruffy, Hermes, Kif included) and they approach a wormhole. Fry tells Leela how much he loves her and everyone is scared what to do, if they go into it they may never return, they ask Bender to make the final decision. And they go. The Wormhole then translates into the opening credits.

    That didn't ruin anything about the plot. Did it?

    Anyway, you need to watch it. Everyone goes their own way, theres a amazing plot and the whole thing is ended surperbly. If this is the end of the great series (please no.) then that was a great way to go.
    Yeah. SSE is something you really should take breaks for to appreciate it fully. I've already done it before (like half a year ago) but i'm redoing it.
    Yep. I was going to save it until me friend came round. (Hes just as big a Futurama fan as I am) but hes going to his uncle's in scotland this week so I might as well watch it.

    Shame about Brawl, i've been so bored today all i've done was play the story mode (sub-space emissionary) I'm going into the Great maze the hardest bit of the game.

    Thats my day. (other than going to football practise.)
    Hi Claw, me again. I got Futurama: Into the Wild Green Yonder today! I'm not watching it yet though.
    Obviously if I ignored it completely it would be seeming careless and unthoughtful.

    Right now I don't want it in my social life (which is the only type of decent life I have now, along with sleep.)

    So... on a lighter note... Have you seen the final futurama special yet? Its out now, but I haven't got enough money to buy the DVD.
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