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  • ...that still is doing something different, you do realize that?

    either way, the consensus was not "lol troll BAN", it was "wow this guy is being a jerk and violating a bunch of rules."
    "Maybe you guys shouldn't have been so hard on him" that is literally saying we should have done something different
    I'm not entirely sure what your idea of doing things differently would be. Not infracting him for legitimate offenses? I highly doubt the mods can be less strict on a person due to purported real-life circumstance; it creates a precedent where anyone who gets rightfully infected can claim real-life problems and then the whole system goes kaboom. In real life, maybe, since you can generally verify said circumstances, but probably not online
    I don't mean to sound harsh or anything, but I'm going through a friend situation where someone actually used the phrase "he's going through a hard time right now" as if it excused his actions and i'm sorry but it doesn't. at all. especially in an online setting where you have time to read over what you write and think "hmmm is this a good thing to say"
    Honestly, the way this is phrased makes it sound like you're blaming us for him "snapping," which I doubt is what happened. And yes, real-life events likely did influence it but that does not excuse aggressive, rude behavior.
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