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  • I forgot who you were afterward though. ^^; And I was just a Guest when I went browsing your gallery, so of course we didn't talk.
    Okay, I'm back and I finally got a chance to view you dA account, as well as your FA account, and let me just say this: IT'S YOU! 8D

    When I saw your avie, the style felt familiar to me as if I've seen it before. As soon as I saw your dA & FA page, I began to remember. I used to browse through your gallery at FA last year, though it was only twice that I did so. Afterward I forgot your user name. X3
    So long as you don't post anything too explicit i.e. porn, then there'll be no warnings (I think).
    I'll have to check your dA account later, I got a class to catch. X(

    "À plus tard, Eddy. ;3"
    6 years & 3 months actually. And I guess you can say that...

    Um, if you haven't noticed yet, this site has some weird threads. For instance, there's a thread on fetishes somewhere on the site. They have one for Poképhiles to chat in, too, and there was even a thread in which you state what you masturbate to. 0_0 If you look at the responses in those thread, people are cool with it and are supportive actually.
    3 years of piano (piano teacher passed away; may he rest in peace) (Intermediate level)
    3 years of clarinet (Intermediate level)
    3 months of the other instruments (Novice)

    Please do note that I said I play these instruments, but I never said I was experienced. X3
    What's there to be shy about? :3 What exactly do you draw anyway?
    Thanks for the comment. :3 Also, do you have a dA account?

    Well, yes and no. I used to place more time in playing music than in my drawing time but now it's going the reverse. XD In case you're wondering, I play the piano, marimba, clarinet, alto saxophone, soprano sax, bass clarinet... basically any instrument that utilizes a reed (except the oboe).
    Unfortunately no. The pic in my avie is a picture I've been trying to find for 2 weeks (and obviously I've succeeded. ^w^).

    I do draw stuff as a hobby during my spare time (like now but I really should be studying. XP). Here's my album and my DeviantArt account.
    I realized my mistake as soon as I got off. XD I meant to use "rencontrer" instead; I always seem to get that word and "raconter" mixed up even though I know the difference of both words. In any case, however, "discuter" is the better word to use. Huh, no wonder I always do bad when it comes to diction. XP

    By the way, I was wondering... did you draw your avie? If so, that's great! :3
    *Sighs* If only I can see that...

    Anyway, I gotta get to sleep. I have to get up really early (the latest being 5:30) if I wanna make it on time to my first class. X_X So right now I'll be getting off.

    "Il était bien de vous raconter, Eddy. Bonne soirée. ;3"
    (^Something is wrong with this sentence, I just know it.)
    I've noticed that during my visit on over there. =/ The best part of the trip was Montmorency Falls, which I found to be a nice sight to see. =)
    No, no, that's not what I meant. I feel that getting the highest grade just won't cut it. It is more along the lines of, "Am I improving in my French skills?" That's what I'm hoping to achieve this year.

    Moving on... cool, I visited Québec City at the beginning of August. =) And let me tell you, it felt as if I never left home. XD
    Québecois... I think... =S
    Well, I'm in CEGEP right now, so just passing the course is not good enough in my opinion. XP
    Now that I said which municipality I live in, mind if I ask you the same question? It seems only fair, you know.
    I don't mind. ^_^
    Laval, and I speak English (my French is horrible; it's a miracle that I even pass my French classes. XD)
    Hey there. You're from Québec, too? And here I thought I was the only Québecer who goes to this forum (other than another person but he never comes on anymore).
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