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  • The other lacked purple. You can't have an icon without purple... or without nightmare fuel. :I
    Weeell I admitedly didn't digged the Lotus one but the Rukh one... after seeing your long rp posts I wa expecting you to have.. and that was after the Leviathan worm avy..which was after the name Leviathan itself... in the rp forum. :V It just seemed to be you and.. it was! o3o
    I'm pretty sure you're the one I know that indirectly made me lurk around here since a while. D:
    Hey, talk to FMC, we are wanting to restart the Chimera RP, but invitation only so that we don't have a bunch of people dropping out.
    Eh, sorry to pester you, but I'm sort of waiting for your post in Creeping Darkness so that I can continue... XD
    Just wondering if you would like to join Sin as a Nexus member.
    They need your help
    Yes, Kusari is amazing at RPs. So much text... I can't scrape up so much detail or character depth, sadly. XD

    Indeed. XD In Karae's eyes, he helped her, paid attention to her and actually seemed to care, so now she's going to follow him blindly. And try to be "perfect" for him, which I can't even begin to guess what that entails. I assume she'll try to help, or something similar? I don't usually plan out what my characters do - I never got much character development with Karae in the last RP I used her, so I'm relying on the fanfic-version of her half the time and guessing the other half.
    Er, I'm in awe of how you reolplay. Your posts are so much longer than mine... And better, more detailed. Er, anyway, yes this is pointless flattery. On to more serious matters! XD Er, would you mind if in The Chimera Project II, Karae sort of attaches herself to Evan? :P
    Well actually, I'm taking a break from ItC. I'm currently writing a script for my PW game, which I kinda need to do ._.
    Once I'm done with that though, I'm going to rewrite the whole thing from scratch, possibly without the Sonic cast, for more originality.
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