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  • I neglect it too sometimes. I am leaving without wanting to now that ASB is gone.
    I guess I could. I've tried with other manga, but my netbook's screen is so small...
    Not quite, there isn't as much detail. But for the most part, at least what I remember, they are pretty close.
    Lol. I really love it. But my favorite characters are those who rarely so the spotlight. The Baltics and Nordics ftw
    Yea. I've reread some of my old post from, not even 8 months ago, and get the same reaction. ulqi and frostagin have dragged me into hetalia without even meaning to
    That's how it was with Cel and me. ; ;
    And Jayy and myself! :0
    Because I'm definitely not quiet nor smart :B
    A headstrong, stubborn little bugger would still be my choice. Man, I'd just love playing someone like that. xD
    I think I could pull it off, perhaps as a stuck-up one or something. xD
    Or an insecure one but preferably the former because that would be amusing. :3
    It was, it was. :3 And I keep telling myself "Alright Ulqi let's RP a guy this time" but it always turns out as a girl. :/
    Yeah, I will! Unfortunately you're the second to be in the waiting list...
    So I'm not really sure if either of you guys will get in. ; ; I guess it depends on whether or not Flareth finishes her form or drops out, I dunno.
    I would try to open up two more spots for you guys, but... Well... Considering the last MC only seven, I didn't want to break tradition and all. ;~;
    FFFT I meant to respond to your last VM. ; ;

    But yeah! It was really sweet last time. :3 It's been almost a year to the day I posted the sign-up sheet for it, which I thought was pretty cool, too.
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