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  • Same to you :D I'm still hopelessly breeding Rockruffs, even with the shiny charm I still haven't gotten a shiny one :Y
    Haha yeah. I've pokeradar chained a grand total of 1 shinies in DPP and even that was when Spoinks were swarming and thus were more common. Such a pain in the ass ugh I'm glad the newer shiny obtaining methods are better :D
    Ouch :Y

    I still don't have my shiny Rockruff but I managed to complete my dex via vigorous GTS trading so I have the Shiny Charm now. Should hopefully make all my shiny endeavours easier :P
    Fair enough :D

    Neat! I personally have a mighty need to match the pokeball colour to the pokemon I'm catching, so I'll probably end up catching my Tapus in other balls. Most of the balls I have in mind will most likely have the same catch rate as regular balls so it should still be challenging :P

    That's some 100% Premium Quality content right there. I really need to get off my lazy ass and draw some more Guzma and other quality dudes from Sun & Moon because I haven't shown them enough appreciation yet :O
    Yea I know Necrozma exists but that's about it :P

    Silvally looks so damn fine as a shiny so if you have the patience, I'd def recommend soft-resetting :O

    Hatching Rockruffs now and trying to get a couple shiny ones in Beast Balls (finding a hidden ability woof was a pain), if you happen to need a Rockruff with its HA and egg moves let me know :B
    I have a ton of pokemon in poke gulag pelago because gotta get all that free shit (and easy berries) :P

    Drampa is cool beans. The ultimately better shiny colour and fact it was Moon exclusive made me pick it instead of Turtonator (which is still great but I'll just use it in some comp team later). I like how wiggly all its hair and moustache noodles are when it's using an attack :D

    I have yet to catch or even encounter any of the UBs because I'm too busy hoarding Beast Balls for catching regular pokemon and breeding them (plus I spent a fair amount of days tsoft resetting for a shiny Type: Null, was totally worth it though). Sorry Looker, looks like you gotta give me another one of your spare balls because I just hid all the ones you gave me earlier. :'D
    Yeah I can help you turn your Nebby Jr. into a bat no problem :P

    And yes petting the shit out of your team is the right way to go. They can have all the beans they want o3o

    My team turned out a tiny bit shiny because I have no life:
    Helmies the Primarina (male)
    Kuraroottori the Mudsdale (male)
    Haaremimmi the *shiny* Salazzle (female, obvs), got it via SOS chaining
    Rukola the Lurantis (male)
    Kuoliainen the *shiny* Golisopod (male), got it by soft-resetting the Wimpod on route 8
    Louhidas the *shiny* Drampa (male), got it by breeding because chaining them was a pain

    This gen definitely had all the characters feeling so much more like characters instead of random dudes just popping in to fight you every now and then. Had to nickname Nebby Nebby because how could I give it any other name? Also gave it the Poke Doll to hold because ;u;

    Guzma is still the best but I was happily surprised by
    ! He's even better now because he looks like he hasn't had a good night's sleep in forever. I guess I'll just have to haul my ass over to the Battle Tree to catch a glimpse of whatever other trainers have returned from past gens (I don't want to spoil myself so I'm not gonna check any lists, haha) :P

    Also, Nanu is a flawless human being and nobody can convince me otherwise.
    If you ever end up needing Moon exclusives (aside from legends/UBs), lemme know! :P

    I'm no good at naming other people's pokemons, haha. My quality naming schemes usually involve taking two words and mashing them together to make something terrible :P

    Any idea what your next team members will be?
    Well, that's also a plan of some kind, I guess :D

    I've been playing and enjoying the game pretty intensely so far, would 100% recommend. If you want a shiny for your in-game team, call chaining is definitely the way to go :P

    You better start looking for that 3ds! Vacation time sounds like the perfect time to play :P

    I was going to spend this week and the beginning of the next playing Dishonored 2 but then the PC version just had to have all those performance issues (I didn't have super shitty performance when I tried it but I had some other distracting bugs) and now I gotta wait for the patch as well. There goes my plan of finishing the game at least once while I wait for pokemon (unless the patch comes out like, tomorrow and I play fucking nonstop) :U
    I just wanna play already but no. I've managed to keep myself spoiler-free and have only looked at stats and abilities and mechanics-related stuff (like did you know Hyper Training keeps the pokemon's original Hidden Power type even if you raise all its IVs to 31? That's fucking perfect) and I just keep getting more hyped up :O
    I'm gonna keep my nose clean and only look at stats leaks, actually! I'm gonna have to remove myself from the internet for some days now I guess :D
    Ooh, you should definitely try out Saints Row at some point if you haven't yet (maybe grab 3 and 4 from a Steam sale or something?). 4 has a dubstep gun which is pretty much the best weapon I've ever wielded in a video game. :P

    I've been kinda lazy and only watched like 3 of the generations episodes (it takes Advanced Lazy to not watch 5-minute episodes lol), I probably should check them all out someday soon. I'm currently too busy playing Skyrim for like 10 minutes before deciding I need to find a mod that does x thing and then trying to wrestle it into working properly with my other mods. :'D
    I'm kinda tied between Giratina and Palkia for my fave 4th gen mascot legend. Distortion world was the best :P

    GTA has its own charm. I had the most fun (and spent hours) with San Andreas and Vice City (which had the best radio channels, Emotion ftw). The newer ones never managed to grab me like the older ones did, dunno why exactly. There's just something... missing.

    I like creating my own characters instead of being forced to play a premade one so that's probably why I like Saints Row more; open world stuff is much more enjoyable when you can create whatever kinda player dude you want. I will never tire of creating new characters, it's like crack to me :D
    I guess part of the hate might come from the fact that it's kinda phallic? I don't think that's a problem at all though :D It's a big space-warping dick dragon and that's just wonderful

    In other news, I accidentally got back into playing Skyrim. I was just gonna try a few mods and didn't think I'd get absorbed in, but it happened. Shit's addictive as hell.
    Speaking of doofy legendaries, Palkia still has a special place in my heart for being my first ever shiny pokemon :'D

    Hopefully it has decent enough stats to work even without an evolution! The free substitute seems like a really useful ability :O
    The feather boner's hilarious :D
    Love Reshi's shiny colours as well, the gold is a classy touch.

    Yep, pretty much everyone (including me) was expecting some sleek dark thing but what we got actually is so much closer to an actual persian cat. Should've seen it coming :D
    I guess Primarina's pearls are actually bubbles since they're kind of the line's special thing? The attacking animation had its hair open and it returned to ponytail mode afterwards, so it would probably make sense for them to be some kinda special hair-tie bubbles instead of actual pearls. Could be I'm just looking too much into things but dunno :D

    I'm in the same boat with the typings, Samurott screams Fighting to me and I kinda have this lingering feeling that Emboar didn't even get many decent fighting moves naturally in B/W. It's kind of lame to give one starter a dual type and leave the others single-typed.

    That kinda stuff happens sometimes! When Reshiram and Zekrom were first revealed, I though Zekrom was the cooler of the two but my opinion switched completely at some point (not sure what caused it, really). :P
    The ghost typing kinda came out of nowhere but with it fits the neat stealth thing it's got going on. Definitely much better than grass/flying and I guess it's also the first not-really-a-literal-ghost ghost type pokemon? Love the cute hoodie action as well. :D

    My team's most likely gonna be Primarina, Mudsdale, whatever Salandit's evo will be called, Lurantis, Turtonator and Wimpod's bamf evo. Rest in pieces, my dreams of a sleazy fire/poison litten evolution. Primarina is so fab that I'm also weirdly kind of glad Litten didn't get an evolution that suits my tastes, because then I would've been forced to choose between them and that's Hard. :P
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