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  • :D!! I might wait a little to post it, though, just so everyone else has a chance to jump in.
    :D! I was kind of thinking since he was running away he could literally run right into Nikki and she could be all like "OMG hey" and hug him or something.
    Not sure how he'd respond to that, but hey, it's up to you. :D
    I have an itching feeling that Nikki, once she meets Alexis, is gonna latch right onto him.
    Actually, I just had an idea for these two, if you're interested. :0
    I've been reregistering people like crazy since I got a new 3DS, and I don't remember if I registered you. Would you mind registering me? My FC is 1779-1558-9342.
    What's your favourite part about it?

    Also, I hope so! Maybe I'll come across something that I'm good at that isn't super unrealistic, who knows. For the time being though, my chances are looking pretty few and far between.
    ! That actually sounds interesting, huh. How much do you know about it thus far?

    I love acting, drawing, writing, music (voice and guitar, mostly), blah blah blah, but those are all extremely unrealistic jobs, unfortunately; despite my lack of programming knowledge, I think going into web design would be fun! I've had tons of fun with my website, it's a realistic job, to me.
    That's actually... pretty unique, I haven't heard that one before. What field of biology do you like the most?
    Oh! I didn't mean to send that to you. At least you could relate to it, haha.

    And is that so? Do you have any idea what you want to go into?
    I'm decent! My parents have been less terrible for once, which is good. We also have company over at the moment.

    So, uh, how's school? You don't go to college, do you?
    Hi! :3 I hope things are going well for you!^^ Just checkin' around this place for the sake of it, I wish I know how to make it active again like the old tcod forums used ta be...xD; lol...
    Hmm, I guess that would be interchangeable. Personally I'd put it in Forum Games, but if you want to put it in Silliness I don't think it would matter!!
    Forum Games? I think? I'm not entirely sure what you mean, but that's where I'd assume it would go.
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