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  • I'm going for at least 140, and that doesn't even include the Legendaries. We need a good ten or so legendaries/powerful Pokèmon.

    You could just whip something up with the pencil in MS Paint, I could care less, so long as I have something to work with.
    Love the new Pokèmon, just one thing-- could you possibly @mail me some concept art? Otherwise I can't make sprites. It doesn't have to be good, just enough for me to work with.
    Probably. I have in fact no plotline, so this should be interesting. What makes an RP bad is too many people enforcing a plotline, though, so don't push it on people too hard.

    I'm going to wait a few hours until I've written the intro.
    So it turns out Absoul isn't joining. :( I think we'll all miss Code.

    Also, you forgot to push the, "View Conversation," button. You just posted on your own wall. ;)
    I never properly thanked you for your post in CloudCat's thread. Thank you. That was the nicest, most thoughtful thing I've heard since her accident. Thank you. :)
    The man was part of Mohac's vision. He wasn't in the deepest part. I kindly recommend changing it.
    just so you know, for your pokemon idea in Basalt/Granite "Lanturn"
    there is already a Lanturn.

    The trainer escaped from the fire while
    pokemon perished. [...] The reason Floatzel couldn't put out the fire was because Floatzel was either knocked out, tired from training, couldn't use
    attacks(except struggle), was asleep, or simply didn't know a water type attack. [...] The trainer that owned the three pokemon is an ancestor of the hero that reunited the humans and the pokemon(The hero of GSCHGSS or Ash from the anime,or perhaps both are descendants of

    Can you avoid doing this, please! (the parts in spoilers) People who aren't a "he" or a "she" can find it triggering!

    You can use they/their/them as neutral, or it/it's/its for the Floatzel! Spivak pronouns will work, too! Spivak pronouns are like this: "e is in eir room, reading the book I got em." and "e's mumbling quietly to emself." versus "He is in his room, reading the book I got him." and "he's mumbling quietly to himself."

    So then you could have "while eir Pokemon perished", "couldn't use eir attacks", and "descendants of em."

    It can be tricky to get used to new pronouns, but it's important in the interest of making the forums a space where everyone feels safe and comfortable!
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