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Karkat Vantas
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  • Well, it would have prevented the drain punches, yes. But unfortunately, there are loads of cool ideas out there that just won't work. You've gotta stick to the ones that will.
    Hmm, what part of it do you think implies that the pokémon can consciously change its typing? For abilities that can be activated by a pokémon that have them, I try to keep the wording to "this pokémon may spend an action to..."

    The last sentence is important re: why curse will not change your color, namely "whatever damaging move by which it is struck."
    No... and unless you were a ghost already, curse would just be the statbooster version.
    It would probably weaken the target's attraction quite a bit, or snap them out of it if they were

    There's a glitch somewhere that's causing the most recent player to hang on e2 for some reason; Clover is actually the newest member.
    No, rest cures major status effects only--attraction, confusion, torment, and so on all continue through it.
    It's useful only in extremely rare situations, yes.

    And it works well in contests. But that's about it.
    If it was partially blocked by terrain/partially dodged, something like that, then it could do less than 4%. Otherwise it will always do 4% if it hits, regardless of either pokémon's typing, stat modifiers, effects of the arena, etc.
    Before I applied, I made up two arenas and teams and reffed them as preparation. I finished them each in approximately forty five minutes :D
    ...I don't know.

    I just thought I'd maybe tell you how I applied to be a novice ref :x
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