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Karkat Vantas
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  • (hey psst it's DQ time but I haven't mentioned it to negrek but you should get your butt in there!)
    I would like to make a deal with you.

    I will buy one of your Lillipups for $1. In exchange for a ridiculous price, I won't change its name.
    So, I think I've dropped a reminder at least once, but, did you forget to post commands in our fifth battle? I know you've been busy and all, but it's been a helluva while.
    1 vs 1 single
    Style: Set
    DQ: a week
    Damage Cap: 60%
    Banned Moves: OHKO's
    Arena: SGRUB Finale

    A platform with a big SGRUB symbol on it. All the trolls will appear on the platform one by one, inflicting different effects.

    Aradia would protect each Pokemon from mind control, granting +6 SpD
    Tavros communes with each Pokemon, healing them by 10% energy
    Sollux would give each Pokemon a 20% Substitute
    Karkat yells at each Pokemon, therefore Taunting them
    Nepeta would use Assist and copy the power of one of her teammates
    Kanaya would give each Pokemon wise advice and raise Def to +6
    Terezi would conduct an INVESTIGATION and leave a bunch of scalemates everywhere, which you might trip over or can be picked up and thrown
    Vriska boosts critical hit ratio and doubles the likelihood of the special effects of a move occurring (ie, Charge Beam would have a 20% chance of boosting SpA)
    Equius would make each Pokemon be SUPER MANLY and get +6 attack
    Gamzee would make each Pokemon confused
    Eridan would grant each Pokemon scientific powers, boosting their SpA to +6
    Feferi would kiss each Pokemon, healing them by 10% health

    You can only have the effects of a troll occur once; when all twelve teleport there, the battle with the Black King occurs; after that, the Scratch; then the match ends if it hasn't already.

    Other: The effects of each troll last just one round- until the round right after they appear. There is a 50% chance of a troll appearing each round.

    [sound good?]
    Well, you fought well, I guess.

    Not to mention whatever little experience you get out of it is going into my Rare Candy pumping.
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