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  • Geezus that's stupid!
    Nearly all the girls I know complain about the STUPIDEST things ever D:
    Oh I can get the same way. I trust guys more than girls because guys don't judge (as much, usually.)
    I haven't been reading much because I've been procrastinating while trying to keep my grades up and those two really don't mix =P I don't care about fashion, boys are... eh, it depends.

    Camping wasn't all that bad actually, and they didn't let you go unless you kept good grades. And boys and girls couldn't go into each other's cabins. <-- Extremely good idea.
    Darn :/
    You will have to occupy yourself drawing and reading, I s'pose.
    Where are you going? I went on a camping trip with my class, and we had the No Electronics rule too. But it was actually okay since I had people to talk to. When you're stuck with the same people every day for a week, you get to know them really well =P
    I was keeping the same hours as you last week :D
    But I had no computer access D:
    I've only moved once, but I stayed in the same city, so it doesn't count.
    (I'm kinda jealous too; I've always wanted to go)
    Oh that's awesome (that you have friends) and sad (that you have to leave). At least you'll be able to keep in contact with them, right? A lot of my old friends moved away and I have no contact with them. (One of them moved to Japan!)
    Well luckily today I made up with a friend, and now I'm happier than I have been in WEEKS :D
    I haven't been the best, but it's good to be back.
    Hi! I finally got around to reffing your battle against Totodile the other day, and I don't know if you didn't see or if you just haven't been on since the or what, but I figured I'd poke you about it anyway. You're technically past the DQ, but, well, it's been forever and you haven't posted or anything since I put it up, so I'll give you a while longer.
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