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  • Haha, I think before I registered, as I scanned through threads, I think whatever I saw as mean was most likely playing. Dumb me.
    You're welcome.

    Also as a word of advice:

    When replying to a VM, click "view conversation" and enter your message on that page. That way, it lets the recipient know that they have a message waiting for them.
    Oops, slept really late. Mega late. I'm in EST, and I woke up at 4:00. I think I'm sick. o.O
    Okay, so that is why your profile says 'World of Pillows'. I had no idea it was around a day... crazy nine year old me.
    EDIT: Off topic: I, uh, have to admit, I was scared to answer you because I had been reading Big Red Cherry Bomb's thread, and they were al complaining... after that, I saw the notice, and I was thinking,'please don't be this person, please...' then it was you. Except I found that you are friendly.
    Generally you don't want to double post at all, but if you absolutely must then about a day is really the limit.
    You're welcome. I like to help out new members, give them hints on how to be less annoying / rulebreaky.
    Squornshellous Beta is a reference to the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series. It is a world inhabited entirely by pillows.
    oh I'm sorry!
    I'm new... but that is no excuse. Thank you for telling me. EDIT: um, about the forum not moving that fast... I have to disagree. That second post that shouldn't have been made was two hours after. Still, I am sorry. I'll take this to mind. Here, I'll delete the first post that was advertising.
    Firstly, don't double post unless you're actually updating, as in posting a sprite. Edit otherwise.
    Secondly, this forum doesn't move as fast as you seem to think. Plus, people might just not want your sprites. Either way, begging people to ask you is not going to make us more likely to do so.
    Thirdly, visitor messages are for if a user wants to have a conversation with you away from the main forum. Not for advertising.
    And fourth, we can all see your thread. You don't need to tell us about it.
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