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  • (mhm <3 I agree completely :DDD hm. I'm pretty easily scared soo. yeah xD

    okalie dokalie ~! have fun :D if you come back after 11:30 your time, good night and have a wonderful day tomorrow sis-STAR!! I love you and I hope to talk to you more later :DD)
    (I can't top that XD But you do! EVERY DAY. and yeeeees we do. ;~; oh and yes, I have :D Equestria girls, we're kind of magical~ boots on hooves bikini's on top~ I don't like the original but anything + MLP = AAAH <3 (except maybe grimdark fics. I still have nightmares due to

    YAY! Also, this is the manliest pony video and it made me grow visible chest hair.)
    (You am a shiny sistar flying around in the sky forever <3 If only all of the elements of harmony could come and shower the world with their lovelynesss~~~ :333

    <3 YAY)
    (We have already agreed to disagree about this aaah XD you lovely waifu sistar you <3 I know I know I know I KNOW <3 <3 it would be magical. MAGICAL. and :')

    Aah :D It's super effective! :DD Edit: I might send you... this~)
    (I strongly disagree :3 and I figured as much! I just wish it was like everyone was nice to each other ;~; :(( and thank you </3

    Gasp! What a coincidence! I am happy if /you/ are happy :D (and if you're not happy, I try cheer you UP :D))
    (awawawa ;.; you are also amazing and omg. (there are a few nice people who hang out with me but of course the schedules don't like to line up :( and I wish there were more nice people for you to hang out with ;~;

    but yes! I'm actually scared of thundar so. happeh :3)
    (You are welcome :D)

    it's okay XD

    (mm. I'm rather neutral toward rl socialization, though if given the choice I prefer to be either alone or with like one specific person. but yeah, people aren't always the nicest to me. whatevers. (although there have been to-date two cases where the person being not-so-nice was a friend and then I didn't say anything to them and then eventually I lost them as a friend... so it might be partly a personal problem too.)

    but I think the thundarstorm is ovar now ;u;)
    (:O GOOD LUCK! It's not that hard! I promise <3)

    and the sweetest of the eastest :D

    (Gut feelings~ yeah. and yes, people call me immature quite often because I'm a tad asocial and get flustered in a sudden social... event. I don't think I'm the most mature person ever but. yeah. At this point I barely even bother speaking up about it except over facebook. I can't handle them treating me like that ..;

    but yeah :D I'll ahve to go at 10:30 my time (it's 9:07 my time right now) but I'll be fine in the menatime :D)
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