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  • Inheritance? no, I don't think so...
    I'm glad you at least took a look at my RPG ^^;; I need more human characters before I can start it
    Hey Bakun, I hope you're planning to finish your form at Possessed By Legend soon, if you don't hurry up I'll have to remove you from my reserve list.
    Yes, you sounded quite smart, actually ^^ I'm never giving up pokemon because it keeps me in touch with my inner child, and that'll keep me alive and happy when everyone else is depressed and lifeless shells of their former selves o.o That sounds really harsh......
    Last November; National Novel Writing Month? Sound familiar? Half the forum was doing it-- you can even look through the ol thread and see for yourself what people were up to.

    Mew's hangout? mewshangout.com was some art website forum thing that used to be closely affiliated with here (/rivals with, whatever) until the owner left it and it collapsed. You meet a few refugees here and there.
    Eh, just hanging out now. Trying to be myself when one person wants me to change and the other wants me to just grow up, when technically I'm more mature than the both of them put together. xP I enjoy reveling in childish dreams and moving forward with my life while holding onto things most precious to me. Apparently that's being childish --'
    Nope, 30 days exactly. |D Admittedly it's all rough-drafty and crap and it isn't even finished, but I'm still fairly proud of it. Perhaps this summer I'll finish it. Then I'll rewrite it. Then I'll rewrite it again.

    Really? Mew's Hangout was the first forum I joined, but PC didn't come that far after that, and it was the first really big one. :3 It was also where I learned to scratch sprite, sort of.
    About what happened, Len appeared right behind Envy (She changed from a cat and took on her Human form)
    7 pages?! Ha! I once wrote 81 pages-- *stifled* (admittedly it was for NaNoWriMo). That sounds like... fun? I love the name Claude; I have a character named that. |D

    Ah, but of course! Uranium is based in PokeCommunity. I'm known as ZephyrPlusle there.
    oh angst angst angst what sort of essays are they? The formulaic five-paragraph sort, or something a little more free?

    No I haven't sprites a lot lately |D School and all that, and I've been playing ToS: Dawn of the New World like all of this weekend so I haven't had the opportunity. But when I do, it'll be for Uranium-- there's always stuff what needs doing.
    Um. I'm procrastinating on my homework, is what's up. ^^; I haven't answered any of the "focus questions" for Lord of the Flies, and there's like five of them and three have already been due... uh. There goes my english grade ._.; oh well perhaps I can get partial credit for handing them in late.

    et tu?
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