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  • :D you have Flipnote Studio? Add me to your favourites, I'll add you back! (tcoder flipnotees found: 3)

    Wow, is my signature/kanji really that recognised? Wow, that's made me feel great!

    Yeah, I've been very active on Flipnote Studio & Hatena; It's really easy to create good drawings and I've made some cool new friends! There's a thread in the art forum that I post my finished drawings into, if you want to take a look at that.

    No, of course it wasn't for nothing, I still used the help you gave me and I learned from it. And the reason I asked you was that you're a great spriter and weren't active in the WSC. Hope that makes you feel better. c:

    tCoD's been okay, bar a few issues when it won't load, but I've been better. I've got a cold that's lasted for three weeks now that causes me to break into fits of coughing. I've been off school for over a week but I'm going in now because I've missed so much. :c
    Yeah, of course. I don't forget my friends.

    I ended up scrapping that sprite, something went horribly wrong. Ah well.
    Hiya. Can I ask for some crit on this:
    Aha, it seems life is quite boring for all... And yeah, I have school again now too...
    Nothing very fascinating really... Celestial Blade tried to come back AGAIN, but was banned within hours... Tailsy has turned into a talking hat... I've finally completed Farroh's Pokédex, but not yet done all the attacks and items and stuff...
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